The Arena Newsletter
Issue 14 | April 18, 2019
“No mind is thoroughly well organized that is deficient in a sense of humor.”
– Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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It's time for some perspective through humor!
In the Arena
As we develop and expand our software suite, we require daily perspective. Great organization, expanded awareness, and other techniques help, but today's newsletter is about... HUMOR! Below, we offer a joke, a riddle, and two cartoons that pair well with Arena while delighting us.

Forty-two percent of statistics are made up.

Until I am measured I am not known.
Yet how you miss me when I have flown.
[Answer below]

Randall Munroe offers his views on Wasted Time here .
And, not-at-all-related, Randall Munroe offers his views on Planespotting here .
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