The BEST Client Alternative to PPACA
Medical Sharing Ministry (MSM) Plans - the best alternative to the high cost of health insurance

We continue to see double digit rate increases, year after year, in the individual health insurance market.   Our elected officials in Washington DC are not going to fix this problem anytime soon which means it is up to us (the agent community) to offer strong alternatives to our valued clients.   We believe the Medical Sharing Ministry (MSM) program is the best alternative in the market today.

What is a Medical Sharing Ministry (MSM) Plan?
The PPACA allowed an exception for Medical Sharing Ministry (MSM) Plans as an alternative to health insurance provided through the Marketplace.  MSM plans are not health insurance plans - but rather a collection of community members who share the cost of medical expenses for their fellow members.

What are the benefits to a MSM Plan?
The MSM plan options offer a number of benefits over the fully insured plans you will find in the Marketplace - here are some of the most important benefits:
  • You can enroll your clients in an MSM Plan at any time throughout the year.
  • Your clients are protected from the PPACA penalty
  • Your clients are  rated based on "Age Bracket" which means rates will not go up until they hit 40, 50, or 60.
  • The benefits of the plan are typically much stronger than the benefits of a fully insured plan
  • You have access to a wide variety of providers across the country
  • The MSM Plan we have researched is "Guaranteed Issue" meaning there are no medical questions to qualify.
  • The MSM Plans cost, on average, between 35% and 60% less!
How much money can you save?
Below is an example of what the savings look like for couples and families over 40 years old.  We have projected the savings through to 2019 using a conservative 20% rate increase each year for PPACA plans.


Want to learn more about MSM Plans?

Altruis Benefit Consulting has the highest commission contract available for these MSM products.  We are currently contracting  and training agencies across the country to help consumers lower their premium spend dramatically.  To learn more about this amazing alternative to PPACA please contact Denise Erwin at / 313.580.1030 | 877.442.5878 | @altruishealth |


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