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HP Arts is a Non-Profit Organization Supporting HPISD Arts Education Since 1987
Kelli Miller, HP Arts 2017-18 President
Message from the HP Arts President

What a busy and gratifying year it has been! I have loved getting to know the HP Arts board members and fine arts teachers better as well as meeting several fine arts teachers who are new to HPISD. It takes many people to make this organization work extremely well and I am grateful for their time and enthusiasm. At the end of the school year, seven HP Arts board members whose terms expire will roll off the board and six new board members will join the organization. Because it is my second of a three-year commitment with HP Arts, I am energized to know that I will get to work with most of the board again.  Jill Dalton who is smart, creative, efficient and an incredibly hard worker, will assume the HP Arts President role this summer.

HP Arts 2018-19 President Jill Dalton and 2017-18 President Kelli Miller

We believe that fine arts education provides a balance to the competitive academic and athletic pursuits of our talented HPISD student body. Contributions from our parents, community members and our cornerstone benefactor La Fiesta de la Seis Banderas, make many arts activities possible!

This edition of The Artisan will provide you with our Year in Review! We will show you how your contributions made a difference and how HP Arts is progressing with the last three years 'special projects' funded by La Fiesta. We hope that you will choose to support HP Arts again next year by donating online during the HPISD Back-to-School Sign-up in August 2018 or at
Finally, a quote from my favorite poet as I look forward to the generous warmth of summer!
Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
- Kahlil Gibran

Kelli Miller

A Year in Review 2017-2018
HP Arts Funding by Area

HP Arts Designated School Representatives L-R:  Kristen Pratt (UP), Melissa Allen (Hyer), Kathleen Whalen (HPHS), Aimee Cali (Armstrong), Georgianna Moreland (MIS/HPMS), Lizzie Bailey (Bradfield), and Carla Moss (Programs Chair)

The Programs Committee members worked consistently throughout the year as HP Arts liaisons to coordinate teacher funding requests.

Art:  Silk screen squeegees and tape, silk screen project, drying racks for large art work, speaker Desmond Blair, and clay for ceramics classes.  All art funded by Kid Art.

Band:  Three French horns, original musical arrangement for percussion group at PASIC, Eddie Green conductor coaching and wind instrument pedagogue, sectional coaches and UIL clinicians, music stands and racks, and full orchestra clinician (combined band and orchestra).

Choir:  Digital piano repair, piano tuning, and music stands.

Dance:  Guest dance instructor for cultural dances from Africa, India and Spain; box light interactive touchscreen display for dance analysis for Belles; partial funding for competition uniforms; and choreographer for new dances for Belles.

Debate:  Consultant for practice, argument construction and judging during competition; and fine arts study materials.

Literary Arts:  Half of the LitFest workshops, Grove Music Encyclopedia research software, and Naxos Music Library with streaming access across all genres.

Orchestra:  Bass extensions, adjustable cushioned bass studio chairs, UIL clinicians, bass, cello, viola and violin bows, violas, viola cases, SMU quartet to perform and coach student groups and individuals, refining repertoire clinician, and full orchestra clinician (combined band and orchestra).

Elementary School Programs:  Shakespeare performance and interactive workshop, Mark Shelton's "Strike, Shake & Scrape", Ft. Worth Children's Opera, Bluebonnet award winner Susan Stevens Crummel, piano accompanist for concert, Note Knacks interactive music notations teaching tool, and silk screen printing.

Theater:  Stage combat workshop, Wound and Scar makeup workshop, Improv and reactivity workshop, choreographer Hilary Werthmann teaching West Side Story musical, Kabuki/Japanese Theater workshop, and Pulitzer & Tony Award winning playwright Doug Wright.

Outside of Fine Arts:  Academic Decathlon coaches to work with student groups and individuals, and purchase of required art and music study materials and print resource guides for the 2018-19 competition season; and Zumba classes.

Senior Art Awards:  Nine awards were given to students for their work in photography, 2D, and 3D art.

Senior Scholarships:  Two scholarships awarded to students who demonstrated a continuous commitment to the arts in high school and have a serious intention to concentrate in fine arts in college.

Special Project:  Auditorium lighting at MIS/HPMS.

HP Arts Take-A-Seat Fund

HP Arts funded $10,000 in requests for HPHS auditorium improvements this year.
  • Projector screen
  • Two digital sound processors
  • Stage rigging inspection
  • Eight wireless microphone headsets 
For those who have participated in or enjoyed the arts at HPHS (musicals, plays, band, choir, orchestra, theater class, spoken word poetry, etc.), this is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

Take-A-Seat Board Member Leslie Kibby and Ex-Officio Board Member (Name Plate Engraver) Jackson Harkey

Proceeds from all Take-A-Seat donations are used to improve all aspects of the high school auditorium, from sound, to lighting, stage improvements and more.  Purchasing a seat is a perfect, permanent, and unique gift! Please click here to download the order form. 

Questions?  Please contact or Tassio Carvalho at

Special HP Arts Funded Projects from La Fiesta Grants

Each year HP Arts requests funding from La Fiesta de la Seis Banderas for arts programming and arts related capital purchase requests made by HPISD teachers. La Fiesta also considers requests for 'special projects' within HPISD. This next section highlights the three latest projects.

2015-2016 Arts Integration at MIS/HPMS - Fully Implemented 
HP Arts funded, with $11,000 matched by the MIS/HPMS PTA, an MIS/HPMS Arts Integration teacher team to attend an Arts Integration Conference. They went to Bates Middle School in Annapolis, Maryland in November 2017 to observe and learn how those teachers integrate the arts process in their classrooms. 

Several Members of the Arts Integration Team.  L-R:  Sally Gatlin, Emily Johnson, Dr. Laurie Hitzelberger, James Jenkins, Kathy Wofford, Yvonne Janik, Asiya Roland, Sylvia Bearden

Arts Integration Defined: An approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. A very creative example is shown below.

Sketch by Jacqueline Clarkson, 5th Grade

Language Arts teacher, Dr. Debbie Blackwell, a STEAM pilot teacher and Arts Integration Team Member shared a drawing by her student Jacqueline Clarkson. Dr. Blackwell's students read an article and transformed the information into a diagram. Jaqueline chose to use pencil and shading techniques to create her drawing shown above. This language arts assignment incorporated science and art!

2016-2017 Auditorium Lighting at MIS/HPMS - Beginning Soon
Dana Manley who served as HP Arts President for 2016-2017 school year requested and was granted funds for new lighting equipment at MIS/HPMS. Typically, each year the HPMS drama department rents lighting equipment to use during their three high quality performances. The payback for new lighting equipment is approximately two to three years! Dr. Hitzelberger, principal of MIS/HPMS is pictured below at the May HP Arts board meeting after receiving the $15,000 check for the auditorium lighting.

HP Arts 2017-18 President Kelli Miller, MIS/HPMS Principal Dr. Hitzelberger, HP Arts 2016-17 President Dana Manley, HP Arts Treasurer Jennifer Murray

2017-2018 New Sound System on Cafeteria Stage at HPHS - Funding Received 
This year HP Arts President, Kelli Miller requested a grant from La Fiesta to replace the HPHS cafeteria stage sound system. La Fiesta graciously decided to fund about 40% of the sound system. HPHS and the Highland Park Sports Club will contribute the remaining necessary funds.   This type of collaborative funding demonstrates the willingness of our community to continue to make improvements to enhance our student's experiences.

HP Arts Board Meeting Highlights 2017-2018

Take a look at our busy and exciting year in review... by month!

Each of the HPHS fine-arts teachers who are new to HPHS were asked to speak to our board about teaching, themselves and interesting facts about their field of specialty. Also, s everal highly talented students performed for us and no doubt, everyone's favorite part of the board meetings!

Front: Jennings Humphreys, Will Giese, Ryan Douglass; Back: Jace Tucker, Colby Hopkins, Luke Sobolevitch, Jordan Pierce
(Photo by Tana Bishops Parsons)
Ben Doan-Stevens
Tara Cesario

  • The brothers from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers jumpstarted our year! They sang Sobbin' Women while they danced and jumped across a kitchen picnic bench. Simultaneously athletic and musical!
  • Ben Doan-Stevens, HPHS Theater Tech Teacher and HPHS Auditorium Manager who provided technical direction for the fall musical and school performances this year, spoke to us about the unique technical theater classes offered at HPHS. He was essential in ensuring that several key projects were completed in the HPHS auditorium and in the successful and timely installation of the new Digital Sound Processors. Thank you, Mr. Stevens!
  • Tara Cesario, HPHS Orchestra Director, grew up in Chicago, moved to Ft Worth in 2007 to attend TCU and moved to Dallas in 2012. She introduced herself and shared with us some of her goals for the Highlander Strings Orchestras. She is shown playing the fiddle with her Dallas Premiere 90's Country Cover Band, "Straight Tequila Night" at the Granada Theater. They play once or twice a month, more in the warmer months.

Will Giese
HPHS Asst. Choral Director Neal Patel
  • Senior Will Giese performed a college audition monologue and sang an energetic and dramatic a Capella song. He will attend Boston Conservatory at Berklee in the fall majoring in musical theater.
  • Neal Patel, HPHS Assistant Choral Director, is in his second year at HPHS. He described the All-State choir audition process and explained that 20,000 Texas students audition for 300 spots in the All-State choruses. HPHS had six students who sang with an All-State chorus in San Antonio in February. Congratulations to Mr. Patel and his wife, Katie, who were married in Jamaica over spring break!

Terry Letterman shown leading the elephant.

  • Terry Letterman, HPHS Art II PAP, Graphic Design & Illustration Teacher, shared his history with us. In the 80's, Mr. Letterman was a Zoo Keeper at the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri where he also created all of the graphics. The St. Louis Zoo recruited Terry as a Zoo Keeper and, from there, he was hired as an art director for a publishing company where he created a project for production of Biblical trading cards.  Terry drew five different story lines for five different sets of trading cards and three were printed.  He then went on to work for DC and Marvel Comics as well as other graphics companies.


  • The Fine Arts Teacher Appreciation event was held at the Brad Oldham Sculpture Studio downtown. All HPISD fine arts teachers are invited each year and are recognized for their amazing work and dedication to our students!

Chris Fullwood
Lily Wu
Madison Triplett
  • Art II, III, IV Photography / Art III AP 2D Design Art II, III, IV, Graphic Design & Illustration Art teacher Chris Fullwood explained how the long-awaited 3D printer works and its capabilities. This is so amazing!!
  • Senior Lily Wu, All State choir qualifier, performed a beautiful and playful song that she sang for the solo and ensemble contest. Lily was one of six HPHS students to earn a singing position with the Texas All-State Chorus. She will attend University of Notre Dame in the fall double majoring in Economics and Vocal Performance.
  • Junior, Madison Triplett, All State band qualifier, played one of her All-State audition pieces. Her bassoon tone is solid, warm, clear and most beautiful!


Kathy Wofford

HP Arts Board Members Janese Deitch and Robyn Galerston
New Board Members:
Sally Schedler (MIS/HPMS School Rep), Trisha Terraciano-Spence (Special Events & PR), Victoria Steindorf (Arrangements), Megan Lembcke (Website & VP)
Shari Handler (Co-Membership Chair)
Tassio Carvalho (Take-A-Seat)
  • Kathy Wofford, Arts Integration Team Member and 6th grade social studies teacher, explained arts integration at MIS/HPMS.
  • A student in Sylvia Bearden's 7th grade science class designed a digestive system using every day, household items. Get the Alka Seltzer!
  • Six New HP Arts Board Members were Elected for 2018-2019. These new board members give a three-year commitment to HP Arts. Each assumes a key role based on their background, interests and the organizational needs. We are grateful for their commitment and talents and look forward to working with them.
  • Janese Deitch and Robyn Galerston carefully organized and hung student artwork in the HPISD Administration building to be displayed at the Highlander Festival in March.

Katie Krasovec
Laura Draper
Jaime Callahan and Michael Warren
Lydia Walden, Jaime Callahan, Linda Raya, Walter Kelly, Lisa Wilson, Michael Warren
  • Senior Katie Krasovec recited one of her college audition monologues and sang a beautiful a Capella song. She will attend Missouri State University in the fall majoring in musical theater in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program.
  • Laura Draper, HPHS Art I PAP Teacher, spoke to the board about her 17-year teaching background. Her human compassion is demonstrated through her assignments and work history including teaching at Boles Children's Home for 12 years. Please read the TEACHER FEATURE in this Artisan to learn more about her!
  • STEAM coaches K-12 spoke to us about their progress with the STEAM initiatives at HPISD and invited us to their STEAM Extravaganza held on May 17th at HPHS. What a fun and successful event!
  • Several of our HPISD Ex-Officio board members joined us for lunch provided by HPISD fine arts department. Thank you!

L-R:  Hailey Turco, Erin Harper, Ava Sims, Sophie Jejurkar
L-R:  Brooke Marvel, Caroline Thomas, Sophie Folts
Dr. Hitzelberer, 2016-17 President Dana Manley and Treasurer Jennifer Murray

Congratulations Ted Grille and Louise Rossi Sklar - Happy Retirement!
  • Under the direction of Mary Shinn, four flautists serenaded HP Arts board with three delightful songs.
  • Three national Belles soloists enchanted our group. Each performed her competition winning dance with music and choreography evoking their messages of strength, grace and hope.
  • Dr Hitzelberger received a $15,000 check for the MIS/HPMS Auditorium Lighting Project.
  • Two Fine Arts Teachers Retired - Louise Rossi Sklar, Middle School Orchestra Director; and Ted Grille, HPMS Assistant Orchestra Director. Each received a gift from HP Arts showing our appreciation for their dedication to the fine arts in HPISD. Mrs. Sklar has taught orchestra for years and she successfully grew the middle school orchestra since becoming director in 2015.

Stacey Cochran
Thank you to Stacey Cochran for coordinating lunches with Scots Cafe for the monthly meetings, and to Tammy Testa for recording meeting minutes every month!
Tammy Testa

HP Arts Teacher Feature - Laura Draper

HP Arts had the wonderful experience of hearing from HPHS art teacher, Laura Draper! This is her first year at HPHS.

Laura Draper taught Art I, II, III & IV at Boles Children's Home for 12 years. In Irving she taught Advanced Ceramics, Advanced Painting, Advanced Drawing, and Art I for four years. So, "in my 17th year of teaching, I was lucky enough to be hired at HP instructing Pre-Ap Art I students. Believe it or not, I have wanted to be an art teacher since 5th grade. My mother and father were close friends with Lee Baxter Davis who worked as a Professor in Commerce. I remember seeing his drawings and wandering through his studio and thinking, I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT!" Mrs Draper received her B.S. in Art from Texas-A&M-Commerce.

Laura developed the staff portrait project as a positive statement about a student's relationship with the staff and vice versa. Students were asked to choose a staff member of their choice...not necessarily a teacher. Maybe someone that helped them, someone they observed that was helpful to others, or that they respected or made a difference in their life.

The following sketches are student examples of the portrait project.

Tim Hall, English by student artist Javier Sanchez
Angel Ramoz Perez, Spanish II PAP by student artist Margo Johnson
Laura said, "my students created a portrait on 18" x 24" paper using charcoal and worked their hearts out on this assignment. I have done this assignment for years, students are very unaware of how meaningful these portraits can be to someone. I have noticed that HP students are so humble, the majority did not even share pictures with their families. After looking at amazement at one student's portrait, I asked if she had shown her parents. Her reply, Oh, no, my brother is the artist in the family!   So, I made sure her mom saw the amazing job she did, and now is proud of the fact that she is a skilled young artist."

Euan Blackman, Physics by student artist Arturo Sorenson

"Students asked me how can I make a 100 on this assignment? I said, well, if someone that has not seen you create this drawing recognizes immediately who you were drawing, THAT is a 100... I had quite a few 100's on this assignment."

Laura Draper, Original Photo
Laura Draper, Charcoal Sketch with Hat (sketched by Mrs. Draper)

Mrs. Draper's Pre-AP Art I students have created adult coloring book pages packaged in a special gift box with 50 custom coloring pages and a set of gel pens for $20. Sales will help raise money for competitions and all profits go directly to the students. Contact to purchase. Each page has the student artist's name.

Adult Coloring Book Sample Pages

Recent HP Arts Funding at Work
HPHS Theater Wound and Scar Workshop

Cassandra Webber, HPHS Theater Student

In January, local makeup artists taught a one-day class to the HPHS theater classes on how to create scars and wounds and how to adjust them into various levels of decay. They also learned about Zombie make-up or something comparable to Necrosis.

MIS/HPMS Advanced Art

HP Arts funded silk screen squeegees and tape for Mr. Jenkins' 8th grade Advanced Art class.  Silk screening is always a favorite in class, and Mr. Jenkins shares the experience beyond his classroom.  This year participants at both the STEAM event and students at UP Elementary had the opportunity to try it first hand.

Note:  Advanced Art teacher James Jenkins is pictured above with student Xavier Rafique.

Desmond Blair Visits HPISD Elementary Schools

Armstrong Art Teacher Jennifer Christy and Desmond Blair
Oil painting of Johnny Cash by Desmond Blair
Armstrong 4th Grade Presentation

Dallas artist and IT Systems Project Manager at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, Desmond Blair, spoke to all HPISD 4th graders this spring.  Desmond's keen artistic abilities developed because he was born without hands.  His tenacity and determination helped him work through a series of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, turning them into opportunities to thrive.

Due to his resolve and ability to stay focused; he went from crayons to paint brushes and from drawing stick figures to portraits while graduating from high school at the age of 16.  Blair earned his degree from UTD where he honed his traditional abilities and transferred them to digital media.  He earned his Master of Fine Arts in Art and Technology with a focus in the development of computer graphics and the study/analysis of emerging media trends.

Desmond shared his journey, his work and his artistic process, answering questions about the attributes of being a professional artist.  He shared with students that no matter what challenge or problem they face, they must focus and continue to solve the problem with passion and never give up!

Desmond Blair's works can be seen in local galleries, the funds from which to to Dallas-based children's charities.

This was a KidArt funded program.

Choreography Workshop with Hilary Werthmann at HPHS

 Hilary Werthmann

In April, all of the HPHS Theater classes were taught the Broadway choreography to Cool, a very distinctive and energetic song from the musical West Side Story. Choreographer, Hilary Werthmann, is a jazz, tap, and musical theater Dance Instructor in the Dallas area.

After some stretching and warmup exercises with the students, Hilary chanted, "five six seven eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight!".  Then the students and Hilary jumped up, crouched down in a low walk and spun around.  She used dance terms such as sachet, lindey, coupe, jete, and cross-ball-change!

Hilary graduated with a BFA in Musical Theater from the Boston Conservatory, and has since been blessed with a consistent career on the stage and just recently finished the nation tour of Guys and Dolls.

Ethan Schwartz and Michael Walsh on Bass; Emma Brunk on Bass Clarinet
HPHS Orchestra Funding

Two members of the full orchestra are shown playing their basses during the inaugural performance of the HPHS Symphony Orchestra on May 10th. They played professional level works of Saint-Saens and Tchaikovsky.

HP Arts recently funded a purchase of a bass extension to be added to the existing double bass shown in the foreground. Orchestra Director, Tara Cesario creatively thought of this idea to save thousands of dollars. The extension costs about 20% of a new bass with a built-in extension.

HP Arts also funded several new adjustable bass seats as well as the clinician, Jeremy Kondrat, to work with students and assist the directors in rehearsal, practice and repertoire.

Eddie Green Band Conductor Coaching at HPHS

Eddie Green and HPHS Asst. Band Director Corey Parks
HPHS Woodwind Students

Eddie Green - Dedicated to Instrumental Pedagogy
The art of teaching conducting cultivates ensemble performance skills.

"The woodwinds are too loud. They are decorations and should be frilly and colorful. Add color! Try again". Mr. Eddie Green, a leading pedagogue requests in a respectful quiet voice.

Reagan Brumley, HPHS Band Director, observes the teaching moment. He considers Mr. Green his personal mentor. Mr. Green has been dedicated to instrumental pedagogy for over fifty years. He has experience teaching all levels of instrumental ensemble performance, from small school programs, to very large junior and senior high school programs. His university experience includes work at Western Michigan University and the University of Houston from which he retired in 2000. He now spends his time traveling the country conducting clinics.

Brumley, Green, and Parks
Asst. Band Director James La Brecque and Eddie Green
"If it wouldn't be for the grant from HP Arts, we would only be able to afford one of these visits per year", says Mr. Brumley. "It makes all the difference that we invite him for quarterly follow up visits. We are able to build upon what we have learned, which in turn allows us to play more advanced music". In 2017 HPHS Wind Symphony ranked no. 4 in the state of Texas and the Marching Band ranked in the top 10 for the first time ever! Mr. Brumley attributes this success largely to the mentoring of Mr. Green.

Mr. Green says, "Play it again with more resonance and keep the sound quality the same. Like colorful fabric. But you've got to be able to see through it. Don't make it so solid, but more like gauze". The musicians play once gain and when the music stops Mr. Brumley flashes a wide smile. "It's a totally different level of maturity when that comes across!"

Mr. Green is a member of the Texas Bandmasters' Hall of Fame; was selected Bandmaster of the year by the Texas Bandmasters Association; and received the Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Houston.

Musician and Educator Mark Shelton visits Bradfield Elementary

Mark Shelton with Bradfield Students
Mark Shelton
"What could you use to make sounds before there were instruments?" asks Mark Shelton. Hands go up and the students are engaged.

A member of the Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster, Mr. Shelton presented Strike, Scrape, & Shake to the first and second grade students of Bradfield Elementary.

Mr. Shelton demonstrated a wide array of percussion instruments, such as doumbec (goblet drum), hammered dulcimer (type of stringed instrument), snare drum, hang and hand sonic (digital percussion) and engaged the students in a rhythmical journey through time.

"I love how he is able to connect to his audience," says Jonathan Foley, Bradfield's music teacher, who applied for the HP Arts grant. As the rhythmical sounds echo in the gymnasium, the students sway to the beat.

Kabuki Instruction for HPHS Senior Theater Students

Kent Williams, Kabuki Instructor
Avery Blessing and Will Giese wearing Kabuki style makeup.

HP Arts recently funded a two-day Kabuki workshop for HPHS Senior theater students.  Kabuki is a traditional Japanese popular drama with singing and dancing performed in a highly stylized manner.  A rich blend of music, dance, mime, and spectacular staging and costuming, it has been a major theatrical form in Japan for almost four centuries.

Author Susan Stevens Crummel visits Elementary Schools

L-R: Bradfield Librarian Amy Jent, Susan Stevens Crummel, and Library Assistant Holly Bond

HPISD elementary schools hosted local award-winning author/Illustrator and former teacher Susan Stevens Crummel in February. The teachers praised the quality of her presentation saying, "She was one of the best we've ever had."  Bradfield Librarian Amy Jent applied for the HP Arts Teaching Enrichment Request for all elementary schools.

Susan engaged students with an interactive presentation on literature, reading, and the life of a writer.  She explained how she started with a concept like her dog and ended up with Help Me, Mr. Mutt, her first award winner.  During a workshop, students focused on reading, writing, and storytelling to learn how to come up with their own creative concepts.  They enjoyed interaction with the author and her puppets, while being able to show off their acting skills in Reader's Theatre skits from some of her books.

Susan and her sister, Janet, have won the Texas Bluebonnet award twice - first for Help Me, Mr. Mutt and then for Cook-A-Doodle-Do.

Doug Wright Shares Wisdom & Insight with HPHS Students

Linda Raya asked Doug questions prepared by her students in the casual stage setting complete with two worn red-leather wing-back chairs.  Very  Inside the Actors Studio, Linda!

Theater and choir students were treated to fifty minutes of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Doug Wright's insights into his craft and the business of Broadway. Doug is an HPHS graduate and trained under Linda Raya. 

Doug answered questions and gave cogent advice ranging from the pragmatic: NY for stage vs LA for film to get started in the acting business -- to the conceptual: spend time on doing the work with artists that will challenge your development as an artist vs trying to get "the" part, even if that means putting together your own production at a church or dorm common area. "Do the work that you love."

Doug has a gifted way of speaking both humbly and authoritatively that kept students and teachers engaged the whole period. Interestingly, he observed that Disney's investment in Broadway has both constructively commercialized Broadway/Times Square but, less well known, Disney invests also in smaller works and productions without much attribution, that help support the entire industry in addition to the big name shows.

He also shared some scoop on Tony Award likely contenders including The Band's Visit -- about an Egyptian police band stranded in a small Israeli village in the Negev Desert and how the love of music bridged the cultural divide.

Asked before the show what the program was going to be he said it would be just some general questions and answers, and then confided "Really, even after all these years, I'll just do what Linda tells me."

Doug is a prolific artist with many awards and accomplishments from winning the Pulitzer Prize for his play I Am My Own Wife to adapting Disney's film, The Little Mermaid, for Broadway.

HP Arts Funds Grove Music Online

Fine arts teachers district wide, especially music teachers who know about the new subscription to Grove Music Online are amazed at how much information will be at their fingertips said High School Librarian, Mr. Pendleton, who requested the funding.

Grove Music Online is the world's premier online music encyclopedia, offering comprehensive coverage of music, musicians, music-making, and music scholarship.

Updated frequently, Grove Music Online is an essential tool for anyone interested in researching, teaching, or just learning more about music. Written and edited by nearly 9,000 subject experts, Grove's 51,000 articles offer clear overviews of topics from a scholarly perspective and include extensive bibliographies, which are curated to guide users through existing scholarship. Grove's 33,000 biographical articles provide life information and detailed works lists for composers, performers, and other important musical figures. Grove Music Online also features more than 5,000 images, musical examples, and links to audio and video examples.

2018 Art Awards
HP Arts Linda Raya Scholarships

Jill Dalton, Sydney McDuffie (Band Drum Major), Gretchen Kupferschmid (Visual Arts), Kelli Miller, Lisa Wilson

HP Arts awarded scholarships to two students who have demonstrated a commitment to the same fine art discipline for all four years of high school and plan to major in a fine art in college.

Student Art Awards

This year's Senior Art was displayed at Zhen Music and Arts Institute on April 12. Congratulations to these talented artists for being chosen by an outside juror to receive these awards!   

1st - Maddie Duvall (Title: Demon)
2nd - Grayson Willis (Title: Morocco)
3rd - Grayson Willis (Title: Gold Neck)

Maddie Duvall, 1st Place Photography
"Demon" by Maddie Duvall
Grayson Willis, 2nd & 3rd Places Photography
"Morocco" by Grayson Willis
"Gold Neck" by Grayson Willis

3D Art
1st - Cammie Dunn (Title: Ride the Wave)
2nd - Caleb Kimzey (Title: Monster)
3rd - Ava Olivo (Title: Cacti)

Cammie Dunn, 1st Place 3D Art
Caleb Kimzey, 2nd Place 3D Art
Ava Olivo, 3rd Place 3D Art
"Ride the Wave" by Cammie Dunn
"Monster" by Caleb Kimzey
"Cacti" by Ava Olivo

2D Art
1st - Frank Sica (Title: Key Griff)
2nd - Lucy Hagenbuch (Title: Self-Portrait)
3rd - Gretchen Kupferschmid (Title: In Pieces)

Frank Sica, 1st Place 2D Art

Lucy Hagenbuch, 2nd Place 2D Art and Gretchen Kupferschmid, 3rd Place 2D Art
"Key Griff" by Frank Sica
"Self-Portrait" by Lucy Hagenbuch
"In Pieces" by Gretchen Kupferschmid

Arts in Education Teacher Award

Emily Johnson and Jill Davenport

Emily Johnson
McCulloch Intermediate School, Grade 6 Language Arts

Emily is a member of the Arts Integration Team and was selected to travel with other team members to Annapolis, MD to visit a fully arts-integrated campus.  Following the trip, she eagerly integrated the new strategies and additional thinking routines she learned into her classroom!  She has fully embraced and implemented the Artful Thinking program into her classroom.   Artful Thinking helps teachers use works of visual art and music in ways that strengthen student thinking and learning. The goals of this program are to help teachers create connections between works of art and the curriculum, and to help teachers use art as a force for developing students' thinking in the areas of Reasoning, Questioning & Investigating, Exploring Viewpoints, Observing & Describing, Finding Complexity, Comparing & Connecting. Congratulations, Emily!

Arts Advocate Award

Jill Dalton and Tori Pendergrass

Tori Pendergrass
 Artist and Owner of KidArt and Pigment School of the Arts in Dallas

Not only is Tori an accomplished artist, teacher and mother, she is also an outstanding community partner of HP Arts.  Tori studied at the prestigious Chicago Art Institute and received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Kansas City Art Institute.  She is a part of the 2018 North Dallas Artist Studio Tour which  highlights the work of accomplished artists in their working studios and gives guests an opportunity to visit with artists and learn about their creative process. She continues to share her gifts and expand her reach in the Dallas community and with HPISD students through her classes in drawing, painting, ceramics and collage at KidArt and Pigment School of the Arts, where her mission is to nurture the creative spirit within each developing artist by giving them the freedom to explore and a reservoir of skills with which they can express themselves.

Thank You!

Thank you to the following for helping to make 2017-2018 another successful year within HP Arts!

La Fiesta de la Seis Banderas

Founded in 1986, La Fiesta originated as a benefit to save the oldest house in Highland Park from demolition. Today it has grown to support 16 beneficiaries and has given over $8.3 million back to the Park Cities community. La Fiesta provides for educational, charitable and civic needs of the Park Cities community by supporting these beneficiaries. It also promotes neighborhood spirit by observing special events designed to celebrate traditions, bring citizens together and honor young people.

La Fiesta's current beneficiaries are: Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas, CARE Dallas, Connecting Point of Park Cities, Park Cities House at Dallas Heritage Village, Dallas Children's Theater, Friends of the HP Library, Friends of the UP Public Library, Highland Park Education Foundation, Highland Park Literary Festival, HP Arts, HPHS Community Service Council, HPHS Counseling Department/HP Student Council, HPHS Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter, HPHS Student Emergency Fund, HPHS Youth and Government Team/Moody Family YMCA in the Park Cities, and The Elisa Project.

The La Fiesta Guild is the organization of women who live in the Park Cities and are involved in La Fiesta. They are the volunteers who plan, organize and execute all events throughout the year. To join the Guild, visit the La Fiesta website at .

La Fiesta Board Presidetn Missy Rothwell and husband John Rothwell
L to R:  Elizabeth Gambrell, Michelle Fehlman, Kathy Sockwell, Anne Besser
2017-18 La Fiesta Committee (L to R):  Michaela Dyer, Mary Gill Parker, Jill Tananbaum, Pam Stegenga, Elizabeth Gambrell, Anne Besser, Katie Pedigo, Courtney Madden, Mary Deaver, Fran Matise, and Jill Willis
2017-18 La Fiesta Board of Directors

Linda Raya


We appreciate the continued guidance and support of Linda Raya, HPISD District Fine Arts Coordinator and HP Arts Ex-Officio Board Member.  Linda's wisdom and strength are a motivation to us all.


Linda Raya

HP Arts 3rd Year Board Members

Being a volunteer for an organization like HP Arts is a lot of "honorary" work - compensation comes from enriching our children's education and the opportunity to work and collaborate with like-minded parents.  The HP Arts Board is a three-year volunteer commitment, and this year we have seven dedicated individuals moving on.  A sincere Thank You to  Stacey Cochran, Robyn Galerston, Leslie Kibby, Jodi Perdue, Molly Pieroni, and  Kathleen Whalen for their service!

Left to Right:  Molly Pieroni, Jodi Perdue, Kathleen Whalen, Stacey Cochran, Robyn Galerston, Leslie Kibby

HP Arts Publicity

Thank you to  Dorota Baird, Niki Hudson, Georgianna Moreland , and  Mikee Smythe  for bringing HP Arts to the community through HPISD e-newsletters, the Artisan Quarterly Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other way they could find to spread the word!

Georgianna Moreland, Dorota Baird, and Mikee Smythe
Niki Hudson, HP Arts Artisan

One More Way to Donate to HP Arts


Steve Gruber, Play It Again, Sam!

Play It Again, Sam!

The HP Arts Program, "Play It Again, Sam!" is designed to recycle instruments from the community back into the school music programs.  The instruments are considered a donation to HP Arts and are eligible for a tax-deductible contribution.

If you would like to donate an instrument, please contact Steve Gruber at

Board of Directors

HP Arts Board of Directors

Executive Committee
President                                     Kelli Miller
Vice President                              Jill Dalton
Secretary                                Tammy Testa
Treasurer                            Jennifer Murray
Programs Chair                         Carla Moss

Programs Committee
Programs Chair                        Carla Moss
Armstrong Elementary               Aimee Cali
Bradfield Elementary              Lizzie Bailey
Hyer Elementary                   Melissa Allan
UP Elementary                        Kristen Pratt
MIS/HPMS               Georgianna Moreland
HPHS                               Kathleen Whalen

Publicity Committee
Publicity                               Mikee Smythe
Artisan                                     Niki Hudson
Instagram                 Georgianna Moreland
Facebook                                Dorota Baird
Website                                       Kelli Miller

Arrangements                   Stacey Cochran
Membership                                  Ting Cai
Play It Again, Sam!               Steve Gruber
Special Events          Carrie Ellen Adamian
                                                Jodi Perdue
Sponsorships                          Molly Pieroni
Student Art Coord.                Janese Deitch
                                          Robyn Galerston
Take A Seat                             Leslie Kibby

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