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January, 2015
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The Wisdom Of The Body



I hope you read the last article, "The Artichoke Effect".  There I described the difference between natural healing philosophy and the mechanistic, or rationalist philosophy of medicine.  We talked about listening to the wisdom of the body to get through the layers, eventually getting to the "heart" of the issue causing the symptoms.


Here lies the problem for the patient. What practitioner do you select and what techniques should they use to listen to the wisdom of the body?  Some doctors just work on the area that hurts, while others follow their own system and everyone must choose one of these two procedures, like it or not. I would ask "Is this listening to the "wisdom of the body"?  Early on, even before becoming licensed, I was in search of the system that could find the combination to open the lock for each patient.  It is not enough to know the numbers that make up the combination.  The doctor needs to know the order of the numbers that make up the combination.  Since every patient has his or hers unique order of operation, there needs to be a testing system which acts as a binary biofeedback methodology, meaning a system that will tell where the imbalance is, which order to correct it, and whether or not it has been effective.  Of all the systems ever discovered, there is one that works perfectly every time and allows the practitioner to gain access to the body's innate intelligence communication capacity.  This system is called "Applied Kinesiology".


Applied Kinesiology (manual muscle testing) is a sophisticated system of testing utilizing the muscles of the body.  It is not a treatment system per se, but a measuring system.  Nearly every dysfunction can be tested and prioritized.  It allows the body to become the teacher and the practitioner becomes the student.


Of course, how much the practitioner knows determines how thorough he can communicate with the body.  If he doesn't know the language that the body needs to use, then the body is limited in its expression.  For example, 6 people could come in with a left shoulder problem, all exhibiting exactly the same symptoms.  I will give you 6 possibilities, not just theories, but what I have found in just the last 2 months.


-  A patient was headed to shoulder surgery but I found that it was due to Gout in the shoulder. Treating the Gout quickly resolved the issue.


-  A patient was found to be allergic to the Statin drug they were taking, weakening the shoulder.


- Another patient had no dysfunction of their shoulder, it just appeared that way, it was a neck misalignment.  An adjustment quickly resolved it.


- Another patient in pain and restricted motion demonstrated no orthopedic or neurological findings, the cause was found to be a deficiency of Selenium and Vitamin E, both left side nutrients.


- A scar located on a patient's wrist was treated by a cold laser and the arm immediately became mobile.


- A homeopathic spray as an antidote for vaccine toxin was sprayed on a patient's deltoid muscle and within 1 minute, the muscular dysfunction disappeared.  



These are only a few that I can remember off the top of my head.


 As you can visualize, all presented with the same symptom, yet each had a different combination necessary to free the patient.


I have spent 40 years studying every aspect of kinesiological testing and categorizing possibilities of causes of imbalances.


No one does it better than Wagner Holistic Center.


Make it a regular practice to be examined to find out what your body wants to say.  By becoming one with your body through integrating your soul, spirit and body, the journey of life will be much more satisfying. 


Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC

Wagner Holistic Center