The Arena Newsletter
Issue 28 | May 22, 2020
Strong, lasting relationships are always 50/50.
I call BS. That is NOT the case.” -Brené Brown
Welcome to the New Normal
In this issue, we’re acknowledging that we continue to work from home or in challenging conditions; teach our children; interact with friends and family at a distance; and live with the novel coronavirus. We are also attuned to our individual and collective grief. We mourn lives lost. We mourn the lack of justice, indignities large and small. We pine for accountability, real accountability. We worry that we are not saying enough, doing enough. We gauge our energy and emotional reserves.
Name Where You Are
How do you measure your energy and emotional reserves? Can you do it for yourself? Do you have a sense of how your family or group living together is doing? 

On one of her first podcast episodes, Brené Brown busted the myth that strong, lasting relationships are 50/50. No. Instead, consider that together you need to reach 100 percent. In a partnership, one partner can have 10 percent and, if the other is able to contribute 90 percent, that works. Things get tricky, though, if you’re both at 20 because 20+20 = 40 and that leaves a 60 percent gap. Then, you need to act.

Get in the practice of naming where you are. Think about where you are relative to being:
  • 100 percent in your relationship
  • 100 percent in your parenting
  • 100 percent in your work responsibilities
  • 100 percent in your home responsibilities
  • 100 percent in your volunteer responsibilities
  • 100 percent in your civic responsibilities
  • 100 percent in your friendships
  • 100 percent with yourself
Make a Plan
Any time you are (individually or collectively) less than 100 percent, you can make a plan to bridge the gap. In her podcast, Brené recounts several instances wherein her family bridged massive gaps. Your plan might look like hers or it might look completely different:
  • Each person must sleep at least eight hours each night
  • Move your body as a means of working through anxiety and stress
  • Eat well
  • Limit the news and/or social media and/or toxic people and/or anything that inflames you
  • Apologize when you need to
  • Accept apologies by saying “Thank you,” not “That’s okay”
  • Find the humor and find the fun

With a co-created plan in-hand, you and yours can bridge the gap, replenish yourselves and others, and get back into the Arena. 
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