March 2020
  • The BK Community amid COVID-19: Virtual Water Cooler Group and Best Practices for Virtual Work Webinar
  • Annual Book Marketing Workshop Moved Online
  • Book Marketing During COVID-19
  • Save the Date: 2020 BK Authors Retreat in San Francisco Bay Area
  • “Your Big Sexy Idea”—Next Author Hacks Webinar
  • Share Your Story: Cheri Torres
  • Servant Leadership Online Summit Relaunches
  • Donate to BK Authors
  • New BK Books—Please Support These Authors!
  • Highlights from Our Values: Partnership
  • A Poem For This Time
  • Last Word
Community amid COVID-19: Virtual Water Cooler Group and Best Practices for Virtual Work Webinar 
COVID-19 is changing our lives. Many of us are now practicing “social distancing” and facing dramatic drops in our incomes. That doesn’t mean we can’t come together and confront the challenges together—and maybe even use this crisis as an opportunity to advance our mission to act as a “community connecting people and ideas to create a world that works for all.” BK Authors is launching two initiatives to help foster community during these difficult times.

Virtual Water Cooler Group

At this time of physical (please, not social) distancing, BK Authors is starting a weekly virtual water cooler Zoom videoconference where BK authors can be reminded that we’re not alone, that we are part of a network, and our goal—connecting people and ideas to create a world that works for all—starts with us.  

In each 45-minute weekly group, we will introduce ourselves, share what’s been going well, what’s been difficult, what helps us cope, and where we need a hand. The intention is to create a space that is supportive, open, and responsive to current events. The group will be successful if authors leave the meeting a little more connected and hopeful. If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it right.

The group will meet  every Wednesday at noon PT/3PM ET . The facilitator to start will be  John Kador , treasurer on the BK Authors board and author of  Effective Apology REGISTER HERE  for one or all of the sessions. Upon registering you will be sent all of the necessary dial-in details and you will also be able to add these events to your calendar from here.
Best Practices for Virtual Work Webinar 

WHAT: Open Mic Sharing on Best Virtual Practices
WHEN: April 2 at 11 Pacific / 2 Eastern
HOW: REGISTER HERE for the webinar
Hello BK Authors,
Given the challenging time we’re in we decided at the last Author’s Board meeting to schedule an open forum to come together and share knowledge, resources and commune about how best to navigate this time.
Given so many of you are consultants, teachers and facilitators and many of you have specific expertise gathering groups together we thought it wise to gather and share.
Stewart Levine and Karen Phelan will be conversation starters. We’ll block an hour and can go up to 90 minutes.
Looking forward to sharing on 4/2.
The BK Author’s Board
Annual Book Marketing Workshop Moved Online
Given the COVID-19 restrictions, we have cancelled the in-person Book Marketing Workshop in Princeton and will be hosting it online during the same days - April 21-22. We will still be offering the same great speakers, but because of the two-simultaneous-tracks format, we had to reduce the number of sessions. However, the few courses not being presented at that time will be part of our bi-monthly webinar series. 

  • While this is disappointing, it does allow us to offer the informative content and access to wonderful speakers and experts at a much-reduced cost. The fee for the two-day event is $249, which includes the ability to watch the recorded sessions at a later date. One of our sponsors, Becky Robinson from Weaving Influence, has agreed to host the event for us on the Zoom platform. If you were formerly unable to attend, this new format may make it easier for you.

Right now, the sessions we have slated are: 

New Author Sessions:
  • Book Marketing Bootcamp: Kristen Frantz and Katie Sheehan
  • How to Launch a Successful Author Platform: Christy Kirk

General/Experienced Sessions:
  • Influencer Marketing: The Strategic Generosity Approach & How It Drives Book Sales: Jennifer Brown and Nikki Groom
  • The Latest in Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools for Authors: Fauzia Burke
  • Do It! Speaking: How to Sell More Books and Grow Your Business with the Power of Speaking: David Newman
  • Is What I'm Doing Working? What Do I Do Next? Assessing Your Effectiveness and Sustaining Energy for Book Marketing: Becky Robinson
  • Cultivating Community to Change the World (and Sell Some Books): Sree Sreenivasan
  • Ins and Outs of Using Video to Sell Books and More: Bob Miglani
  • Maximizing the Power of You as a Business: Jeffrey Hayzlett
  • The AD-vantage –Make the Most of Your Amazon, Facebook and Google Ads: Bob Miglani and Nick Guilioni
  • Tips from the Trenches: Author Panel with Julie Winkle Giulioni and Karen Phelan (moderators) with panelists: Stewart Levine, Jennifer Kahnweiler and Bev Kaye

You can find more information about the sessions and the speakers on our  website.
Book Marketing During COVID-19
BK Author and book marketing specialist Fauzia Burke has written a blog about marketing books during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out her 10 steps for Book Promotion in the Time of Coronavirus .”

Save the Date: 2020 BK Authors Retreat in San Francisco Bay Area 
Mark your calendar now! Pending how things unfold with the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 BK Authors Retreat will take place Oct. 1-4 at a Jesuit retreat center in Los Altos, Calif.— El Retiro San Iñigo .

The theme will be “Joyful Encounters”—a message the coordinating committee felt we would all appreciate given so much sorrowful news these days.

More details to follow. Expect a fun experience—not to mention one that will renew the spirit, deepen connections and foster collaboration with fellow BK Authors.
“Your Big Sexy Idea”—Next Author Hacks Webinar
Need help coming up with your next book concept or killer product? Join our next Author Hacks Webinar to hear from BK author Mark Levy. Mark is founder of Levy Innovation LLC, a positioning and branding firm that helps consultants and other thought leaders increase their fees by up to 2,000%. He will offer a webinar on “How to Come up with Your Big Sexy Idea.”

It will take place Tuesday April 28th at 11:00am PT (2pm ET). 

Share Your Story: Cheri Torres
What is your BK book (or if more than one, which one are you most proud of)? What’s the gist of the book?
The Book is Conversations Worth Having: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Fuel Productive and Meaning Engagement.

A quick Summary: Conversation is a crucial part of everything we do. It influences our wellbeing: a good conversation can leave us ready for anything and a bad one can ruin our whole day. But most of us are unaware of the nature of our conversations, let alone how to make them consistently affirming and empowering. This book shows how to use Appreciative Inquiry, one of the most effective and widely used approaches for fostering positive change to dramatically improve the outcome of our conversations. By focusing on what we want to happen instead of what we want to avoid, and asking questions to deepen understanding and increase possibilities, we expand creativity, improve productivity, and unleash potential at work and at home.
Tell us how you came to be a BK Author. 
Jackie Stavros, my co-author, has been a reader and long-time co-author with BK. Our book seemed to be a perfect fit for BK’s mission and vision. 

How does the book fit into everything else you do?
This book has changed my life. Everything I do now is around this book. It wasn’t until after it was published that I truly realized the gift of this book. Everything we do is mitigated through conversation (with ourselves or with others) and those conversations are fateful. Creating a life worth living and a world that works for everyone truly is a matter of changing our conversations. This is now my personal practice and what I bring to organization and community clients.

What motivates you these days?
The fact that we can change our relationships, organizations, and communities one conversation at a time. And anyone can help make that happen simply by asking generative questions and a positive frame for any conversation anytime, anywhere, and in any situation.  

What’s something the BK Author community probably doesn’t know about you?
I am a serial entrepreneur and this book is inspiring so many ideas for how to create positive change.

In what ways have you collaborated with others in the BK Authors community, and what have those collaborations meant to you?
I have been working on the Marketing Workshop Committee for two years and was quite engaged the first year. I was on the board for a short while; however, our book has taken on a life of its own and I simply did not have time to be a productive and contributing member of the board.
Want to share your story?  These profiles will touch on your book, your business and your being - what makes you tick and what's on your mind these days. The interviews will be conducted over email and will require 1-2 hours of your time. We especially welcome new BK authors especially to share their stories.

If you're interested, please contact Ink Co-Editor Esther Derby .
Servant Leadership Online Summit Relaunches
Curious about servant leadership? Or have clients who would benefit from exploring the subject? Consider going to or promoting BK’s Servant Leadership Online Summit . BK is relaunching this event, which initially took place in 2017, on March 24. The event features more than 40+ leaders with over 25 hours of “powerful, life-changing content.” Many of the speakers are fellow BK authors. And the event is free!
Please Donate to BK Authors
BK Authors, a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, welcomes donations. These help us realize our vision of “supporting authors’ efforts to create a world that works for all". In particular, donations help us replenish the Ellen Augustine Scholarship fund. This fund supports authors who want to come to our events but aren’t in a financial position to do so. If you wish to make a donation, please contact Christél Fairchild at
New and Upcoming BK Books—Please Support These Authors!
Below is a list of new BK books that have been published so far this year and are slated to be released in the months ahead.

Please consider buying these books or giving them a plug on social media. These authors are facing the uphill battle of trying to launch a book amid the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic crisis.

** click on each of the images below to learn more about the book.
Strategic Risk Management
Paul C. Godfrey, Emanuel Lauria, John Bugalla, and Kristina Narvaez
The Hidden History of the War on Voting
Thom Hartmann
Blaze Your Own Trail
Rebekah Bastian
Getting Relationships Right
Melanie Joy, PhD
The Power of Disability
Al Etmanski
The Autonomous Revolution
William H. Davidow & Michael S. Malone
The Socially Intelligent Project Manager
Kim Wasson, PMP
Breaking the Silence Habit
Sarah Beaulieu
Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring
Lisa Z. Fain and Lois J. Zachary
The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety
Timothy R. Clark
Subtle Acts of Exclusion
Tiffany Jana and Michael Baran
Win Every Day
Mark Miller
The Third Harmony
Michael N. Nagler
The Memo
John Hope Bryant
The Idea-Driven Organization
Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder
Advanced Consulting
Bill Pasmore
Coach the Person, Not the Problem
Marcia Reynolds
Full-Spectrum Thinking
Bob Johansen
Building Brand Communities
Carrie Melissa Jones and Charles H. Vogl
Highlights from Our Values
Did you know that BK Authors is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation with several   values spelled out in our bylaws ? We’ll spotlight the different values in the course of several BK Authors Ink newsletters.

This issue’s value is  Partnership—a concept that fits well with the way we’re all working together today to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.

Partnership. We accomplish our objectives and relate to others—including adversaries, subordinates, and the disadvantaged—through collaboration, invitation, dialogue, respect, openness, integrity, mutualism, and other dimensions of a partnership relationship rather than through compulsion, force, coercion, violence, or other manifestations of hierarchical dominion. We are transparent toward all in our intent, decision making, structures, and policies. We seek to abolish class systems (wherein one group has enduring structural advantages over another group) in all areas of our organizations and communities, including ownership, wealth, belonging, power, accountability, compensation, and access to information and resources.”
A Poem For This Time
BK Authors Board Member Stewart Levine was inspired by the current situation to write a poem. It “just came tumbling out” he says. Here are the first three stanzas. For the full poem, visit Stewart’s website .


Where is this going this virus thing
Has us all reflect on all the bling
What’s really important in life
What really protects from all the strife
What are lessons you can learn
More important than what you earn
Who are the guides that help you get through
Who has answers to design something new
As we contend with mass dislocation
What is the something to provide elation
Who has perspective and wise self-talk
When asked to step in they do not balk
Last Word
"When you work by attraction, you can let go of pushing, persuading, cajoling, and sanctioning because it relies on referent, expert, and informational power. Change by attraction has the opposite effect: resistance fades because there is nothing to push back against; there is only something to move toward, by choice.” 

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