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COMSOL Releases Multiphysics Version 5.6 with Four New Products and Valuable New Features in the Acoustics Module
As anticipated, COMSOL unveiled its Multiphysics Version 5.6 Software Suite introducing faster and more memory lean solvers, efficient CAD assembly handling, clip planes, layout templates for building apps, and four new products: Fuel Cell & Electrolyzer Module, LiveLink for Simulink, Polymer Flow Module, and Liquid & Gas Properties Module. Important news in the Acoustics Module include a new time explicit Nonlinear Acoustics interface that uses the dG-FEM technology, a new feature to model Nonlinear Thermoviscous Acoustics, mechanical Port boundary conditions for elastic waves, and much more. Read More
Bold North Audio Releases Soft Dome Tweeter Completely Designed and Assembled In America
American audio solutions manufacturer, MISCO, announced the introduction of the BDT-2901, a high-performance 29mm soft dome tweeter to add to its growing line of premium and high-performance drivers, all designed and manufactured under the Bold North Audio brand in its St. Paul, MN facility. Expanding the brand's catalog, this new driver was designed to meet requests for a precision 29mm dome tweeter with a low crossover point, ideal for use in a two-way system paired with a 6.5” or 8” woofer. Read More
DaVinci Resolve 17 Update Signals Market Leadership for Blackmagic Design
While Australia has already managed to successfully control two waves of COVID-19, it seems Grant Petty's vision for Blackmagic Design is getting grander every day. Keeping their development efforts undeterred while the world is forced to shelter, the Australian company's CEO introduced its latest DaVinci Resolve 17 software to a global audience. This major release places the multi-platform post-production solution as a market leader, while the company continues to expand its hardware with new editing keyboards and a new desktop audio mixing console. Read More
Shure Announces Strategic Investment in Software Company Wavemark
Shure is strengthening its focus on software solutions by announcing a strategic investment in Finnish software company Ab Wavemark Oy. Known for its microphone monitoring software solutions for theater and broadcast, such as Wavetool and WTAutomixer, Wavemark has recently expanded its software portfolio into content streaming applications. It now offers WTAutomixer, a plug-in enabling seamless auto-mixing for uses such as podcasting, remote learning, and house of worship services. Read More
Qualcomm Announces QCC5141 Occluded Earbud Reference Design Platform to Simplify True Wireless Development
Truly wireless earbuds are rapidly growing in popularity as consumers discover everything that the Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods Pro are capable of and experiment with other products, demanding similarly rich functionalities from their devices. To allow manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve by quickly bringing innovative new features to market with Bluetooth 5.2, Qualcomm made available its QCC5141 Occluded Earbud Reference Design with Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring and Qualcomm Hybrid ANC. Read More
Sound United Adds MPEG-H 3D Audio Format to Denon and Marantz Home Theater Amplifiers and Processors
Sound United, parent company to Denon, Polk Audio, Marantz, Definitive Technology, HEOS, Classé, and Boston Acoustics, announced the immediate availability of MPEG-H 3D Audio format support across a wide range of home theater products. Working alongside Fraunhofer IIS, the primary developer of the MPEG-H Audio standard, selected Denon and Marantz AV amplifiers and AV preprocessors will receive MPEG-H support via a firmware update. Read More
Editor's Desk
J. Martins
audioXpress December 2020
A Double-Anniversary for Our Magazine!
Sometimes we are just so absorbed in our daily work and routines - and lately with the added worrying torrent of news and dealing with the pandemic circumstances - that we are suddenly surprised by a louder than usual reminder on the calendar. Since its foundation in January 2001, audioXpress inherited a long-standing tradition of audio-focused publications, serving up the best in audio DIY, electronics and innovations. Those magazines started from an original effort by a company called The Audio Amateur… in 1970! This is the reason why audioXpress magazine adopted the slogan Advancing the Evolution of Audio Technology Since 1970.

This means that, in 2021, we celebrate 50 years since the foundation of The Audio Amateur publishing company by our founder Edward T. Dell, and 20 years of audioXpress, which combined editorial from former titles Audio Electronics, Multimedia Manufacturer, Speaker Builder, Glass Audio and other original The Audio Amateur titles.
This is our amazing December 2020 edition, just out in digital and print. And like every month, we are really proud of the content!
The publication’s team of award-winning and highly recognized authors from around the world are the reason why audioXpress gained such wide recognition from global audio electronics, engineering, and DIY enthusiasts communities like no other publication, and is today recognized by R&D teams and audio product developers and designers worldwide.

50 years is a remarkable landmark for any company, and particularly for a publishing venture. And for those of you asking "wait a minute, but we are in November 2020, and that anniversary will be in January 2021!" Yes, that's correct, but I was reminded of the anniversary precisely because we just closed the year 2020, with the publication this week of our 12th edition of the year. And basically, we are now working on the January 2021 edition which signals this important moment.
50 Years of The Audio Amateur, the publishing venture founded by Ed Dell in 1970! In January 2001, he launched audioXpress. Here is the very first cover!
Of course, audioXpress today is such a different magazine, now much more focused on Audio Development and Design, both in the magazine and on the website. Also, audioXpress’ audience has expanded significantly since 2014, when the magazine embraced its audio development focus. Now reaching thousands of readers all over the world with its print and digital combined circulation. In fact, more than 60% of the magazine's renovated audience are engineers working in manufacturers’ R&D departments, engineers involved in product design and development, production, systems, integrators, and consultancy.

And I felt this is important to remember because I know many readers of The Audio Voice newsletter know us from this emailed content and our website,, not necessarily always following the magazine itself every month, which is such an important part of what we do. And we just released another edition that shows what we are about. audioXpress December 2020 ends the year with more great content - as we do 12 times per year. It’s available in print and online and you can check out the full details of what's inside here.

This was a difficult year for most of us, no doubt - but that left us even more determined to end the year with a great edition, full of varied, valuable content. And I think we did just that, as anyone browsing through the cover highlights will quickly realize. But the real stuff is inside.
To celebrate our 50 Years in publishing and 20 Years of audioXpress, we are offering one-year subscriptions for just $25 or two years for just $40 - Our biggest discount ever!
In the December 2020 edition, we pay tribute to Jeff Bagby, explore the QuantAsylum QA401 audio analyzer combined with the new QA451 programmable load, and explain the process of measuring wireless audio products using multi-tone testing. Plus, Brewster LaMacchia expands on A2B designs, Gary Galo details how to improve low-output moving-coil cartridges with his Jensen-based step-up transformer, and Mike Harkins reviews the versatile Puffin Phono DSP by Parks Audio. And much more...

To allow everyone the opportunity to get immediate access to this edition and receive it every month, we are offering a unique promotion on our subscriptions with 1 year (12 issues) available for just $25 or 2 years for $40 (our best promotion ever)! Just go here:
Or use the promocode 50YRS on your subscription.
Enabling High-Quality Voice Conferencing
By Manfred Lutzky (Fraunhofer IIS)
The audioXpress October 2020 edition expanded on a new and important topic, particularly for everyone who continues to be working from home or has to remotely collaborate with teams and industry partners. The topic is communications and specifically audio quality of those communications in current work-from-home scenarios. audioXpress was proud to publish a contributed article by Manfred Lutzky, Head of Audio for Communications at Fraunhofer IIS, Audio and Media Technologies division and one of the members of the team responsible for the development of state-of-the-art speech and audio communication codecs such as EVS, AAC-ELD, and LC3/LC3plus. In this article, he provides a valuable perspective about the technologies and audio codecs that we depend upon to make audio and video conferencing calls. This article was originally published in audioXpress, October 2020.  Read the Full Article Now Available Here
Voice Coil Test Bench
The LT2 Ribbon Transducer and Waveguide from Radian Audio Engineering
By Vance Dickason
For this Test Bench, Vance Dickason characterized the LT2 Ribbon Transducer and corresponding waveguide from Radian Audio Engineering. This is effectively a smaller version of the LT6 ribbon transducer reviewed in the July 2020 issue of Voice Coil, but offering much more diverse possibilities, as Dickason discovers. While Radian Audio is recognized for its pro sound OEM drivers, and particularly known for great-sounding compression and coax drivers, this new generation of waveguide planar transducers pave the way to an entirely new range of applications. And as the compact LT2 shows, this was designed to be more of a hi-fi or home theater substitute for any high frequency driver. The LT2, like all of the other new Radian ribbon high-frequency devices was designed by 35-year loudspeaker engineering veteran Igor Levitsky, which also designed speaker systems for the consumer market, including for BG Radia or the OPPO PM1 and PM3 planar magnetic headphones.
Features for the LT2 waveguide ribbon transducer include a FEA-optimized neodymium magnet motor structure, a Kapton diaphragm, a continuous power handling of 15W AES with a 50W short-term IEC power handing, a 2kHz to 2.5kHz recommended crossover frequency (with a minimum 12dB/octave high-pass network), and a 1W/1m 95dB sensitivity (average output across the operational frequency range with the LT2 waveguide). The LT2 waveguide directivity is 150°×60° and is optimized for line arrays. This article was published originally in Voice Coil, August 2020.  Read the Full Article Now Available Here
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