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“Challenge Your Mind, Exercise and Play” once told by my sister, it is as simple as it is profound. All of whom that read this newsletter likely perform the first activity well, far fewer exercise, and even fewer take the time to play. But what is play? I played golf two weeks ago – the word play appears in the sentence, so clearly I was playing. We also play croquet, but is “playing” synonymous with just playing a sport? Or, engaging in an activity just for fun – our friend Jim, learned to play two instruments, Ted rides a Harley, another appeared in "play" and one other "plays" in an orchestra. Doing something just for fun is playing! 
2018 Pond Mountain Inn Photo Contest
You Still Have Plenty of Time, But Don't Wait Until the Last Minute!

This photograph taken a few years ago by Karen & Jim Roche, former guests that split their time between Vermont and Rhode Island photographed this breathtaking panoramic western view of the Adirondacks.    

The Mount Equinox Summit is 3,848 feet above sea level the Mount Equinox Skyline Drive that gets you there is the longest privately owned paved toll road in the U.S.A. at 5.2 miles – owned by silent Carthusian monks.

First Prize : Two Person, Two Night Stay, Off Season, Non-Holiday.

First Runner-Up : Two Person, One Night Stay, Off Season, Non-Holiday.

Second Runner-Up : Four Course Dinner for Two at Pond Mountain Inn.

Newfoundland Iceberg

A giant iceberg nearly the size of Delaware has broken off an ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula recently and is now adrift in the Weddell Sea. The new iceberg is 5,800 sq. km and only half the size as the record-holding iceberg. The photo above comes from our neighbor during their recent trip to Newfoundland – perhaps not as large, but equally as fascinating!   

In an unrelated Newsweek story; "Greenland Village Evacuated as Giant Iceberg Approaches, May Create Tsunami."

Click the photograph above then scroll down to bypass the advertisement and read the Newsweek article – wait until you see the photo
(Slightly Updated From Last Newsletter)

Last week we saw "Cry It Out" (photo above) and look forward to seeing "Skeleton Crew". And, of course, we couldn't miss "West Side Story", which we're seeing this week with our Florida guests.

Skeleton Crew . .. (July 19- August 4) Difficult times in 2008 Detroit as the Great Recession takes its toll on the one remaining auto plant and the possibility of foreclosure. A powerful story of the struggle between a makeshift family of coworkers and self-preservation. (Dorset Playhouse)

West Side Story ... (July 12 - August 4) An iconic American musical about Maria and Tony's fight to keep their forbidden love alive. One of the most celebrated musicals of all time! (Weston Playhouse Main Stage)

Fun Home ... (July 5 - 28) A groundbreaking five-time Tony Award Winner. Based on Vermont author Alison Bechdel's graphic novel. Meet Bechdel at three different life stages with her uniquely dysfunctional family. (Weston Playhouse Second Stage)

Visit their websites by clicking on underlined venues above.
Hiking is Ubiquitous in Vermont

The Long Trail is arguably the most famous hiking trail in Vermont stretching 272 miles with another 166 miles of side trails. Built by the Green Mountain Club between 1910 and 1930, the Long Trail is the oldest hiking trail in the United States and was the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail both of which come together for 100 miles in the southern part of the state.

We have a list of nearby favorites some as close as a few miles.
Who Knew...
Hemmings Motor News Headquarters is in Vermont?!!?

Hemmings Motor News Car Show • Hemmings Motor News International Headquarters • 216 Main Street • Bennington, Vermont • From 5:00 – 8:00 PM • July 26, August 9 and August 23. An open car show with awards, music and free popcorn, plus the Hemmings Museum will be open! 
Two weeks ago was my first time out and second time in seven years –  played nine holes with our guests, which now has become an annual tradition; bogeyed four, parred one… shot a 51 – Pure Luck! My caddy, Scott, our three-time returning guest once caddied for President Gerald Ford! 
Fundraiser for the Southwestern Vermont Health Care

We both enjoyed the second annual event – again, it was well attended and quite successful. Many top national riders compete in the Grand Prix jumping over fences more than five feet high! We looked on as Jennifer Kocher of Chester, New York won the $30,000 Battenkill Grand Prix last Saturday!
Sheepdog Trial at Dancing Ewe Farm
(The Better Title Would Have Been, "In Hot Pursuit!"

The Border Collie herding this trio was not far behind while his master whistling commands was a half mile away! Had we had more time last Saturday morning we would have captured the collie in the picture! Incredibly interesting and great fun...
Summer Playtime...
Kay's niece and her son playing at the beach... I think the photographer captured the moment perfectly... Clearly, they're "playing"!!
Vermont Roadside Historic Markers

This Roadside Marker is the second in our series.... Less than an hour from the inn, Plymouth Notch, Vermont is the birthplace and boyhood home of Calvin Coolidge, our 30 th president and the only president to be born on the fourth of July! The village is largely unchanged since the early 20 th century. The homes of the Coolidge family and neighbors, the community church, cheese factory, one room schoolhouse and general store have been remarkably well preserved with many containing original furnishings! 

We'll continue sharing interesting Roadside Historic Markers that we stumble upon..  
Great Stuff To Do & Interesting Activities
Choose Your Own Adventure!

Emerald Lake State Park
Named for its emerald green waters this 992 acre park surrounds the 20 acre Emerald Lake, located in North Dorset and just 30 minutes from the inn.

A little lake trivia since we’re in the Vermont’s Lakes Region. Where is the world’s deepest lake? Russia; in the heart of Siberia, Lake Baikal – it’s the world's deepest, reaching a maximum depth of 5,315 feet! Also, it’s the world's oldest freshwater lake, at 20-25 million years old, and the world's largest freshwater lake by volume, containing about one-fifth of the fresh water on Earth's surface. 

Vermont Brewers Festival
July 20-21: Burlington Waterfront Park.
We have a complete trail map of all Vermont's breweries!

Lake Champlain Maritime Festival
July 26-29: Burlington, Vermont. This waterfront celebration features live music, dragon boat demonstrations and an antique boat show.

Long Trail Day
Saturday, August 11 Register & Join the Green Mountain Club as they celebrate the Long Trail and visit some of the state’s most spectacular sites. 

Vermont Cheesemakers Festival
Sunday, August 12 • 11:00-4:00 • Shelburne Farms • Shelburne, Vermont

The Cheese Tour with Wine & Beer
Saturday & Sunday, September 8 & 9 • 10:00-4:00PM
All Seven Producers Within 30 Minutes of Pond Mountain Inn.

Just a smattering of “things to do” near and far, all within driving distance of the inn!
There's so more to do in Vermont.
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