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January 2018
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New Years Resolutions for a Fabulous 2018
Happy New Year! We wish you a healthy, prosperous and creative 2018!

Speaking of having a prosperous year, we think a few Artist Resolutions may be in order-items in your art show exhibition business. The goal: increase sales, reduce costs and, overall, expand your business by doing what you do as well as possible.

Our first New Year's Artist's resolution:  Organize Your Finances.  Know how much is coming in (easy task) and how much is going out (the hard part).   Your financial records should guide all of your business decisions, such as when to hire staff, expand inventory, or invest in equipment. But your decisions will only be as good as the information you have.
Falling behind on your bookkeeping makes it easy to fall behind on bills as well and that usually has a financial penalty.  Without accurate records, you won't be able to keep straight who owes you what--which means it will take you longer to organize and send invoices. And the longer it takes you to invoice outstanding accounts and get paid, the longer you'll go without those funds.
Or you may overlook sending an invoice at all, and never receive payment. Cleaning up your books will help you speed up and streamline your invoicing so that you can get paid in a timely fashion.
If your books are a mess, they will take time to get in order. It's a hole that's difficult to dig out of--but absolutely necessary. If this is too overwhelming, consider hiring a bookkeeper just to make sense of your current records and to set you up with a system for the future, regardless of whether they take over your bookkeeping long-term.

Second Resolution: Be Less "Materialistic".  What we mean here is not to give up the love of things, but rather don't buy more than you need to create your art masterpieces.  Artists are nearly like tech junkies: many of us simply must have the latest...of everything that goes into our work. 

Start with taking inventory of what you have and a hard look at what you need.  Move on to what sells and which size or design has been "hanging" around for a significant period of time.
Take the time to clean your studio - it is cathartic to throw out or, better yet, donate materials that have been taking up space.  
Third Resolution:  Avoid Show Burnout There is no simple answer to how many shows you should do in a year.  Be realistic about your abilities to produce your art, stay financially, mentally and physically healthy.
Yet that is in itself incomplete.  Many words have been written about maintaining a healthy work-life balance.  For the artist, it's even more than that: creative burnout can be accelerated by stress over having to produce enough salable work for the next show or round of shows.  Note the word "salable". With too many festivals on your schedule, quality can suffer, shortcuts proliferate and, generally, a dissatisfaction with the work/life balance may ensue.  
Fourth Resolution: Take Good Care of Yourself at Shows.   
Eat well, avoid injuries (especially back injuries) and account for the vagaries of weather, heat stroke being a good example.

If you've vowed to make positive changes in your lifestyle this year, you're likely to be more successful if you don't take on complex new regimens. "People can achieve remarkable changes in their lives one small step at a time," says Dr. Edward M. Phillips, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. Add water, eat better and excercise (in addition to setting up and tearing down your display!).

Fifth Resolution: Know Your Clients:   Knowing your customers will also help you recognize future potential buyers who share similar traits and which shows attract your clientele. It's a mistake to think you can sell your art to anyone and everywhere. The truth is that within the broader market, there is a niche of people who are going to be interested in your work and who are going to be able to purchase it. The more you know about this niche, the better you will be able to target it and the shows that will work best for you.

Does your artwork appeal to buyers of a certain age? Do your buyers tend to come from a certain professional background? Do your buyers share common interests or hobbies?
So how do you get to know all of this information? By building relationships with your customers. This takes time and organization. Get email and physical address, maintain an inclusive email marketing list (anyone who expresses interest in your work) and a dedicated snail mail list (those who have purchased from you), send information about yourself from time to time that is not a sale pitch. A great way to foster relationships is to create a blog.  

If you haven't read Dale Carnegie's book, How to Win Friends and Influence People (or if it's been a while) I highly recommend it. The book is a classic, but the principles are just as true today as they were when the book was written over 60 years ago. 
So... there are a few suggestions for ways to increase your business happiness and hopefully income in 2018.  You very likely can think of more. We would love to hear from you about them.  
Check out the new Blog Ideas in this Newsletter. 
have taken my own advice and started a blog - it will be active on the refreshed  Art-Linx website  February 1st.  I hope that you will read and comment on my ideas.

Robin Markowitz
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Spotlight on Shows:
This month I had the opportunity to talk with Linda Mariano, Managing Director Marketing of the Redwood Media Group.
RMG President Eric Smith
Please talk about the philosophy of Redwood Media Group.
At Redwood Media Group, we're passionate about helping artists, gallery owners, publishers, and framers to succeed. In today's changing marketplace, it takes a combination of talent, drive, networking, and marketing to thrive. That's where we come in. Since 2009, RMG has been revolutionizing the global fine art community by helping artists and gallery owners grow their businesses through fine art exhibitions and publications, art business education, mentoring, marketing, and social media. Today, RMG owns and operates six fine art shows: Artexpo New YorkArtexpo Las VegasSpectrum MiamiRed Dot MiamiArt San Diego, and Art Santa Fe. Bringing artists and industry professionals together is what we do best! Over the past nine years, we have welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to our events, sold millions of dollars' worth of art, and helped thousands of unrepresented and established artists launch or grow their careers.

In terms of curation, how do your shows differ from others art festivals?
ArtexpoNY - Blue Gallery
From the who's who at industry giant Artexpo New York to trend-spotting at Artexpo Las Vegas, from inspiring community partnerships at Art San Diego to the rich cultural milieu at Art Santa Fe, and from the electric Miami Art Week scene to the cutting-edge art at Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami, RMG has a platform to share work with art collectors and trade buyers from all over the world.
Our consumer-focused art events where exhibitors are selling directly to collectors include Art San Diego, Art Santa Fe, Spectrum Miami, and Red Dot Miami. These shows are really the embodiment of a contemporary art show: dancers leaping midair during a photo shoot, cocktail parties with DJs spinning, cutting-edge art marketing education, live art demos, and above all, extraordinary art. An RMG art show is more than just an exhibition-it's a fine art experience. Attendees are well-educated professionals who love to travel and enjoy fine wine and great food. They are typically museum members, "doers" who enjoy luxury items, great design, and giving back to their communities. Attendees include collectors, artists, designers, architects, civic leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and retirees.
Spectrum Miami_Aldo Castillo Gallery
Our trade-focused events-Artexpo Las Vegas at Las Vegas Market and Artexpo New York-open up an entirely new channel to interior designers, architects, and builders, as well as gallery owners, art dealers, and art consultants. Keeping our Artexpo shows fresh as annual art destinations means being on a year-round search for what's new and fresh in the art world and, at the same time, engaging leading galleries and established artists in continuing to be part of the show. One thing that's unique about Artexpo New York is the three shows it hosts under one roof: Artexpo New York, the world's largest fine art trade show; [SOLO], highlighting established and emerging independent artists; and [FOTO SOLO], featuring fine art photography from some of the world's finest abstract, contemporary, and realist photographers.
Our Exhibitor Committee consists of four art industry professionals with outstanding reputations in gallery management and artist development. To be considered for participation, exhibitors must have previous experience working with galleries and trade buyers. All exhibiting companies will be required to submit a portfolio or website for review. Creating the right mix for each show with careful jurying and curation makes the show a must-see for everyone who attends. 

What advise would you give an artist aspiring to exhibit at one your shows?
Red Dot Miami
Art shows are a great opportunity to expose your artwork to masses of potential new clients and trade buyers, but there is always a lot going on. When you're at an exhibit, you want to present a streamlined message. In the most successful booths at art shows, you'll see pieces hung in a clean, simple arrangement, making it easy to view each piece separately when close or as a cohesive grouping from farther away. Remember, less is more. And if you hang your art right, less might actually mean more sales.
You also need to be persistent. Becoming successful is not something that happens overnight. We had one artist who started off at a [SOLO] booth at Artexpo New York. His first year, he didn't sell a thing. But his booth was well-curated, and he had some initial interest. His second year, he sold a few paintings. By the third year, he sold every piece in his booth.
Also, preparation is key. You have to come ready with handouts and business cards, and the title, artist, price, and size of each piece of art should always be clearly displayed. 
Art San Diego-Rainbow Ribbon Magic-by-Sarah Stieber
When you look at the next decade, what do you see for this industry?
We see continued interest in art, especially painting of all types and fine art photography. Art has always been the chronicler of the culture of the time, and it will continue to be. A few artists will gain popularity and be remembered for decades into the future, but the general popularity of art will continue. Gallerists will need to become savvy retailers and update their galleries to become more experiential-as well as have an internet presence.
Online sales of fine art will grow slightly, but nothing will surpass the experience of seeing artwork, meeting the artists, being inspired by their creativity, and taking the artwork home as a remembrance of the experience. Artists and gallery owners who understand and embrace the opportunity to engage their collectors and clients in this way will continue to be successful.
We already see that 40 to 60 percent of a gallery's business growth can come from participation in fine art shows such as the ones that RMG produces. We see our shows creating a stabilizing force for the industry as we bring galleries, art publishers, and artists face to face with art buyers and collectors.
This Issue's Quote:
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
Pablo Picasso
Use Pinterest to get your work viewed by more potential buyers
From time to time, Art-Linx's gets a really great guest to discuss topics of import to our community. I definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity have Lainey Nicholson, our resident Pinterest expert discuss how Pinterest can help you.
We all understand that a huge part of getting online sales depends on buyers finding your work. Pinterest presents you with a wide-open opportunity to reach millions of users, and a new way to view your art images (known as pins). When you add images of your art to Pinterest, you take your art outside of your website, or any online gallery, to where Pinterest users and potential buyers may find it. Plus Pinterest is fun! Everyone who uses Pinterest loves it!
Pinterest has a feature that actually allows you to send your individual art image pins or an entire board of your art image pins directly to Pinterest users who may have missed them. Use it to easily send boards or individual pins of your art to other Pinterest users such as Interior Designers or home owners looking for art for their walls, or those looking for art to give as gifts. Send your art pins and boards to art gallery curators and patrons that you connect with on Pinterest. In addition, you can send any pinned image or Pinterest board via email. So it's also easy to send your board of images to non-Pinterest users-all you need is their email address.

Tip:  be sure to add a nice note when you send your art image pin or board of pins.
Do you want your work to reach beyond your website or Facebook page?  
Since its creation in 2010, Pinterest has over 10 million unique visitors per month. Pinterest allows people to share images found online with ease, connecting users from around the world.
According to Pinterest80% of its users are utilizing the app. Millennials are the main age group on Pinterest, and this is the fastest growing sales platform for both men and women.
Anyone can create a Pinterest business account, it's free. If you already have a Pinterest account but it's a personal account, you can convert that over to a Pinterest business account and keep your existing information i.e. your boards and followers.
Why should you invest in learning another social sharing tool online?  
Pi nterest is a powerhouse visual search engine. It is now the 3rd largest search engine on the planet, do you know what that means?

More products and services are sold on Pinterest than all the other social media platforms-combined. 

Pinterest has more than 200 million active users on the platform, and it's users are actively researching ideas and information about products, services and everything under the sun. 93% of Pinterest users plan to buy something. By creating eye-catching pins that link back to your website, you are driving organic traffic through the Pinterest platform. Some pins may not gain peak momentum until a few months down the line, and some may bring continuous traffic to your website.
Pinterest is a global platform, and people are on it 24/7. A great time-saving hack would be to use a scheduling tool for your Pinterest account. You can pin manually and I did that for a long time at the beginning, however, I didn't have nearly the results I have gotten since I started using Tailwind

Pinterest and Tailwind are partners and their platforms can connect with one another, these steps do take some time but are seriously worth it if you want to springboard your business.

Fears around posting on Pinterest as a artist. Copyright and protecting your work online.   These are legitimate fears, however, Pinterest is very intuitive and responsive especially if you spot a problem. You can easily report a pin if you spot the worst case - that someone stole your original image, Pinterest will take down the reported pin across the entire platform. 

The best ways to avoid someone taking your image is to mark it with your brand signature. Either displaying your website or logo directly on your pin. 

You need to have a Pinterest presence if you are an artist, otherwise you are leaving money on the table. 
       Drive traffic through custom pins, getting potential buyers back to your website to check out your work
       Share your pins/ boards via email or directly through the Pinterest platform
       Pinterest Analytics will explain what is performing well on your account/ where your audience is located, what they like, what is being repinned directly from your website etc.
       If you offer services, you can create pins that link to your blog post/ website page that discuss which services you offer/ how someone can get in touch
       Ability to connect with large groups through Pinterest group boards who may repin your content. You can also create your own group boards and invite collaborators to participate.
       You can apply for Rich Pins- helps with the Pinterest search engine, makes your pins more readily available. Apply for buyable pins, potential buyers do not even have to leave the Pinterest platform to buy from these pins.

So much information, what is the next step?  
You may still be confused about Pinterest, and how to get started. I have set up step-by- step directions in an   Ultimate Guide: How Artists can Use Pinterest to gain Views from Potential Buyers, blog post This post will walk you through the technical steps of setting up your Pinterest Business Account.

It would be my pleasure to help you with your Pinterest Accounts. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you grown your business.

Lainey Nicoson
Lainey's Creative Services
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10 NEW Topics for your Art Blog. 

The December Art Festival Newsletter gave you 10 Art Blog ideas. 

New Year - New Ideas

Get customers excited to buy your art by telling them more about your artist story, as well as promoting the exciting happenings in your art career.


10 New Blog Ideas 

*Describe your "2017 Year in Review"


*Promote Workshops you are hosting.


*Describe Art Shows you have been at.


*What medium have you always wanted to try?


*Why are you attracted to a certain style?


*What is your philosophy as an artist?


*Make a bucket list of your art goals.


*Step by Step Process photos or video.


*How do you stay organized?


*Have you learned new techniques and how have they influenced your work.

We would love to hear what works best for your blog and any advise you have to give other artists.

Let us know what topics interest you and Art-Linx will work to include them in the next Art Festival Newsletter - Published March 14, 2018

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