Senator Casey Holds Rally Opposing Senate's Proposed Health Care Act
by Kathy Gingerich, Advocate with The Arc of Dauphin County
"The family of Pennsylvania must leave no one out and no one behind."
Senator Robert Casey Jr.
This quote from the late former Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey Sr. was used by his son, Senator Robert Casey Jr., at the "We Won't Stop Fighting" health care rally in the state Capitol rotunda on Friday, June 23rd.  The rally was organized to highlight serious concerns about the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which Senate Republicans revealed just the day before.
Five members of The Arc of Dauphin County staff attended and listened to Senator Casey, Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller, The Arc of Pennsylvania's Executive Director Maureen Cronin, and Matthew Yarnell, President of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania's largest union of health care workers.
As he held up a copy of the bill, Senator Casey warned that it will not be better for Pennsylvania and will decimate Medicaid, providing tax cuts to the wealthy.  He said it would provide those tax cuts at the price of people's health.
Commissioner Miller emphasized that the Senate's version of the bill is actually worse than the House's American Health Care Act in many respects and will undermine Pennsylvania's Medicaid program.  She cautioned that it will gut the requirements for preexisting conditions and will allow states to eliminate essential health benefits.  This will permit insurers to charge more for pharmacy services and prenatal/maternity care, as well as mental health and substance abuse care.
When The Arc of Pennsylvania's Maureen Cronin asked members of the crowd if they or someone they know
has a preexisting condition or needs special education, early intervention services, home and community supports, or mental health/substance abuse counseling, many raised their hands.  She then told them they will be affected by the changes proposed in the new bill, which will cap Federal Medicaid funding and shift the burden to already struggling state governments.  There are currently over 4,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities in Pennsylvania who are on a waiting list and in need of emergency services.  Cronin emphasized Medicaid for individuals with disabilities is "not a hand out, but a lifeline".  The crowd responded with signs and shouts of "don't cut our lifeline".
Matt Yarnell pointed out that the health care industry provides significant employment in Pennsylvania, which is a state with an aging population.  70% of all nursing home residents use Medicaid funding.  As people are taken off of the ACA Medicaid expansion and Medicaid funds are capped, there will be an increase in uncompensated care needed.  This will affect all Medical facilities, especially smaller rural hospitals.  Facilities may close and nursing and other care staff will be cut, reducing the quality of care everywhere.  It is estimated Pennsylvania will lose 85,000 jobs in the health care industry over the next few years if the bill becomes law.  Yarnell said this is not a partisan issue, but it is a moral issue.  He asked the crowd, "When health care is under attack, what do we do?"  The crowd replied, "Stand up and fight back".
Senator Casey closed the rally, urging those in attendance to make phone calls, write letters and "Keep Advocating!"

Craig's Corner
A Message from our President and CEO

Danger!  A Lifeline Could be Severed!
This week marks a truly historic time in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 
We hope you are aware that this Thursday, in Washington, DC, the system of home and community-based services that has taken decades to build with bipartisan support is facing unprecedented risk.  
I know people on both sides of the aisle, many who have never taken an advocate role before, who are calling their Senators to try to stop a vote that President Trump has already indicated he would support/sign.  All Arcs in the country, and all other similar organizations, are horrified at what our elected officials are trying to do (often ignoring their constituents' wishes), which will decimate the population of consumers who depend upon Medicaid to keep their lives together.
A yes vote in the Senate is a leap back into the dark ages.  
NO! is the operative word.  Elsewhere in this issue, we give you a super easy way to call your Senators; there is even a suggested script.  One person who has never called their Senator before told me, "The message you sent out telling us how to do this made it very easy and comfortable for me."
HOPEFUL:   We are most hopeful that justice and Americans first, not party first, will bring a voice of reason to the vote.  We are encouraged that brave Republican Senators have been signaling in recent days their disgust with the bill, and we applaud their efforts to stop the lack of foresight exhibited in the publicized intent of the legislation.
Some Senators are claiming that provisions have been added to this bill to protect people with disabilities.  However, provisions related to people with disabilities are wholly inadequate.  Click  here to see key points on why the disability provisions fail to provide any meaningful protections for people with disabilities.
UNBELIEVABLE:   Deep cuts to health care and community living supports for low income people would be used to fund tax breaks that largely benefit corporations and wealthy individuals.
COUNTING ON YOU:  We are counting on our readers to be a FORCE!  A powerful voice and a powerful force that tells the Senators of Pennsylvania, ABSOLUTELY NOT!
Thank you in advance for making the call on behalf of our cherished consumers.

NEWS FLASH:   As of 5:09 PM on June 27: The Senate has delayed the health care vote until after the July 4th recess.  This is a delay, not a defeat of this threat, and a chance to redouble our efforts to stop this bad bill for good.

Family Fun Day is Around the Corner!
An update as we near the July 15 festival

Click to enlarge.
As we have announced in past issues of The ArcNews, The Arc of Dauphin County, Harrisburg First Assembly of God Church and other area congregations will be partnering to offer Family Fun Day at the Faith Into Action Family Festival on Saturday, July 15 from 12 PM to 4 PM on the grounds of Camp Curtin Academy.  This event, which is free and open to the public, will have no shortage of fun, activities and entertainment for you to enjoy.

Here are the latest updates:
As we get closer to the event, we are happy to announce details on registration.  The festival, which is free and open to the public, will not require pre-registration.  However, anyone interested in attending will be required to complete a brief registration at the gate on the day of the event.

Attention Volunteers

If you have signed up to volunteer at the festival, thank you!  Harrisburg First Assembly of God Church will be hosting a volunteer training on Sunday, July 9 at 6 PM (4100 N. Progress Avenue, Harrisburg, PA).  While attendance is not required, it is strongly encouraged.  If you are unable to attend this training, each area of the festival will have supervisors who can direct you on the day of the event.

Donations and/or Sponsorships
We are still seeking donations and sponsorships for the festival.  Specifically, we are in need of prizes, such as matchbox cars, playdoh, small puzzles, hair accessories, school supplies, diaries, whoopie cushions, plastic army men, balls of various sizes, board games, and beach toys.  In addition, we are asking for breakfast items, such as cereal, fresh fruit, breakfast and/or cereal bars, donuts, muffins, danishes, bagels, bread, English muffins, butter, peanut butter, strawberry or grape jelly, cream cheese, milk, and orange juice.   Additional information on donations and sponsorships can be found HERE.  If you or someone you know is interested in making a financial or product donation to the event, please contact Sam Primak at 717.920.2727 or .  You can also contact Melissa Cook at 717.805.1963 or .

Remember, Family Fun Day at the Faith Into Action Family Festival runs from 12 PM to 4 PM on Saturday, July 15 at Camp Curtin Academy (2900 N. 6th Street, Harrisburg, PA).  Please come out, enjoy the activities and have a great time!

Muralist Marcie Otterson Donates Wall Mural to Respite Center

Marcie Otterson
Acclaimed muralist, commercial artist and portraitist Marcie Otterson has given a major contribution to the new Arc Respite Center.  When one enters the front doors, down a short hallway they are met with a large wall.  "This wall was crying for something spectacular," said Craig George, The Arc of Dauphin County's President and CEO.  
"When I invited Marcie and her husband, Landscape Architect John Otterson, to visit the Respite Center when it was under construction, I was hopeful Marcie would see the possibilities of the wall...and she did!  It lit a creative fire within her and she soon decided to make a donation," he added.
Marcie agreed to completely donate a finished artwork, painted directly on the wall in the form of a large mural.  In order to create the mural, she wanted to wait until all construction was complete, all construction dust was out of the air, the humidity and wall had stabilized, and the wall had been coated with primer and two coats of initial paint.  Her masterwork will be the final touch for the wall.
"This will create a 'sense of arrival' once a guest enters the building," Marcie said.  "We wanted to create the feeling of Camp Sertoma; Ken and Joe from the Respite Camp staff as well as others on The Arc team found pictures from The Arc archives that helped to visualize the way many may remember a pathway at Camp.  This mural helps bring memories of that camp home to the new Respite Center," Marcie explained.

Ms. Otterson created the mural in honor of her father, Mr. Ken Fry.  Mr. Fry was very involved with The Arc in Butler, Pennsylvania as a longtime volunteer.  Mr. Fry was an electrician, and when the PARC Productions building required massive electrical work, Mr. Fry contributed over 1,000 hours to the project.  "This is my way to support The Arc of Dauphin County's consumers, of course.  But this is also my own private way to recognize my Dad, who believed in The Arc, and who gave unselfishly," Marcie said.
The sponsor for the mural as well as the painting donated by Harrisburg Art Association member Marie Gamon (featured in the May issue of The ArcNews) is Harsco Corporation.  An outstanding stained glass installation created over several months by Harrisburg stained glass artist Eileen Emanuel (featured in the April edition of The ArcNews) is awaiting a sponsor.  The final art installation for the Respite Center, a special mural in the core of the center, already has a sponsor, and will be installed in July.  The final Respite Center artwork to be installed is in memory of beloved, Hattie A. Lock, who advocated for the disabled; it is sponsored by the Lock and Finkelstein Families.
Sponsorships and donations in the Respite Center will be recognized on a unique donor wall, created in the form of a bookshelf, with each book representing a donor/sponsor.  If you would like to make a contribution toward the Respite Center, please contact Sam Primak at 717.920.2727.

The Arc's Going to the Ballpark!

The Harrisburg Senators will be hosting The Arc of Dauphin County Night at their home game on July 21 at FNB Field.  This event is made possible through the Senators' Ticket Fundraiser Package, which has been used to benefit many non-profits throughout the Harrisburg area.
"When we were approached by the Senators to participate in this fundraiser, I knew it was something that we had to be a part of," said Sam Primak, Director of Advancement with The Arc of Dauphin County.  "We've never worked with the Senators in this capacity, and so we thought it would be a new and unique way for The Arc to raise money."
Giving back to the community is extremely important to the Senators.  For over 30 seasons, they have participated in hundreds of activities, local events and outreach programs, contributing to the growth, enjoyment and education of fans and families.
"We strive to do more to enhance our community with involvement in educational programs, recreational business networking and fundraising.  We're happy to help local nonprofits, such as The Arc of Dauphin County," said Jess Moyer, Senior Account Executive with the Harrisburg Senators Baseball Club.
The Senators will be playing the Binghamton Rumble Ponies on July 21, and there will be post-game fireworks.  The gates open at 6 PM and the game starts at 7 PM.  Box seat tickets are $11, and $4 per ticket will benefit The Arc.  Tickets can be purchased online at , but be sure to use promo code ARC.  You can also use the order form found here to order your tickets.  If you are unable to make it to the July 21st game, you can also use this form to order undated vouchers, which are good for any 2017 home game.  $3 per voucher will benefit The Arc.
For more information, contact Sam Primak at 717.920.2727 or .  You can also contact Jess Moyer with the Senators at 717.231.4444 ext. 114 or .
Come out, enjoy the ballgame and support The Arc of Dauphin County! Get your tickets now!
Stand up for Alina!  Do NOT Let Senate Health Care Bill Pass!
Please read this important message from the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR).
The Senate health care bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), is bad policy and bad for all Americans but it takes a specific historical and deep hit at people with disabilities and the programs people have depended on for decades to make their lives in the community possible.

Alina is a woman who lives independently because of the Medicaid disability program.  The Senate health care bill destroys funding for people with disabilities like Alina leaving her life supports in jeopardy and her family in crisis mode.

ANCOR believes that the Senate bill - the BCRA - is EVEN WORSE than the House version of the health care bill and will cause irreparable harm to disability services around the country.  WE CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SUPPORT THESE DEEP CUTS.  We are in emergency mode with a possible vote coming up on Thursday, June 29 - please call your Republican Senators to vote NO on the harmful Senate Health Care Bill!
CLICK HERE   for script (the site will ask you to fill out a form to find your Senator's phone number).
Together, we can Save Our Services!
The Arc of Dauphin County to Host Special Presentation on Estate Planning for Individuals with Special Needs
In October 2016, The Arc of Dauphin County partnered with the Dauphin County Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Program and the Case Management Unit to offer a presentation on Special Needs Trusts and the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act.  The presentation, provided by the ACHIEVA Family Trust and Hazen Law Group, was well attended.  After the session, many attendees asked when the next presentation on the subject was going to be offered.  At that time, no additional sessions were being planned, but it became apparent that Special Needs Trusts and ABLE were "hot" topics.
Some months have passed, and the topic has remained popular, especially with the recent launch of the ABLE Savings Program in Pennsylvania.  With that in mind, The Arc of Dauphin County is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a Lunch and Learn session entitled "Estate Planning for Individuals with Special Needs" on August 2, presented by Ali Bach, a Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ with Conte Wealth Advisors, LLC, and Scott Alan Mitchell, Esquire, an attorney and partner at Mitchell & Young, PLLC.
Their session will offer information on the three types of Special Needs Trusts, including how they work and how they are taxed.  Information on 529 ABLE Accounts and the preservation of Public Assistance Benefits will also be provided.
This Lunch and Learn presentation, which begins at 11 AM, will be held at The Arc of Dauphin County's office at 2569 Walnut Street in Harrisburg.  Stay tuned - more details on the session, speakers and registration will be released next week, but mark your calendars now.  This will be a presentation you do not want to miss!

Less Than Three Months Until Our Golf Outing!
Our 2nd Annual Million Dollar Golf Outing will be held on Monday, September 18 at Deer Valley Golf Course in Hummelstown, PA.
Beyond the Million Dollar Hole-in-One Challenge, golfers will have the opportunity to win some great prizes by participating in competitions such as Closest to the Pin and Straightest Drive.  On the day of the event, registration begins at 8 AM and the shotgun start is 9 AM.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all participating golfers.


The cost per golfer is $75 and foursomes can play for just $300!


Please click HERE for the official outing brochure, which contains information on registration, sponsorships and a schedule of events.  The deadline to register is September 4.  If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact Sam Primak at 717.920.2727 or


Remember, all funds raised at this event benefit our mission to enhance quality of life and community integration for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Hope to see you there! 


The Arc Art Show 2017

The Arc of Dauphin County's Art Show is returning in November 2017.  We will be offering a traveling exhibition, which will be featured in multiple locations throughout Dauphin and surrounding counties.  Details are being finalized now, so be on the lookout for information in later issues of The ArcNews.
All people with special needs are invited to participate, and there is no entry fee. 
Artwork may be in any medium or of any subject.  Prizes will be awarded in the Best of Show, Voters' Choice, People's Choice, and Honorable Mention categories to the youth (6-11 years of age), teen (12-17 years of age) and adult divisions.

Artwork must be submitted to The Arc of Dauphin County at 2569 Walnut Street in Harrisburg between October 16 and October 23, 2017.  For more information on rules, regulations, judging, prizes, and entry procedures, please click HERE

For more information, please contact Sam Primak at 717.920.2727 or
Upcoming Events

July 7, 2017
First Friday Dance
Hosted by:  The Arc of Dauphin County

Join us for fun, food and friendship at The Arc of Dauphin County, and hear the DJ play your favorite music!

Location:  The Arc of Dauphin County, Harsco Center, 2569 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA

Time:  5:30 - 7:30 PM

Cost:  $5.00 per person - includes food and drinks

July 15, 2017

The Arc of Dauphin County's Family Fun Day at the Faith Into Action Family Festival
Hosted by:  The Arc of Dauphin County and Harrisburg First Assembly of God Church

Join us as we offer a day of fun for all,  with food, live entertainment, games, prizes, crafts, face painting, and much, much more!  This year's Family Fun Day is going to be bigger than ever thanks to a partnership with the Harrisburg First Assembly of God Church.  We are merging our event with their annual grass-roots spectacle, known as the Faith Into Action Family Festival.  The event is FREE, but registration is required at the gate on the day of the festival.  Mark your calendars and get ready for a great time!  We expect nearly 1,500 people to attend! 

Location:  Grounds at Camp Curtin Academy, 2900 N. 6th Street, Harrisburg, PA

Time:  12:00 - 4:00 PM 

July 21, 2017
The Arc at the Ballpark - Harrisburg Senators Fundraiser
Hosted by:  Harrisburg Senators

Join us as we raise money at the Harrisburg Senators game on July 21!  The Senators will be playing the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, and there will be post-game fireworks!

Location:  FNB Field, 245 Championship Way, Harrisburg, PA 17101

Time:  Gates open at 6:00 PM and the game begins at 7:00 PM

Cost:  Box seat tickets are $11 and $4 per ticket will benefit our organization!  Tickets can be purchased online at using promo code ARC.  If you are unable to make it to the July 21st game, click here to order undated vouchers for any 2017 home game, and $3 per voucher will benefit The Arc. 

August 2, 2017

Lunch and Learn: Estate Planning for Individuals with Special Needs

Hosted by:  The Arc of Dauphin County

Presented by:  Ali Bach, Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢, Conte Wealth Advisors, LLC; Scott Alan Mitchell,    Esquire, Mitchell & Young, PLLC 

Have some lunch, and learn about the three types of Special Needs Trusts, including how they work and how they are taxed. Information on 529 ABLE Accounts and the preservation of Public Assistance Benefits will also be provided.
Location:  The Arc of Dauphin County Community Room, 2569 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA

Time:  11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Registration:  Session is free, but registration is required.  Details on how to register will be released shortly.

September 18, 2017

The Arc of Dauphin County's 2nd Annual Million Dollar Golf Outing
Hosted by:  The Arc of Dauphin County

Come out and play some golf to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at The Arc of Dauphin County's 2nd Annual Million Dollar Golf Outing!  This year, our outing, complete with a $1,000,000 hole-in-one competition, will be one golfers won't want to miss!  Information on registration and sponsorship opportunities can be found HERE.  For more information, contact Sam Primak at 717.920.2727 or

Location:  Deer Valley Golf Course, 101 Stoudt Road, Hummelstown, PA

Time:  Registration begins at 8:00 AM; Shotgun start at 9:00 AM

Cost:  $75 per golfer; $300 for a foursome 


Do you like organization?  The Arc of Dauphin County seeks energized, "want to make the world a better place" volunteers to help us with our new FOA (Friends of The Arc) program, filing, organizing our many closets of supplies, materials and other assets.  Even one day a month would be wonderful help!  Call Barb Bressler at 717.920.2727.
The "penthouse" level of our Respite Center Building (RCB) is becoming our Archive.  This beautiful space has its own independent heating and cooling system, it is very, very quiet on this floor, and you would be working on your own schedule to organize seven years of records.  The Archive will be divided into seven departments, and over time, the Archivist of The Arc will get all seven departments organized and searchable.  The Archivist candidate will need to pass FBI background checks, and other background checks.  Must also be able to lift a "banker's box" of files, and able to climb two flights of stairs to reach the Archive.  This is a very special volunteer opportunity for a very special person, and will remain open until filled.  For more information, please contact Craig George at , and specify in the subject line: ARCHIVES.
Your place to socialize and enjoy the music is The Arc of Dauphin County.  For nearly a decade we have been offering "First Friday Dances" complete with a DJ spinning your favorite tunes.  $5.00 covers entrance and hot dogs, cookies, soda, etc. (free to Charter Members of The Arc of Dauphin County)
The Arc of Dauphin County is Hiring!  E-mail to find out about any of the following opportunities:

CONSULTANT in the Positive Behavior Support Department.  A Bachelor's degree and certification/training in ABA techniques are requirements for this full-time temporary opportunity.
RESPITE CARE COUNSELOR - seeking one part-time person to provide support in our Respite program.  

We also have the following unpaid internship available:

ADVANCEMENT ASSISTANT - responsible for assisting the organization in the development and implementation of its marketing, business development (fundraising, grant research and writing, etc.), and public relations plans
Help support our friends with disabilities through our advocacy, education, consumer programs, life in the community/inclusion, and so much more!  Your gift ensures our non-profit can continue to provide the best services possible.  Our new Respite Center, which will open after the first of the year, will also benefit from your generosity.  Please e-mail Sam Primak at , or call the main switchboard at 717.920.2727.
If you are thinking long term, so are we!  Planning for the future, The Arc of Dauphin County will soon launch a Planned Giving program, which will allow our supporters who own a house or other real estate, who have paid up life insurance policies, or who would like to contribute to a trust or an Arc Endowment, as well as many other planned gift vehicles, to think long term with us.  Did you know without proper planning, the largest benefactor of your estate will be Uncle Sam?  Many planned gifts pass outside of probate from you to your loved ones and other beneficiaries, such as The Arc of Dauphin County.  For a confidential consultation, please e-mail Craig George at or call the main switchboard at 717.920.2727.
JAZZY ATS 1113 motorized chair
INCLUDES LIFT for vehicle
Excellent condition, smooth operation

Price: $1,100

Please call Ron at 717.576.0637 or and tell him you saw the ad in The Arc of Dauphin County News.

Visit us at