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Issue 18 | August 15, 2019
“You know why you never see elephants hiding up in trees? Because they're really good at it.” – Anonymous
Welcome to The Arena Newsletter
In this issue, we're announcing the release of Version 2.0, now with seven-day planning, improved lists, and fantastic import/export.
7-Day Planning and MORE!
The latest version of The Arena App allows you to visually schedule, reschedule, and view your projects 7 days in advance. You choose how important a project is, what effort it will take, what impact it will have, and how it breaks down into smaller steps. This personalized approach—combined with the compelling and informative visual display—makes this app more effective than other software, paper planners, and, yes, even the ever-popular sticky note!

By personalizing the urgency, effort, and impact, you’re able to see the complexity of your commitments while effortlessly keeping them. For people who get things done, handling the complexity in advance distributes the work and reveals the overlapping commitments in time to make new choices. Other features in this release include an updated list view; easy data import/export; and visual displays of upcoming commitments and deadlines.

“I love its flexibility, its ability to sync with my calendar, and its ‘motivational’ approach through assigning points for productivity.” -MoFood, Arena user
In the Arena
With this release, you can move your projects into any of seven days. Better, you can see those projects in the calendar, play, or list views. And, you can see summary views of your pending project stacks, your deadlines, and even your projects overlaid on your calendar by day.
About Thrivner Software
The Arena App: Daily Planner, developed by Thrivner Software, combines best practices for #productivity, #timemanagement, and a life well-lived so you have a better day, every day!
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