The Arena Newsletter
Issue 33 | November 19, 2020
“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” — Aristotle
In last month's newsletter, we reflected on work that is worth your 2020 energy. This month, we're reflecting on approaches to replenishing your energy.
Choose any activity and bring your complete focus to it. Some of our favorite activities for replenishing energy include:
  • Being grateful: List things you are grateful for.
  • Walking/running: For those who are able, consider going outside for this.
  • Meditating: Even a few minutes of meditation make a difference.
Build the Habit
Once you’ve chosen for today, consider choosing the same activity for tomorrow, too!
In the Arena
To leverage effort/energy, and to intuitively see when it's worth your energy, Arena can show you the relative size: Big things are big (draft the quarterly report) and small things are small (pick up library books). You can also drag-and-drop projects into a new day or delay them until later.... Much later! 

The Arena App: Project Planner, developed by Thrivner Software, combines best practices for #productivity, #timemanagement, and #apeacefullife so you have a better day, every day! And, yes, Arena for iPhones and iPads is free for a little bit longer!
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