Door Prop Alarms
Door prop alarms are designed to sound an alert when a door is left open longer than intended for normal use. These products are not intended to be an alarm that is used as for traditional security reasons, as they reset as soon as the opening is closed. But, they are used as an alert when a door remains open longer than is intended for normal use.

There are many applications that door prop alarms are used on, and some people have been quite creative with the applications that the prop alarms are used for. Some applications are: stock rooms, doors used for employee breaks, refrigeration units, delivery doors, medication storage rooms, and many more.

  • Economical alternative to more expensive systems
  • Effective reminder to keep doors closed/secured
  • Resets as soon as the opening is closed
  • Typically have a small footprint
  • Can be custom set to accommodate specific needs
  • Available in battery and hardwire versions
  • Stand alone and not tied into a security system
  • Alerts only when the door is open longer than programmed
Did You Know?
Detex offers both battery powered and hardwired door prop alarms.

The EAX-300 is a compact, economical product that can easily be mounted on a door or wall, with a tapered cover that allows for installation on narrow stile doors. This is a battery powered product that utilizes magnetic switches. The EAX-300 can monitor a door prop from 1 second to 4 minutes, and is shipped from the factory with the default of 15 seconds. The 100dB piezo alarm silences and the timer resets when the door is closed. It is available in tan and black, and can be ordered in standard or weatherized versions.

The EAX-411SK is a surface mounted, hardwired door prop alarm that sounds when a door is open longer than intended. The "door open" time can be set from 0 to 60 seconds to fit the needs of the application. The EAX-411SK is designed to encourage the door users to keep the door closed. The 85dB alarm silences, and the unit resets when the door is closed.

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