Volume 8 / Issue 8 | August 2021
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: What every Christian should know about Satan ... Ten biblical truths about the afterlife ... the Holy Spirit's personhood and deity ... Join the apologetics network ... and more!
Coming in September:
´╗┐What Every Christian Should Know about Satan
Was Satan once an anointed cherub -- God's prime minister of the universe? When and how did he become the father of lies, tempter, accuser, and adversary? How do names like Beelzebul and Belial depict his heinous deeds? And what hope is there for followers of Jesus in knowing that God has prepared a special place for Satan and his messengers?

What Every Christian Should Know about Satan explores more than a dozen biblical names and titles that reveal the evil one's character, tactics, and ultimate destiny in hell.

This new resource from High Street Press is scheduled for release in September.

Ten biblical truths about the afterlife
Reports of near-death experiences abound. They captivate us and make lucrative opportunities for the tellers. But any accounts of the afterlife, if they are to be believed, must be measured against the yardstick of Scripture.

God has chosen not to reveal every detail about life beyond the grave. But He gives us sufficient details in His Word to glean at least 10 solid truths.

The Holy Spirit is God
In some ways, the Holy Spirit is the neglected, if not forgotten, member of the Trinity. When we talk about God, our conversation often moves in the direction of Jesus, or God the Father. But we should always keep in mind that none of the persons of the Godhead acts alone. As such, the Holy Spirit is a co-equal, co-eternal, partner in all the works of the Trinity, from creation to redemption. Understanding His personhood and deity are key.

Sheol and the afterlife
Is there conscious existence beyond the grave? If so, where did Old Testament saints go when they died? OT writers use the Hebrew word Sheol 65 times to describe the abode of the dead. It communicates the reality of human mortality and the impact of people's lives on their destinies.

Hades and the afterlife
Hades is a Greek god whose name means "the unseen." He is depicted as lord of the underworld, the abode of the dead. So, it should come as no surprise that Jesus and the New Testament writers borrow from this familiar term to describe the realm of departed spirits.

The personhood of the Holy Spirit
The Scriptures reveal both the personhood and deity of the Holy Spirit. One of the clearest demonstrations of the Holy Spirit's personality is His use of personal pronouns in reference to Himself. Two examples from the Book of Acts make this plain.

Join the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network
Nearly two dozen Missouri Baptist pastors and lay leaders make up the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network. Their wide-ranging expertise helps equip followers of Jesus across the Show-Me State to defend the Christian faith with gentleness and respect (1 Pet. 3:15-16). Interested in joining the network? Inviting a member to speak at your church?

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