The Arena Newsletter
Issue 39 | May 20, 2021
The original lists were probably carved in stone and represented longer periods of time.
They contained things like
'Get More Clay. Make Better Oven.'
— David Viscott
We live in a world where there are many different names for to-do lists: Action items, Tasks at hand, Honey-Do lists, etc. But whatever you choose to call it, the actual purpose of the list is the same: A place for all the things you need to accomplish.

Make a List
Though it may seem like a lot of work, one of the best things you can do to help yourself succeed is to sit down and make a list of everything you need to do. Finish a report, turn in your timesheet, prepare for the marketing meeting, go to the grocery store, etc. For every item on the list, include a by-when so that you can prioritize.
Keep Tasks Small

Speaking of making things more manageable, a to-do list is a great way to keep a sense of calm in your life. When you make your list, try to keep your projects and tasks small. Not only are they easier to start and finish this way, but it helps you avoid a sense of overwhelm. If you only have time to finish ten small tasks, you’ll still have a sense of accomplishment at completing those things, even if they were just small items (that happen to make up two larger tasks).
Delegate, Delete, Defer

Once you have your list completely written out, take a look at what can be delegated, deferred, or deleted. When delegating, do just that: Find tasks that someone else can help you with. Cleaning? Sounds like a good job for the teenager. As for deferring, is there anything at all on your list that could wait until next week? Maybe not, but it’s a good idea to at least take a look and decide if everything is a must. For deleting, that’s more about what you might like to do vs. what you have time to do. It might be a tough choice to make, but it will help ease some of the stress to look at your list and see what can be moved or removed.
In the Arena
The Arena App comes with three main view screens: Play mode, calendar view, and a list view. While Play mode is great for people who love a visual challenge, some people just love the feeling of checking items off of their lists. ⁠
That's where the List View really comes in handy: All of your tasks are still entered by effort and impact—as well as High, Medium, or Low priorities—and you can still see how many points everything is worth. But, instead of moving bubbles around when you're finished with a task, you simply check it off of your list! It will even show up with a strike-through, so you can keep tabs on everything you've completed for the day. ⁠

So where do you stand? Are you a Play Mode or List View kind of person?
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