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New Phonitor xe Headphone Amplifier from SPL at High End 2019
Sound Performance Lab (SPL) is one of those companies always ready to surprise. The German company apparently introduced a new version in its Phonitor range of headphone amplifiers, which already included the Phonitor x, the Phonitor e, and the Phonitor 2 (which followed the original Phonitor). The important thing is that the Phoniter xe is the Headphone Amplifier that many where hoping the company would launch and it will be presented at the High End 2019 show in Munich .    Read More

Pro Speakers Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024
The global professional speaker market size is expected to reach more than $2 billion USD, growing at an compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 3% during 2018-2024, according to the latest Arizton's "Pro Speakers Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024" updated research report. The report offers analysis on key market trends per region, product segments, growth drivers, vendor analysis, and market share in terms of unit volumes during the forecast period .    Read More

Libre Wireless Technologies Partners with Gigaset to Create New Amazon Alexa Built-In DECT Devices
Leading embedded Wireless Voice/AI solutions provider Libre Wireless Technologies announced the launch of new voice-enabled communications products with Gigaset, Europe's largest Telco producer and top five in the world. These audio products are industry-leading smart communications products featuring Alexa Voice Assistant Built-In that is seamlessly integrated with advanced voice calling features on traditional DECT and PSTN phone systems, combining technology from Libre and DSP Group .    Read More

Antelope Audio Introduces Amári 24-bit/384 kHz AD/DA Converter and Headphone Amplifier
Antelope Audio announced availability of Amári - a reference-grade AD/DA converter capable of 24-bit, 384 kHz conversion and with DSD256 support. Clearly targeted at a more demanding music enthusiast segment, the company says Amári "is most likely the only device on the market that can achieve 138 dB dynamic range," thanks to using eight CS43198 DAC chips at its D/A stage. The Amári features an easy-to-use interface and includes a unique headphone membrane weight compensation system with user-selectable output resistance .    Read More

Zumi Systems Introduces Advanced Headphone Measurement Tools 
Zumi Systems, a company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of audio measurement tools, announced a new range of headphone measurement solutions, which the company believes can be a dream tool for development and production operations. All ZUMI products are case specific, highly integrated instruments. The range includes the self-contained HP70 headphone measurement instrument, the EP8 earphone tester, the ZUMI DT70 portable tester for headphone drivers, and a core system board for integration in custom built test fixtures.    Read More

Bowers & Wilkins Announces Formation Suite of Wireless Home Audio Products
Three years since the acquisition of Bowers & Wilkins by Silicon Valley, CA, investment firm EVA Automation, a year since the opening of its brand new Southwater Research & Engineering (SRE) center in the United Kingdom, and less than six months since the appointment of Gregory Lee as Chief Executive Officer, Bowers & Wilkins has now announced a completely new family of wireless audio products, directly aimed at a new generation of users for the prestigious brand. Outstanding features include AirPlay 2 compatibility, Wi-Fi, and wired Ethernet connections .    Read More

Zylia Takes Portable 360-Degree Recording to New Territory with Tablet-Based Control of Its ZM-1 Microphone
Making high-resolution 360-degree recording in the field easier than ever, Polish startup Zylia introduced a Windows tablet-compatible version of its control software for the company's ZYLIA ZM-1 spherical microphone. Providing convenient tablet-based control over the ZM-1, a compact third-order Ambisonics microphone, gives sound engineers and musicians a lightweight and highly portable solution for capturing immersive audio in any environment .    Read More

PCB Piezotronics Promotes Training Seminars on Dynamic Measurement, Acoustic Measurement, and Modal Analysis
PCB Piezotronics just confirmed its latest schedule of annual training seminars on the topics of dynamic measurement, acoustic measurement and modal analysis. These seminars are offered each year as both an opportunity for engineers new to the field to learn more about taking good measurements, as well as to give the more experienced engineers an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and learn about new applications/methods made possible by new product development .    Read More

Editor's Desk
Edward T. Dell, Jr.

On Ives, Moog & Fidelity
An editorial published in 1970

This editorial, written by the late Edward T. Dell, Jr., was published in 1970 in the second issue of Audio Amateur . In memory of the founder of audioXpress , we resurrect his words:

Three developments during the sixties will, I believe, have a profound effect on the future of audio in the reminder of this century. They are Leonard Bernstein's championing of the work of Charles Ives; the electric guitar explosion; and Walter Carlos' recordings using the Moog synthesizer.

Charles Ives would have liked both the electric guitar and that strangely beautiful device developed by Mr. Moog. Ives used to stand between two houses where children are practicing piano lessons and attempt to listen to both in order to "stretch his ears" as his bandleader father put it. That was the Danbury, Connecticut of the 1870s. Ives also made a practice of standing in the town square on July 4th to listen to as many bands in the parade as he could - at the same time.

1964 Modular Moog synthesizer (Robert Moog)

Ives and his father knew the ear to be a mentally direct able instrument - something we are still learning. To hear "hi-fi" types talk, you'd suppose what came to the ear was some sort of absolute quantity. We all claim to know that home truth about the eye and where the seat of beauty is located. It is time we learned it about the ear.

Let us admit to ourselves we do not yet know much about how or what each of us hears - comparatively. Nor have we any sort of correlation at all between what each of us is pleased to call beautiful and what is accurately reproduced. If there is such a conversion scale I do not yet know about it. What we are learning, and it may be the beginning of wisdom, is that aural beauty is a matter of self-conscious choices and the willingness to re-examine our aural pleasures.

The electric guitar is, for some, an abomination. It is loud, dangerous, and unauthentic. The danger is real enough, the rest is subjective judgment.

Many of the same observations have been made about the Moog Synthesizer. One reviewer faulted the Switched-on Bach recording because the synthesizer was "rather weak on massed string tone." It is though he had lived so long in the world of apples that when a banana turned up it was not acceptable because it tasted different. It would be equally foolish to fault the orchestra for its inability to successfully imitate more than a fraction of those sounds of which the synthesizer is capable.

The synthesizer, and whatever comes along after the electric guitar are pushing out borders, boundaries, and limits. They will alter our view of audio reproduction. So far, its history as followed a typical western pattern. We began by analysis. We haven't done the fidelity analysis well or thoroughly. Much more is needed in following that old fashioned and necessary track. Fidelity is not yet achieved by any available yardstick.

An early stand-alone Dolby noise reduction unit from Advent Corporation, the company founded in Cambridge, MA, by Henry Kloss in 1967.

We believe the offerings of the Advent Corporation - their home-style Dolby and ten-octave room equalizer are enormously valuable steps in the right direction. We are on the threshold of a new world of pleasure in both control and variety.

In the larger picture, we ought to see something beyond the small conceptual backyard which is high fidelity. We ought to see a new universe of pure sound not limited by musical instruments, not even all the world's marvelously various variety of instruments.

Ivesian "ear stretching" must not become a new doctrine either. This freedom needs no codifying and ought to threaten no endeavor - even the old unfinished quest for fidelity.

Edward Dell (1923-2013), founder and former publisher of Audio Amateur Inc., developed his taste for publishing and audio as a teenager. He became a veteran builder of audio hi-fi speakers and was a longtime full member of the Audio Engineering Society and the Boston chapter of the Acoustical Society of America. He published magazines and books on all areas of audio for more than 35 years.
After launching the company's flagship publication, The Audio Amateur, in 1970, Dell published a number of specialized titles covering a wealth of subjects in audio. Proud to lead a force of some 700 authors worldwide - experts and enthusiasts in audio technology - he started audioXpress 32 years later, in 2001. Dell propelled audioXpress to its position as the audio technology authority and, in 2011, he sold his company's assets - which included audioXpress, Voice Coil, and the annual directories Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook and World Tube Directory.
Dell corresponded with many longtime readers and authors after his retirement, maintaining a connection to the audio world he loved. His literary legacy continues to inspire a new generation of audio enthusiasts as they design and build their own "dream" systems.

Sound Control
Predictive Acoustics and Acoustical Modeling Software: ODEON Room Acoustics
By  Richard Honeycutt
From March to August 2014, in his Sound Control column dedicated to acoustics, Richard Honeycutt reviewed and wrote a series of articles on the evolution of predictive acoustics and acoustical modeling software, including a review of some of the available tools. This fifth article in the series explores the ODEON Room Acoustics Software, from the Danish company with the same name. Honeycutt looks at the improved calculation methods and analysis capabilities of the software, incorporating an impulse response measurement system integrated to the software allowing easy comparison of calculated and measured responses. This article was originally published in audioXpress, July 2014 .   Read the Article Now Available Here

Voice  Coil Focus
TeXtreme Thin Ply Carbon:  New High-Performance Cone and Diaphragm Technology  
By Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific, Ltd.)
Always exploring all the latest information regarding cone and diaphragm technology, Voice Coil regularly publishes reports on key new materials with the potential to excite the loudspeaker industry. As Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific, Ltd.) explains, new diaphragm materials for speakers, from woofers to tweeters, compression drivers and headphones, will always be a hot topic for Voice Coil. In this special focus article, he explores how the industry has been searching for lighter materials with higher Young's modulus, evolving from paper to woven carbon fiber and new approaches that explore thin ply carbon materials, like Swedish advanced composite specialist Oxeon is attempting with its TeXtreme Thin Ply Carbon Technology. Read all about it here. This article was originally published in Voice Coil, February 2019 .   Check it out here!

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