School is out, summer's here, and we've selected our 2017 Scholars
2017 marks our sixth summer of scholars and while a lot has changed since our first summer, many things have stayed the same. We are still blown away by the passionate women who apply for the scholarship, we still agonize over the budget hoping to support more women than we planned, and we still rely on the wonderful knowledge and resources that our mentors provide to our scholars. 
That's not to say we haven't made some changed and improvements: we've hired our own amazing intern (paid of course), we've made professional development workshops available to our summer scholars, and Maddie Palmieri is preparing to become a full board member in 2018. 
Unfortunately, 2017 marked the first year that we saw a decline in scholarship applications. After speaking to universities and organizations that host interns in DC, we know that we're not alone, and many have attributed it to the new Administration. While this is understandable, we believe that when others have chosen to opt out of government and nonprofits, it is even more important to support the Wonder Women who have chosen to double down on public service and DC, and most importantly, the idea that the world will only get better if you fight for it.  
Twenty of these women have been named B.A. Rudolph Foundation scholars in 2017. We're thrilled to introduce you to them below, and if you're in DC, introduce you in person at our annual BBQ on June 24. Have a great summer and we hope to see you soon!

                                                                    ~ Maggie, Meredith & Rebecca

Upcoming Events

Welcome BBQ in DC

On June 24, the B.A. Rudolph Foundation will host its annual BBQ to welcome the 2017 scholars. 

Independence Day Parade in DC

A B.A. favorite, if you're in DC join us to celebrate Independence Day at the Annual Palisades July 4th Parade. The parade begins at 11 am at Whitehaven Parkway, then proceeds down MacArthur, takes a left on Edmunds, a left on Sherier and ends at the Palisades Recreation Center.

Meet Our 2017 Summer Scholars
Graduate Public Service Scholars
Jordyn Arndt

Priscilla McCelvey
Stacy Paull
Astrid QuiƱones
Angelique Talmor

Undergraduate Public Service Scholars
Ena Barisic

Katie Deutsch
Katia Domingues
Sabrina Fields
Alessandra Gonzalez
Viviana Gonzalez
Mannal Haddad

Neeja Patel
Hannah Sweeney
Maia Tarnas

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Scholars
Vasiliki Chioti

Ellie Lefkovich
Priya Shukla
Bridget Smith