2022 Winter Issue


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Officers and Directors 2022

M.E. Master Artisan

Carla Werner

Philadelphia #1

M.E. Superintendent

Helen Szafran

Philadelphia #1

M.E. Inspector

Kathy Schnauffer

Philadelphia #1

M.E. Conductor

Elizabeth DiLauro

Haddon #12

M.E. Sr. Master of Ceremonies

Agnes Flanagan

Philadelphia #1

M.E. Jr. Master of Ceremonies

Geri Davies

Philadelphia #1

M.E. Warder

Raeann Simmons

Philadelphia #1

M.E. Chaplain

Rev. Otto L. M. Lolk

Northwestern #54


Robert L. Adshead

Northwestern #54

Medical Director

Kimberly Kurtz

Philadelphia #1


Tod Davies, Jr.

St. John’s #28

Thomas A. DiLauro, PMEMA

Haddon #12

Patrick Ennis,


St. John’s #28

Harry Flanagan, PMEMA

St. John’s #28

R. Eugene Geary, PMEMA

Northwestern #54

Dave Szafran,


Northweastern #54

Bryan C. Werner, PMEMA

St. John’s #28

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Editor - Bryan Werner


Happy Holidays


The Artisans


Hello Brother and Sister Artisans;

  I can not believe how quickly this year has gone by and we have already reached the end of 2022. There were so many trips and activities this past year that trying to list them all is impossible. This upcoming year starts off with many of our members going away the day after Christmas, on the MEMA New Year cruise, to the Bahamas. Then we have many Junior and Senior activities lined up for our membership throughout the year. The 150th anniversay celebration will be held in April followed by our annual Ocean City family weekend in June. Please make sure to click on the links that are attached to the articles in the newsletter to see more pictures and information about our many activities and trips.

  I hope to see you at one of our many upcoming meetings or events this year. Have a Happy Holidays and see you in 2023.



Carla Werner - M.E.M.A.


Do you have an event planned, some news to report, or any other interesting bit of information that the membership might find interesting? Submit your articles and photographs to The Artisan!

All articles for publication in The Artisan must be submitted in Microsoft Word or in Word Perfect electronic format.

All articles may be edited. Articles should briefly explain the “Who, What, When and Where.”

Write your articles for the general membership who may not be familiar with your assembly, association or members. Readers will be most interested in major events, unusual events, ideas or other interesting information.

Material being sent for consideration for THE ARTISAN should be packaged (to protect photographs) and mailed to:

Artisans Order of Mutual Protection

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Attention: THE ARTISAN.

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The Artisans cannot assume any liability for the safe receipt of any materials submitted.


See the attached flyers and links

The Artisans/St. Johns Christmas Party was a big hit again this year. There was plenty to eat and drink along with enough door prizes to ensure that no one went home empty handed.

See link for more photos:

St. John's Christmas Party Pictures

The annual Christmas bus trip was to Lancaster PA this year. Our members enjoyed three hours of shopping at the outlets followed by a show at the American Music Theater. Later that evening everyone enjoyed a delicious family style dinner at Hershey Farms before departing for home.

See link for more photos:

Artisans Christmas Show/Shopping/Dinner Pictures


Hello Juniors!   

We had a very good 2022 with a lot of fun events and great activities throughout the year. The Junior Halloween party, which included games and candy, was a fun time for everyone who attended this event. The costumes were great and the juniors had a fantastic time. Our Lunch with Santa was well attended with even the sneaky old Grinch making an appearance with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Everyone enjoyed the lunch and after eating the Juniors received a nice present from Santa. I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a happy holidays. I hope Santa brings all of you a lot of presents and everyone has a nice holiday season.

To start the new year off we will have a new Valentine's Day activity for the Juniors. There will be crafts and fun with the arcade games for everyone that attends this new activity on February 4th. The time of this activity will be from 1:30 until 4:00 and it is a free event for all of our Juniors. The deadline to sign up for this activity is January 27th. I hope you will be able to join us.

Please look for all of our upcoming events in the Artisan Newsletter or on our Facebook page. Hope to see everyone at our many upcoming activities and events.

 Fraternally yours,

 Helen Szafran - M.E.S.

Our annual Lunch with Santa was a big hit with both the Junior and Senior Artisans who attended this fun event. After the children had their lunch Santa and Mrs. Claus visited the Artisan Hall with gifts and cupcakes for all of our Junior Artisans. Even the old Grinch snuck in for a visit and some mischief.

See link for more Photos:

Artisans Lunch With Santa Pictures

Congratualtions to Stephen Jorett on his recent entry as a member of the Dining Club.

Sam Sbraccia, Bill Swirsding, Tom DiLauro and Bryan Werner were all recently elected as directors to the board of NJ/NY Fraternal Alliance.

Miss Artisan, Abigail Flanagan, made the Deans list at Cabrini College. Way to go Abby!

The New Jersey Boosters celebrated Christmas at the Pennsauken Country Club. The members and their friends enjoyed an afternoon of dining and dancing.

See link for more photos:

New Jersey Boosters Christmas Party

The Golden Artisans celebrated the holidays at the Cottage Green catering hall. Everyone who attended this event had a lot of fun dancing and enjoying the great buffet lunch.

See link for more photos:

Golden Artisans Christmas Party

We have had many of our members traveling around the world so we wanted to highlight where some of our members have been over the past two months. RoseMary Lauletta and her son were in Greece. A.J. Krauza and Pam Vockeroth also traveled to Greece. George and Terry Green took a Rhine Cruise in Germany.

The St. John's Cruisers were on a two week cruise to the Panama Canal. Our adventurers rode through the jungle in Costa Rica, bobsleded in Jamaica and snorkeled in the caribbean. There is another trip planned to Greenland in 2023 and the Southern Caribbean in 2024.

The St. John's Junior Halloween party was a big hit again this year. There was games, prizes, candybags and food for all who attended this annual event.

See link for more photos:

Artisans Halloween Party

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