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Your monthly guide to global webinars and events - July 2019
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Sage-ing Global Webinar in July
... live monthly webinars from Sage-ing International on core topics and themes related to conscious eldering. They can be viewed on any internet-connected device.
Itineraries for an Original Life: 
A Traveler’s Guide to Life Review

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 Kendall Dudley gives a preview of his upcoming book to equip you for your trip into the next chapter in life: Travel back and forth in time, and envision what makes you fully alive, what roads remain un-traveled, and what doors are still un-opened. For information and to register, click... HERE.
Live Sage-ing Events in July
Awakening the Sage Within ... the ASW is a highly interactive entry level event in a one-day format or a series of short sessions, introducing Sage-ing International core topics: images of aging, life review, forgiveness, mortality, spirituality, legacy-leaving, service...
St. Paul, Minnesota - Tuesday July 9, 2019
Karen WestMA , CSL  facilitates this day-long Sage-ing event at the St. Paul Jewish Community Center. Her experience as educator, career counselor and spiritual director, focused by her passion for Conscious Aging and Sage-ing enriches this introductory program. Space is limited, prompt registration is advised.
For information and registration, click... HERE.
Marlton Lakes, New Jersey - July 13, 2019
Jerome Kerner,CSL and Sage-ing International Co-Chair facilitates this introduction to Sage-ing at the Marlton Lakes Community Center. As an octogenarian and a great-grandfather, Jerome loves sharing the purpose, passion and meaning he has discovered through his Sage-ing work. Scholarships are available.
For information and registration click, ... HERE.
Upcoming Sage-ing Events
The Heart of Aging With Wisdom ... HoA is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging approach to conscious aging from Sage-ing International; and is a multi-session program with unique content: Sage-ing core topics, plus intuition, neuroscience, global consciousness, compassion, and inner wisdom.
The Heart of Aging With Wisdom – Series I
Six Consecutive Online Sessions
Thursdays, September 12 th  – October 17 th , 2019

The Heart of Aging with Wisdom, Series I and II curriculum delves deeply into conscious aging themes, and is our ultimate dive into Sage-ing issues for personal growth and inspiration to a rich elder life. It is designed to engage and encourage participants with conversation and interaction about healthy spirited eldering.
The Heart of Aging Team
Rosemary Cox , CSL, HoA originator
co-facilitates with Linda Cronk , CSL
Cindy Siemers , CSL and Al Rider , CSL.
For brochure and registration click,... HERE.
Deepening the Sage Within ... is a 2-3 day intensive workshop or work-shop series diving into SI core themes (images of aging, forgiveness, mortality, leaving a legacy, and service); we harvest life experience leading to further growth.
Longmont, Colorado October 4 - 6, 2019
D eepening the Sage Within : Aging with Spirit
Maureen Dobson , CSL and Elizabeth Bell , CSL
Maureen and Elizabeth, Sage-ing Leaders, co-facilitate this intensive retreat designed to deeply explore the principles and practices of Sage-ing.
For event information and registration, click... HERE.
Upcoming Sage-ing Global Webinars
Discover the
Transforming Power of Your Body
Thursday, August 29, 2019 Your body is a friend and resource as you age, a library of life experience awaiting re-discovery beneath the aches and pains. Pat Samples MA, creative aging champion and widely-published author , guides us in making friends with our body and finding hidden treasure. For information and to register, click... HERE.
Announcements and Contacts
2019-2020 Sage-ing Leader Certification Program
Applications are being accepted for the
2019-2020 Sage-ing Leader Certification Program scheduled to begin October 10, 2019 in Chicago IL.

 For a detailed program description, applicant requirements and pre-requisites, and an application form, click HERE or contact the Program Coordinator Jeanne Marsh at 
ANNOUNCING: Sage-ing's new YouTube Page
Over two dozen classic Sage-ing videos are ready for you now, free. And very soon, over two years of webinar recordings will be available. Click the link, and "subscribe" to help grow the Sage-ing Community. To be notified when a new video has been added, click on the Bell icon next to the Subscribe button. Click... HERE.
Sage-ing Partner Events
Who are Sage-ing Partners?
...fellow conscious eldering organizations that share our vision of aging as a time of life characterized by growth,contribution and fulfillment. Upcoming programs of interest. ..
Elders Action Network
Elders Action Network Book Study Group
Climate, A New Story  by Charles Eisenstein is the current summer reading Book Study Group selection. For session notifications, study guides and to register, click... HERE.
July 10-12, 2019
Elders Climate Action Day & Play-In in Washington,D.C.
We went to D.C. in 2015 and 2017 and we are going back! Join us as we demonstrate that all generations -- grandparents, parents, and young children, demand action on climate change. For registration and information , click ... HERE.
August 11-16, 2019
The Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, New York

Embracing Conscious Elderhood a retreat led by Ron Pevny , held at the Omega Institute where Reb Zalman and Ram Dass introduced Conscious Aging to the world, weaves together key tenets of Conscious Eldering with wisdom and practices from the three Transforming Aging Summits which Ron hosted.
For information and to register, click ... HERE.
October 6-12, 2019
Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
 Choosing Conscious Elderhood
This weeklong retreat, co-sponsored by Sage-ing International , has been presented many times by Ron Pevny and Anne Wennhold at the magnificent Ghost Ranch. It is a unique opportunity to learn and experience powerful practices that support your journey toward a conscious elderhood.
For information and to register, click ... HERE .
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