Dear Friends in Christ,

In our Sunday Gospel from Matthew, we hear the narrative of what is commonly known as “Peter Walking on the Water.” That’s certainly an accurate description because that’s exactly what Peter does. But I like to call this narrative the “Sinking of Peter” instead because, well, that’s what he does. He sinks and calls out for Jesus to save him and Jesus reaches out his hand to lift him up. Hence, the picture that goes along with my letter. I guess it’s because I relate more to sinking than walking on the water. I have never walked on water. But I have sunk many times if you get my drift.

When Jesus lifts Peter up from the water, He says to him, “O you of little faith.” Peter has faith, that’s certainly the case because he was able to walk on the water as he approached the Lord. But his faith became diminished; it became little, as he went along. The verb from the Greek version, used only in Matthew’s Gospel, is best translated as doubting. Peter doubted and then at the very moment, he began to sink. He let the fear and anxiety suggested to him by the enemy get to him. The Enemy suggests to Peter, “Look at the storm, look at the waves, you are not God and yet you think you can do what God does? Jesus won’t save you, you will perish for sure.” Doubt, fear, anxiety, always gets the best of us to diminish our faith in the Lord and His plans for our life. The enemy lies to us and suggests that Jesus will not save us because we are not worthy of saving.

That’s why in the spiritual life, we need to renounce those lies when they are suggested to us. We cannot let the enemy of our human nature diminish our faith in the Lord. So, the next time you are experiencing those very strong emotions like fear, anxiety, doubt, and despair, identify the lie being suggested to you and renounce it in the name of Jesus. And in the next breath, say, “Lord, save me.” Those words of Peter are powerful. More powerful though is the hand of Jesus that reaches down into the water of your misery to pull you up and out!

God bless,
Fr. David Mulholland
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Year of the Eucharist
Archbishop Etienne began Year of the Eucharist on the Feast of Corpus Christi for the Archdiocese of Seattle and asked us to spend this time pondering the true presence of Jesus's Sacred Body and Blood in the Eucharist. Read his pastoral letter, "The Work of Redemption."
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Civilize It Pledge
Over the past four weeks the Archdiocese of Seattle and the WSCC have examined 4 aspects of the Civilize It Campaign. Read the pastoral letter from the bishops of Washington here.  As Catholics we are called to put our faith into action by advocating for public policies that promote the common good. As we navigate the political process we are also called to engage in good, honest, respectful dialogue. In today's divisive political environment, the faithful must treat everyone with respect, as we are all worthy of being heard. Even when we disagree with others, we must remember that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ created in the image of God. The four aspects of the Civilize It Campaign that were highlighted are:

1. Civility
To recognize the human dignity of those with whom I disagree, treat others with respect, and rise above attacks when directed at me. Read more: What happened to civility? And how can I get it back?

2. Clarity
To root my political viewpoints in the Gospel and a well-formed conscience, which involves prayer, conversation, study and listening. I will stand up for my convictions and speak out when I witness language that disparages others' dignity, while also listening and seeking to understand others' experiences. Read more: How can you find clarity in an election year?

3. Compassion
To encounter others with a tone and posture which affirms that I honor the dignity of others and invite others to do the same. I will presume others' best intentions and listen to their stories with empathy. I will strive to understand before seeking to be understood. Read more: How do you model compassion during the election?

4. Civilize It Pledge: In this important election year, take the pledge to be civil, seek clarity, and be compassionate.
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Meet Saint Patrick Catholic School's 2020-2021 Associated Student Body representatives and listen as they introduce the ASB theme for this year: #TogetherAnywhere. Even though we are starting the academic year with remote learning we're #TogetherAnywhere. Our school is not a building. Our school is a community.
Although we're starting the school year remotely we want to keep our campus beautiful for when we return to school and because we want to be good neighbors! Join us. We'll be social distancing.
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Catholic schools have been affected by COVID-19, and they need your help. Urge our U.S. Senators to support the Alexander-Scott “School Choice Now Act.” This act will help our Catholic schools by providing emergency funding for scholarship-granting organizations and provide permanent dollar-for-dollar tax credits for contributions to scholarship granting organizations. This act may help the Fulcrum Foundation and other organizations supporting Catholic education. Take action now!
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