The Art of Loving the Heart
(dedicated to Saint Valentines)
The word yoga means to direct and concentrate one's attention on...union or communion. It is the true union of our will to unite the body, mind and soul to god, all part of this divine consciousness. Commune with the divine and start your day with yoga to experience the light of eternal love and the power of transformation.

Travel to a place where pain and sorrow do not exist and experience the spiritual freedom where true love for the self and others preside..moksha!
Through regular yoga we strive to control the mind, intellect and self, as we become absorbed in the spirit. It becomes a spiritual movement as we feel the dramatic shift take place's a reawakening!

Make it more than a thought and experience the power of transformation for real! Learn to play the body like an instrument to find the natural rhythms that bring the body to life. Unity, alignment and breath become the new mantra! The heart must be the driver to refine and connect each cell to include all its different parts.
Discovering our BEST person...realizing our full potential is found at the heart of the matter..our soul! Love your heart and come in from the cold where the heart is warm and full of love. It is a soulful love! Acted upon, yoga is the answer to finding this loving place of stillness in the heart.

In stillness, the creative juices flow and everything comes to life!!! Joy and happiness are the fruits of this tender labour.
The hearts centre is where calm resides over unrest and we become impervious to pain and suffering. Yoga is the balance and beauty of each moment, our connection with the soul in a loving place of complete union.

Learn to treasure the art of love ABOVE ALL ELSE!
Make yoga apart of every day and open your heart to experience this true act of kindness! It is this act of yoga kindness to yourself that will cascade unity and love to others so take a moment and Energize the aura of YOU to improve the quality of your life today!
Savasana can be the most uniting and healing experience.! Go for the almighty adventure and take a minute to lie flat!! Once on the floor start to build that connection with the earth by pressing each part of the body into the ground.
Mother earth reflects sensation in response to create a cyclical energy that builds upon itself one refined action at a time. (You will start to feel the union with the heart in centre of this communion).

Next time you feel discombobulated and out of sorts turn to one of the most accepted yoga poses Savasana and enter a "NEW BEGINNING". Participate in the effort of healing yourself as an act of true love! The art of living will return to you in just a moment.......
It's the power of love!
Moksha (Freedom)
Hips for Moksha (Freedom)
Love Yourself this
Valentine's Day!

Take some time out for yoga and allow your body to stretch, breathe and rest

Give yourself a big hug

Light your favourite scented candle

Make an especially healthy and delicious meal

Massage the parts of your body that need extra love

Express yourself! Get out your paintbrushes, sing a song or
dance around your kitchen

Go for a long walk in nature
Yoga Therapy for Sciatica
White Chocolate Soufflé (gluten free)
Why not whip up a light, fluffy and pretty treat this Valentine's Day long weekend?
These little beauties sport a festive red and white swirl, or if you like, you can make them entirely pink by not dividing the batter before stirring in the red food coloring. 

[Photograph: @sstiavetti]
Homeopathic Remedies
that Can Help you get back to 'Normal' :)

Arsenicum Album - Helps with fear and anxiety

Aconitum Napellus - if suddenly find your heart racing

Stramonium - Nightime fears

Lyssium - Sensitive to light, sound and smell

Argentum-nitricum - anxious about health


Red Chestnut - for worry or sleep loss

Star of Bethlehem - helpful in shock trauma or grief

   (always consult a professional before embarking on a new path)
We miss you all! xoxo
Luna after her first accidental bath!
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