Winter 2024

A Message From Our Principal

Dear St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Alumnus,

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Alumni Newsletter. We are so pleased to call you alumni of our marvelous little school. You are the past, present, and future of St. Elizabeth. As we hear from parishioners, parents, and admissions counselors at the high schools, it is evident that our alumni define the success of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Right now, you are the premier group of individuals who can help us establish the legacy that our current and future students deserve. If God could bless us with two outcomes from all of you; it would be for you to become involved at our school to share your gifts and talents, and to honor your family for providing you with a Catholic education by advocating for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School.

You are encouraged to get involved at the school and parish, to recommend family members and friends and to give your own children the gift of Catholic education. Once an Eagle, Always and Eagle.

Sending continued blessings to you and your families.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Marci Greene


Bubbles & Bites

On Thursday December 28, 2023, our alumni gathered for the Bubbles and Bites Alumni celebration. Our first alumni event at Chicago Fire, was a success with alumni spanning across 12 years. Our current principal Mrs. Marci Greene along with founding principal Mrs. Gail Sherman, opened the evening with a toast to our alumni and to our school’s 25th anniversary. Our alumni had a wonderful time viewing old yearbooks, catching up, and reconnecting. We look forward to our next Alumni event in the fall.

Celebrating 25 Years: Mrs. Earl-Lynn, Mrs. Cheney, and Mrs. Boemer

On August 26, 1999, our school opened its doors and teachers and staff welcomed students in grades K-4. Among those teachers were our beloved Mrs. Boemer, Mrs. Cheney, and Mrs. Earl-Lynn. Today, although Mrs. Boemer and Mrs. Cheney are retired, they spend one day every week helping our teachers in the classroom, while Mrs. Earl-Lynn is still actively teaching full time.

For 25 years, these teachers have played a very important role in our students' education. These teachers have lived out their calling and vocation to serve the students at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School (SEAS). I am sure we all have fond memories of learning to square dance in P.E., learning and living at Sutter's Fort with Mrs. Nash, and experiencing the Historical Age of Sail.

There were many valuable lessons learned along the way at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School. Lessons in faith, academics, and citizenship are among those that I am sure have stayed with us. Our experience at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School is second to none. It is our Alma Mater - our Mother Soul, and we thank Mrs. Boemer, Mrs. Cheney, and Mrs. Earl-Lynn for being part of that soul that now lives within us.

What's New on Campus

On January 12th, Father Michael blessed our much anticipated new playground structure. The preschool has been fundraising since 2008 when they opened. Over the years, the preschool community held ice cream social auctions, a sock hop, and hot lunch sales. This past year it was decided to combine the elementary and preschool playgrounds to build one new playground. The much awaited dream has now become a reality and will be enjoyed for many years to come by future SEAS elementary and preschool students.

Congratulations to the newest members of the Alumni group!

Class of 2023

Anna Alengaden

Annika DeWaal

Jocelyn Emperador

Angelyn Gonzales

Addison Jessee

Hector Lopez

Ziah McAvoy-Jensen

Angelica Pebley

Jesse Raga

Paola Trujillo

Chase Yee

Alexa Anderson

Ella Dreisbach

Alex Fernandez

Savannah Hamilton

Ellis Larios

Lolo Mabalot

Kaili Nacu

Delaney Perkins

Abbigail Rodriguez

Shevonne Tuburan

Paulina Castellanos

Luke Elken

Luke Garcia

Maria Hinton

Nathan Lemieux

Mikayla Magri

Julianne Nguyen

Shane Puga

Aaron Snyder

Paul Vicio

With God’s help,

I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself

And others will be proud of me, too.

As long as I do my best today

I cannot fail.


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton – Pray for us!

Seek God in all things...

... in all things, seek God.

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