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The Ambassador

The Newsletter of 
St. Matthias' 
Episcopal Church 

Minocqua, Wisconsin

Whoever you are, wherever you find yourself on the journey
of faith, we welcome you.

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August 17 - 6:00 PM 

3rd Thursday Evensong

& Potluck 


August 26 - 4:00 PM 

Worship in the Wilderness

- Raven Trails - 




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Also, if you are going to switch dates with someone, please inform Michael Tautges at the Church Office.  Thank you!


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From the Rector

In our church, you may have noticed a small statue above the candle and prayer station on the left-hand wall. It is of Mary holding Jesus. Our small statue is based on the image of Our Lady of Walsingham, carved in 1922, and copied from the seal of the medieval Priory which was suppressed in 1538. Here at St. Matthias', on Tuesdays at 5:30, a small group gathers at this station for a service of Holy Communion and healing prayers.
It occurred to me that it is a perfect place to hold a healing service, for a couple of reasons. First, it is more intimate than the main altar for a small group, and second, one of the reasons people make pilgrimage to the Shrine at Walsingham is to attend their healing services. Multiple stations are available during the services there, where specially appointed clergy and lay ministers offer prayer for hundreds of pilgrims a week. Afterwards, some pilgrims choose to make their way to a small well housed in the church, to have their hands bathed in the waters. The well had particular significance when the Shrine was built in the year 1061 by Lady Richeldis. Legend has it that the original sign that told Lady Richeldis the exact position for the replica of the Holy House, was the clear, wholesome water springing up on that spot.
It sounds odd to our modern ears, this talk of visions of Mary giving someone a special charge to create a piece of Nazareth in the far reaches of Norfolk, but for most of human history, pilgrimages have been something people of most major religions find helpful, even essential, elements as part of a life of faith. In the middle ages, when Lady Richeldis had her vision, pilgrimages were often long, dangerous journeys that often took years to complete. Richeldis, however, was a widow with a small son, thus unable to go on such a journey. She did undertake a life of prayer and good works, and was rewarded by a vision in the year 1061. In this vision, she was taken by Mary and shown the house in Nazareth where Gabriel had announced the news of the birth of Jesus. In the vision, Mary asked Richeldis to build an exact replica of that house in Walsingham. Not astonishingly, her replica, and the church that protected it, became a popular pilgrimage site for those unable to undertake the arduous journey to the Holy Land. This is how Walsingham became known as England's Nazareth. Pilgrims have traveled there for nearly 1000 years - one of the years I visited they were celebrating their 925th anniversary.
I went on pilgrimage to Walsingham twice while at Cuddesdon. The college arranges a trip there each year in the spring. Having never been to an ancient pilgrimage site where people, to this day, approached barefoot, or even kneeling, I didn't know what to expect, so looked forward to my first physical pilgrimage with anticipation, and, I have to admit, a little cynicism after looking at their website. The website made it look like Graceland-like. But instead I found the Shrine campus to be quite beautiful and peaceful, and the services were the same. The shrine village is in Norfolk, near the top of the county, close to the stunning Norfolk coastline. A few walls of the ancient priory that once greeted pilgrims still tower near the more modern buildings - a reminder of the faithful who traveled far to encounter God and themselves along the road. One of the most prayerful walks I found there was created by an artist tying the Beatitudes to Christ's passion.

Click here for a link to the Stations of the Beatitudes at Walsingham.

Erin +
We Always Have Lots to Celebrate at St. Matthias' 
  • Last month Bishop Matt confirmed Sami Murray, and received Dick & Naomi Bruesehoff.  Congratulations, and a warm welcome to all three!
Watch for more reasons to celebrate next month.
If you have something to add, please let us know!
Meet St. Matthias':  Kathy Knobel  

Kathy, along with her husband Pete, moved up here in the fall of 2003. She started coming to St. Matthias in 2002 when she began considering moving up here full-time.
Kathy and Pete are a blended family of his, hers, and theirs.  They are blessed to have 7 children, and their 11th grandchild was born in January of this year.
Kathy was a teacher at the start of her career, but after a number of years raising children she returned to the world of work in finance. She is a CFP® with a practice in Eagle River and Rhinelander.
Kathy has been mentoring an EFM group at St. Matthias' since 2006.  She originally took EFM at St. Charles Episcopal Church in St. Charles, IL, and graduated in 2004.  She enjoyed the program so much that she trained as a mentor in 2005, and started EFM at St. Matthias' in 2006. 

  • Color:  Green
  • Plant:  Lily of the Valley
  • Food:  Lobster
  • Sport to Watch:  Football on TV, Baseball in person
  • Sport to Play:  I am possessed of absolutely NO sports-playing abilities
  • Game:  Dominoes
  • Play or Musical:  Our Town
  • TV Show:  Reruns of Blue Bloods or Criminal Minds
  • Book:  There are so many, but two of my favorites are Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, and A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving
  • Hobby:  Reading and Stichery

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Parish Updates

Church Office Volunteers Needed 

Both Erin and Michael are planning to be out of the Church Office from August 14-16.  If you would like to volunteer to cover the phones or fold bulletins for a few hours between 10-3 on any of those days, please reply to this email!

Worship in the Wilderness (Formerly 'Holy Hikes')  
Our first Worship in the Wilderness Walk and Communion will take place on Saturday, August 26th, promptly at 4:00 PM.  Meet at the Raven Trails parking lot off Woodruff Road.  If you are late, follow the Hemlock Lake Trail.  This trail has some gentle hills and is unpaved.  We will hike in approximately 1.5 miles, so please be aware that though a fairly easy walk, the total hike is 3 miles.

How to get there: From the intersection of County Hwy J and Hwy 47, continue south on Hwy 47 about 3 miles.  Turn north (left) on Woodruff Road and continue to the Raven Trail sign approximately .5 miles.

(Our second Worship in the Wilderness Walk will take place on Saturday, September 23rd, at 4:00 PM. Meet in the parking lot at Boulder Junction Winter Park.  This trail is paved!  More information coming in September.)
Reading Between the Lines - a Bible Study
Sundays at 4:00 PM, at Rev. Erin's home: tea and cookies, and engaging with the Word.  We had a great first exploration on July 30th!  Information about Reading Between the Lines can be found on the table in the Narthex, or by requesting a copy be emailed to you ( [email protected]). 
St. Francis Project Activities 

A list of some of the St. Francis Project activities going on this Fall and how you may become involved, if you wish.

Lakeland Sharing Foundation 
Work with Lakeland Sharing to fill 1,000 backpacks for children returning to school - Wednesday, August 9 - contact Laurie Glowac.

Frederick Place Quarterly Dinner 
Bring food to church for dinner, or help serve meal in Rhinelander - Sunday, August 13 - contact Barb Guy.

Personal Products Pantry 
Basket for donation of full-size products is in the Narthex.  Monthly distribution is the 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 3:00-5:00.

Pet Food Drive 
Basket for donations will be in the Narthex from mid-September until early October - contact Pat Billimack or Kathleen Marshall.

Lakeland Pantry 
St. Matthias' next day to help the Lakeland Pantry is Tuesday, October 3, from 8:00-11:00.  If you want to help, just show up at the Pantry on Hwy. 51, and someone will find a job for you.  Basket for donations is in the Narthex.

McNaughton Correctional Center 
Fr. Ken Guy coordinates area clergy in providing worship services; he also takes part in the services and offers spiritual direction to inmates twice a month.
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