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In addition to celebrating the Irish this month, March is the time to get serious about planning your garden.  If you've been thinking about how nice it would be to be get growing this spring in a whole new way, check out  Towergardening on my website or  contact me to learn more!

The Best Shake!

Check out this video to learn about what sets Juice Plus+ Complete apart from other protein shake mixes, and why Dr. David Phillips - a user himself - calls it "clean burning fuel."  Bonus:  it's delicious!
Food as Medicine

Food is becoming a particular focus of doctors, hospitals, insurers and even employers who are frustrated by the slow progress of drug treatments in reducing food-related diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and even cancer.   "The idea of food as medicine is not only an idea whose time has come," says Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist and the dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, "It's an idea that's absolutely essential to our health care system. "
Read on to find out why so many health professionals are now saying that FOOD could be the best medicine of all!
FDA Getting Tougher on Supplements

This is excellent news for consumers, and, frankly, a long time coming! Juice Plus+ has always been (and will always be) a clean supplement with an NSF certification (NSF/ANSI 173).  This certification, the only American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry, establishes that what is on the label is in the bottle, confirms the product formulation and verifies that there are no unsafe levels of contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides in the product.
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In this edition of the Healthy Living Revolution featuring Dr. Tamara Sachs, learn a comprehensive, holistic approach to uncover the root causes of chronic illness, accelerated aging, and general lack of vitality.