The BIG St. Paul's
February 15, 2019

H.O.T. is this Saturday, Feb 16th, beginning at 11:00am. Please see the needs list above the name tags.  

This weekend and next, we warmly welcome our guest musician, Bruce Schutrum. Thank you, Mr. Schutrum, for joining us in worship!

There will be no Thursday evening Choir Practice until Feb 28th. All choir members are encouraged to attend the Sunday Morning warm ups.
Friday – Feb 22nd – Fourth Friday Family Fun night!!! Volunteers are always needed, please arrive by 5pm.

Saturday, Feb 23rd – 10:00 a.m. 105th Anniversary meeting.

Our "Inwardly Digest" class on the Book of Common Prayer continues. The group made the decision this past Sunday to extend the time frame of the class, in order to not rush through the remaining chapters. If you were not able to attend the class on (2.10.19) we reviewed Chapter 5, The Essence of the Daily Office. This coming Sunday, we will be on Chapter 6, The Anatomy of the Daily Office. (This will be a good opportunity to join us in helping you, with your discipline of practicing the Daily Offices—it’s a very practical chapter!!).'
Please note the following dates and chapters to be covered:
2.24.19--Chapter 7--The Psalms
3.3.19 -- Chapter 8-The Holy Eucharist-Spirituality of the Eucharist
3.10.19--Chapter 9-The Shape of the Eucharist
3.17.19--Chapter 10-The Body of Christ/Afterword
It is very important that you read the chapter prior to each Sunday, to get the most out of the class. 
It's never to late to join us!     Fr. Phil+
Scriptures for February 17, 2019
The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany

Jeremiah 17:5-10
Psalm 1
1 Corinthians 15:12-20
Luke 6:17-26

Participants in the Liturgy

Celebrant/Preacher: The Rev. Philip F. Kunder+, Long Term Supply Priest
Guest Parish Musician: Bruce Schutrum
Eucharistic Ministers: Linda Heitger, Nancy Suba
Lectors: Elizabeth Mapp, M.L. Schultze
Ushers: John Titmas, Shirley Brown
Greeters & Oblationers: Valerie Frear, Linda Rotthoff
Acolytes: Deb Shamlin (C), Nancy Suba (A), Douglas Colmery (T)
Healer: Douglas Colmery
LEV: Carol Sutek
Altar Guild: Douglas Colmery
Weekly Cleaning: Shirley Brown
Closers/Counters: Douglas Colmery, David Rotthoff