September 2019, Issue 5
The BRCAlert
This issue of The BRCAlert features our November 13th symposium details, a new personal Oneinforty story and recent media coverage of Oneinforty. For those in our community who celebrate, we wish you a happy, healthy Rosh Hashanah!

 Oneinforty's Fall Symposium
Wednesday, November 13th, 2019
Temple Emanu-El, Marblehead, MA
Oneinforty's fall symposium, Knowledge is Empowering: Understanding the Jewish - Cancer Connection, will take place on Wednesday, November 13th at 7:00 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Leading medical professionals from Massachusetts General Hospital and Dana-Farber will discuss:

  • "Genetics 101" regarding BRCA gene mutations
  • The genetic counseling and testing process
  • Options for genetic counseling and screening, including the BFOR Study
  • Resources for BRCA+ individuals and their families
  • Medical reasons to consider genetic counseling and screening

Individuals who have a BRCA gene mutation will share their moving "I am Oneinforty" stories and describe how knowing their BRCA status helps them manage their cancer risk in partnership with their health care providers. Guests will have an opportunity to pose questions to the panel and visit exhibiting nonprofits including Sharsheret and FORCE .
Anthony's "Am I Oneinforty?" Story
"We have three daughters. My grandmother and both of my aunts had died of breast cancer, making my risk of being BRCA+ considerably higher than 1:40. My wife’s family had mostly perished in the Holocaust, so she had just about no family history to check. Lauren explained that, despite Julie's lack of known family history of the BRCA cancers, her risk of being BRCA+ was still 1:40."

With Your Help, We're Building a BIG Megaphone
Most primary care physicians and lay people with whom we interact are unaware that men and women with Eastern European Jewish ancestry face a 1:40 risk of being BRCA+. With your help, we are building a BIG megaphone to raise awareness of this risk.

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We truly appreciate your continued interest in Oneinforty's work and your assistance in advancing our mission. Thank you!
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