The Box Show

June 19th
163 E Broadway
Coming up . . .
The Box Show
June 19th - August 19th 
6/19/15, Gallery Stroll 6-9pm
6/17/15, Gallery Stroll 6-9pm

Well - It all started when I met Dee Owens.
He makes cigar box guitars - and I thought how fun it would be to have a "Box Show" and see what all of our artists could come up with!
The results have been just a delight!!!

This will be the first joint show with Michael Berry Gallery.

Dee Owens
We have a lot of these amazing instruments - from traditional cigar boxes to this one which is a collaboration piece.
And during Gallery Stroll Dee will be here giving demonstrations!
And a band will be playing these fun things out on the sidewalk!

Mike Jensen
Unbelievably fun critter from all kinds of boxes - from junction boxes to napkin boxes

Cheryl Merkley
Cheryl painted these lovely little boxes and more . . .

Roberta Glidden
This is a Tiffany's box - she calls it "Chain, Chain, Chain"
Morag Totten
and for all you entmologists 
out there  . . . .
She made a "Bug Box"
There are so many more!
you will be amazed at the creativity!!!
Keep watching our FaceBook Page - as I will keep posting more pictures!!

I hope you can join us.
Pamela O'Mara
UTah Artist Hands
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