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Storytelling is a useful tool for businesses to use to express their mission, values, brand, customer relationship, or strategic intent. This month, we focus on a recent Shugoll Thoughts article about the importance and impact of storytelling.

We would also like to share some exciting news. Last week, AARP honored Shugoll Research with the “2018 Supplier of the Year” award for being an outstanding, small, woman-owned business. We are very grateful for the recognition and look forward to continuing our partnership with AARP.

We wish you all a very Happy 4th of July!

~ Merrill Shugoll
The Art of Storytelling
From 40,000-year-old cave paintings to online video streaming channels today, human existence is a tale of tales. Even our remembered heritage is called his-story. The appeal of storytelling lies in its power to unify us through universal themes, common challenges and shared victories. While storytelling is an art, it is possible to harness its power for business quickly if you have the right ingredients.
Noteworthy News
Simple Tips to Help Your
Insights Team Deliver

At any organization, the insights team can be a powerful tool if used properly. Here are some suggestions from the AMA on how to get the most out of your insights team.

How will Generation Z
Transform Marketing?

Generation Z is not just about connection but interconnection - they are nodes in a vast network of family, friends, associates, colleagues. And brands. Marketing to them must take into account this relationship.
What is Driving Genuine
Brand Loyalty?

Loyalty is a layered, nuanced, complex emotion. This article explores the feeling of brand loyalty and concludes that it is likely the result of feelings of trust, reliability, appreciation, and even empathy.
Merrill Shugoll and Shugoll Research Honored with AARP Supplier of the Year
On June 19, Shugoll Research was honored with the Supplier of the Year Award. The award was presented to Merrill Shugoll at AARP's Annual Supplier Diversity Awards and Recognition Program held in Washington, D.C. "I am thrilled to accept this award on behalf of everyone at Shugoll Research," says Merrill Shugoll. "It means so much being able to partner with AARP and knowing that AARP is committed to investing in supplier diversity, and giving a small woman-owned company such as ours a chance," says Rick Seale, Principal and Executive Vice President of Field Operations at Shugoll Research.
Industry Spotlight:
Advertising & Communication
For nearly half a century, Shugoll Research has helped advertising, PR and media clients traverse the ever-evolving landscape of audience preferences and behavior. Many of us have spent time working in agencies prior to joining the company.

By using our proprietary product  AdBeat , we design and execute studies that address even the small nuances and subtleties that can often make a very big difference in advertising effectiveness.
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