Participants in the Liturgy
June 9, 2019
The Festival of Pentecost

Celebrant/Preacher: The Rev. Philip F. Kunder, Long term supply priest
Organist/Choir Master: William Kendrick, David Carnell
Eucharistic Ministers: Olivia Johnson, Deb Shamlin
Lectors: Valerie Frear, Richard Oloya
Ushers: Richard & Dorothy Oloya
Greeters & Oblationers:  Valerie Frear,
Acolytes: Olivia Johnson (C), Nancy Suba (A), Larry Simpkins (T),
                  Douglas Colmery (H), David Rotthoff (G)
Healer: Beth Paynter
Altar Guild: Beth Paynter
Weekly Cleaning: Beth Paynter
Closers/Counters: David Lewis, Patrick Weschler

Scriptures for Sunday

As promised, in giving parishioners advance notice when using incense, on the following dates we will be using incense during our worship service: Pentecost (6/9), our parish feast day (6/30).

We hope this does not affect coming to worship. If incense affects you, please do not sit near the aisle or in front of the altar

The BIG Picture...
at St. Paul's

June 6, 2019


June 9 (4 p.m.): Shared Pentecost celebration and picnic with St. Timothy's at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 515 48th St. NW, Canton

June 11: Christian Formation meets at 5:00 pm

June 15 (11-12:30): H.O.T. outreach luncheon, Guild Hall

June 16 All are invited to a Father’s Day Musical at 4:00 pm at Mt. Olive Baptist Church, 1403 13th St. SE, Canton. Tickets $10.00.  
After service: Ann Yug leads the congregation in St. Paul's "asset mapping" to help evaluate our strengths, Guild Hall
June 17 (6 p.m.): Meet of Vestry, Search and Long-Range Planning committees, Guild Hall
June 23 (after service): St. Paul's 150th anniversary picnic and ice cream social, Guild Hall

​​June 30 (10:30 a.m. service): St. Paul patronal feast day
July 6 (6 p.m.): African Children's Choir performance (Sanctuary)

Left: Clarinetist Robyn King played an enchanting concert on Wednesday, June 5, followed by the service of Compline.
Photo by David Rotthoff.
St. Paul's Mission Statement
St. Paul’s Church is a radically welcoming Episcopal community in downtown Canton,
grounded in faith, called by God’s Love to minister to the world.