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Summer Days
August/September 2022

Recent Event Recordings:
Check out these amazing event recordings available on our website~

Sponsorship Workshop from 6/12/22

Happening Now:
In-person meetings are happening again - here are a few:
-Cromwell MON/5:45 PM (Mask required)
-Lakeville TUES/7:00 PM
-East Hartford WED/10:00 AM (Hybrid)
-Danielson WED/7:00 PM
-Litchfield THURS/7:00 PM (*New meeting!)
-Vernon THURS/7:00 PM

Upcoming Events:
-AUG 17
7:30 pm EST/Zoom
Sponsor Support Workshop
-SEPT 18
2-4 pm EST/Zoom
Holding onto Recovery, Steps 10-12 workshop

-In addition, we're offering Newcomer Meetings
*By Request

News From CT Intergroup

We have a lot of GREAT work going on in Connecticut Intergroup, and a group of enthusiastic members working to support our primary purpose of carrying the OA message of recovery to those who still suffer! 
Here are some of the things we’ve accomplished so far this year:
-Launched a great new website (check it out at https://www.connecticutoa.org) that includes:
  • Our meeting list AND links to meetings for special focus groups and neighboring areas;
  • A newcomer page with two videos and other great information;
  • Links to recordings and handouts from our workshops;
  • Links to our newsletters, OA event information and more!
-Redesigned our newsletter and integrated it with our contact management system

-Doubled our successful Public Information activity (thanks to a grant from the OA Region 6 Blitz Fund).

-Updated CTIG Bylaws and Policies and Procedures (also on our website).

-Continued to host outstanding, recovery-focused workshops!

-Had three new in-person meetings start!

-Revived our Facebook page to help us let more people know that OA exists and support members. (Go to Facebook and search for CT Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous.)

-Introduced a better email management system to help us more effectively manage our distribution list and send out our communications.

-Held a Quick Step Study session and a 15-week Step Study.

-Participated in a Holistic Health Fair, with a booth and members giving out information on OA… our first in-person event in about two years!

-Maintained our Hot Line phone number and SecretaryCTIG email address to allow members and non-members to get in touch with us.

-Increased the number of people in our Speaker Bank.

-Continued to hold Newcomer Orientation Meetings as requested, to give newcomers some introductory information about OA and a forum to ask questions.

-Created a newcomer newsletter that can be emailed to newcomers (Newcomer)

As you can see, there is a lot going on in Connecticut IG! Your meeting reps continue to focus on our Fifth Tradition (carrying the message to compulsive eaters who still suffer) and on being of service to our meetings. We have more we would like to do and would be thrilled to have your help – whether you can volunteer a little or a lot of time. If you’d like to join us in giving service, just email SecretaryCTIG@gmail.com and we’ll call or email you with more information.
Kimberly C.
CTIG Chair

Summer Sober Living

This is my first year in recovery from compulsive food addiction and my first summer visiting friends, traveling or spending time with family where I can enjoy myself without being face, hands, mind, soul deep in my disease. I have gone to the beach, the mountains, the north and south of our East Coast. I've eaten a variety of foods prepared in homes and some purchased out at food establishments. I am blessed to have supportive loved ones outside of the program desire to see me well even if they do not fully understand my abstinence, scheduled meal times or texts/calls/photos from the table to book end outreach with fellows. I have so much gratitude to my body and its rejuvenated abilities to partake in activities where I no longer feel so drained, mis-shapen, in constant fear of using the bathroom unexpectedly, jumping out of my skin to exercise and excuse myself from the table or looking around to see when I could sneak more food from the table, fridge or cabinets. 

To me freedom is living with God and hearing them through my daily activities. Cheers to the first of many summers ahead in my new way of life. 
-Jacki A.

August & September
Steps and Traditions

Promises of Step 8 in the OA 12/12:
-       “The action of praying for those we resent will work, even if we don’t mean a word of what we’re saying.”
-       “If we keep praying for them faithfully, sooner or later our feelings will change.”
-       “We can be willing to do something we don’t want to do”

Promises of Step 9 in the OA 12/12:
-       “Our lives are changed, our broken relationships mended, and the resentment that poisoned our hearts for years is washed away.”
-       “When we finish our amends most of us feel closer to our Higher Power than ever before.”
-       “We no longer need the crutch of excess food because we have discovered a way of life that nourishes us physically, emotionally and spiritually.”
 -The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, 2nd edition, copyright Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. All rights reserved.”
Tradition 8
     Overeaters Anonymous should remain forever nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers.

     Sponsoring, leading, speaking at meetings or to outside groups, and carrying the message are all examples of 12th step work that is always free from any financial motives. However, we do have paid employees in our World Service Office in New Mexico to provide the necessary business and support needs of OA.
-Anonymous, CT
Tradition 9
     OA, as such, ought never be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.
     As OA members, our only purpose is to carry the message to those who still suffer, so we spend most of our meeting time focused on recovery. But there are many things that need to be coordinated to keep a group and OA running and healthy so we create service positions at the group level and service boards (Intergroups, Regions and World Service) and they are organized. These are our trusted servants. They derive their authority from us. At the group level, we need to remember the saying “if it is to be, it’s up to me” and that participating in the business affairs of our group is important to our ongoing recovery.
-Anonymous, CT


(from our Facebook page: CT Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous”)

Keep Coming Back &
One Day at a Time
-“These are my favorites because when I came back to OA in 2016, I heard "keep coming back" so I did - one day at a time!”

Freedom Isn't Free
-“I found freedom from food addiction after doing the work in OA's 12 Steps. It was worth the work!!!”

One Day at a Time, One Step at a Time
-“Because I can take life - and recovery - one step at a time!”

When in Doubt, Do Without
-"Having those words pop into my head when I am thinking about doing something that won't make me feel good has saved my recovery life more times than I can count. It just makes sense to me. If I am struggling with an issue, especially about food, those words help me to redirect my thinking. And really if I am questioning something that much then historically it not a good idea."

Work it . . . You're Worth It
-"OA was the first place someone said to me: "Work it. You're worth it!" I heard the encouragement. Then I heard that I needed to take action. Both are crucial to my program. And all of it was wrapped up in the loving fellowship we have in the rooms."

Together We Can Do What
We Could Never Do Alone
-“I tried and tried to stop binging, but it was only when I got to OA that I found the help to put down the fork…”

One Day at a Time
-"One day at a time: I came to understand this helps with one meal at a time, one bite at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time. It also helps me get started on paperwork - bills or organization: one piece at a time, even jobs on my list - one at a time.”

I Can't Think My Way into Right Actions, but I Can Act My Way into Right Thinking;

It Doesn't Matter What I Think; It Only Matters What I Do;

Act As If
-“In OA, I’ve learned that taking different actions leads to a change in thinking – and sometimes even a change in how I feel. I didn’t believe this in the beginning, but I did what the recovering people told me to do and… my thoughts and feelings changed!”

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