Volume 49
March 3, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • The Art of Customer Service
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Make magic
  • Quality service compass
  • Guestology
  • Psychographics
While thriving by practicing The Art of Hearing, and with healthy habits top of mind, The Art of Customer Service must be naturally shown. With aspirational aims, we gain valuable perspective by examining world-class organizations outside the hearing care industry which set the gold standard in this regard. How about Disney? For decades, this phenomenal company has been perfecting their model, as instilled with global thought leaders at the Disney Institute which many of you may have previously attended.

It is imperative to learn why exceeding expectations produces far better results, in many respects, than just satisfying them. In stark contrast to nondescript day-to-day consumer encounters, high-performance practices create positive surprises in memorable ways worthy of advocacy. Beyond comorbidity education, this represents another type of Social Currency which will set your practice at center stage.

Your talented team will Elevate the Profession by discovering how to organizationally Make Magic in providing delightful hearing care. While most expertly ensure devices are the right fit, how many, as shown by enthusiastic patient feedback and reliable referral patterns, reach prescribed targets with exceptional customer service?
As stated in Be Our Guest:
We now introduce Disney’s Quality Service Compass.

Guestology is defined as the art and science of knowing and understanding customers. With hearing care patients, or guests, we commonly analyze demographics or statistical data that describe distinct populations or subgroups by:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Home location
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Education
In tandem, to fine-tune our service delivery model, Disney encourages us to also comprehend psychographics, a category of consumer research probing mental states. In this opportune area of personal detection, we diagnose and treat clues about guest needs, wants, fears, preconceived notions, emotions and expectations.
As evidenced by individual hearing loss profiles, medical needs may be relatively clear. As you know from extensive clinical experience, what patients (guests) really want, depending on their lifestyle and ambivalence, may vary greatly. Do they want to hear better at home, work or play? Do they want to not feel older, socially lonely or unsafe? What are their hobbies? Can they hear clearly in noisy restaurants we anticipate enjoying again soon?

What fears are prevalent? Are they comorbidity concerns, lack of self-confidence, family challenges, workplace pressures, embarrassment, stigma or budgetary constraints? How do these affect their decision-making process?
How about preconceived notions? Are they a current or new hearing aid wearer? Either way, how are they positively or negatively influenced by prior experiences, peers or other medical advisors? Do they trust the hearing care profession or have they endured uncomfortable interactions with overly aggressive competitors?

In fact, how are they feeling and how will this shape your personalized counseling approach? As an encore, we present the Cleveland Clinic empathy video:
With these psychographic contours, what are their expectations? After all, how can we methodically plan to exceed what we do not fully understand? Do they anticipate 20/20 hearing on day one, like a new pair of perfectly fit glasses or do they realize the acclimation process will take time? Are they clearly aware how to effectively utilize personalized hearing aid features or remote apps?

Finally, to the heart of the matter, what are their service expectations? How often will they see us and what will occur then? Why is it worth their time? What does each visit cost and which expert care essentials are already included with their original investment? Our baseline is what they know and expect, while nirvana is magically captivating our guests in a myriad of ways which nurture valuable advocacy.
“Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating with
those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a single goal.”

— Walt Disney
As we seek to exceed our guests’ expectations, so should we treasure our team members. Next week will put the spotlight on how to reward and recognize those who bring the Art of Customer Service to life. Get set to learn more.
Bruce Essman
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