A warm hello to old friends and new patrons!

Welcome aboard the Second Section of Summer edition of the SBS4DCC Backshop Flyer.

Summer is in full swing but it was like 66 degrees in central Indiana yesterday.  WOW!  I never thought I would use the word "Burrrrrrrr..." in August in Indianapolis.  

I keep adding tons of new stuff to the store so if you haven't had a look around lately, I invite you to grab a hot cup of coffee and have a look around!

This month brings one of the absolute coolest items I have ever stocked.  Introducing the Roco smartRail Rolling Track Display Stand.  Technically the unit has been around for a few years now but were only offered as sets complete with a European prototype locomotive.  
This ultra-cool display stand is in stock now at SBS4DCC.  You gotta see this DEMO VIDEO...

The featured product this month is also worth a very close look.  The new NCE Snubber is not a new idea.  The concept has been proven to work and has been touted by DCC professionals for a very long time as a real solution to real DCC issues.

Summer hours here are always the same as the winter hours...  my store is open 24-7-365.

I also encourage everyone once again to have a close look at the latest offing from OpSIG Publications - A Compendium Of Model Railroad Operations - From Design To Implementation.  I realize realistic operations are not for everyone, however, for me the concept of simulating operations really brings the railroad together and serves as the purpose for building the layout, for all of the trains, and for all of the DCC hardware and decoder installations.

It is the IT in model railroading.  

I encourage you to ask someone in your local NMRA chapter about local operating sessions and try it out... just once.  My only regret is I never have enough time to Op more.  You can find out more by visiting the OpSIG webite as well.

Stop Running Trains.  Start Model Railroading!

Bryan Vianco
Owner, SBS4DCC

For The Discerning Gentleman...

Roco 10815 smartRail Rolling Track Display Stand with z21 Controller

smartRail - driving fun on the spot!

This innovation sets the model world in motion! Acceleration, braking, light, signals, sound - the new generation smartRail offers the full driving experience on a high-quality rolling track bed.

Whether in the office or at home, you can enjoy the functionality, uncompromising fidelity to the original and precision of your locos from close up, whenever and wherever you want.

Any H0 locos with lengths up to approx. 120 to 305 mm can drive on the smartRail, which supports both DCC and Motorola protocols.

In addition to operation with the function touch keys, control is also possible via your smart phone or Tablet PC thanks to the Roco Z21 functions integrated in the smartRail.

Grab yourself some on-the-spot driving fun now - with the smartRail exclusive sets from Roco!

Featured Product

NCE DCC Track Power Bus Snubber (2 pk)

NCE has released the NCE DCC Track Power Bus Snubber (2 pk).  The concept is not new and has long been recommended by NCE and nearly every DCC Guru I know of ...

Use with any DCC system to prevent large voltage spikes.
  • Reduces or eliminates voltage spikes on long runs of DCC bus wire
  • Protects decoders from damaging inductive voltage spikes
  • Solve temporary loss of control or runaway problems
  • Preserves DCC waveform accuracy
You can and should read more about the applications for this product at "DCC Guru" Mark Gurries - Snubber/RC Filter.

Summer Savings...

NCE DCC Power Cab Command Station


New SBS4DCC "Sugar Cube" HO Cab Roof Speakers

Streamlined Backshop is pleased to offer the latest addition to our extensive line of "Sugar Cube" Speakers, the most popular speaker for use in DCC sound installations on the market today.  Introducing the...

Developed at the request of an SBS4DCC patron and originally intended for use in the cab of tough steam installs, the Cab Roof models will also fit nicely in tough diesel installs like SW1 and RS1's that have so little room to work with anyway.

These new options are offered in all four speaker sizes so the possibilities are endless.

SBS4DCC "Sugar Cube" Speaker Sound Chamber (No Speaker)

Streamlined Backshop offers the most extensive selection of  "Sugar Cube" Speakers on the market today.  I work directly with the manufacturer to offer only high quality Knowles speakers with SBS4DCC "Sugar Cube" Speaker products but realize there are about a billion types of P.E.D.'s and as such about a billion different types of speakers.  Some folks choose to go to the open market for their speaker bodies.

Did you know you can get the  Streamlined Backshop Sound Chamber too...

Always (well almost always...) in stock and ready to ship...

Adding New Clearnace Items Daily

Sometimes you just gotta move on.

For whatever reason, some items just don't sell well here at SBS4DCC.  My loss is your gain.  I have been adding new items to the Clearance Aisle daily.  Be sure to check the great deals.  But... once they are gone they are gone.  Selection is limited to items and quantities on hand.


Digitrax DCC LNWI LocoNet WiFi Interface Module

The new Digitrax LNWI allows you to connect compatible WiFi devices to LocoNet and run trains using compatible throttle apps.

Order one now from Streamlined Backshop!

ESU LokSound

ESU 55800 LokSound Micro V4.0 DCC Sound Decoder Plux 12-pin Wired Plug

If you're an  ESU LokSound user, you are probably aware that we are currently waiting for restock of the ever-popular ESU LokSound Micro, Version 4.0 models 54800, 56899 as well as Select models 73800 and 73800-1.  My last update is it will be the end of August before we see fresh inventory.

The ESU 55800 LokSound Micro V4.0 is physically the same Micro decoder as the 56899 and 73800.  The only difference is the plug on the end of the cable that most users cut off and toss out anyway.   The  55800  also features full  Version 4.0 firmware .  

The  ESU 55800 LokSound Micro V4.0 is available pre-loaded with all of the same great  Full-Throttle sounds and features you have come to expect from  ESU sound decoders.

Need a LokSound V4.0 Micro to install now...  The  ESU 55800 LokSound Micro V4.0  is in stock now at Streamlined Backshop!

ESU 54700 LokSound V4.0 Direct DCC Sound Decoder AT-Style Adapter Board

If you're an  ESU LokSound user, you are probably aware that we are currently waiting for restock of the ever-popular  ESU LokSound Micro.   The shortage also affects the ever-popular ESU LokSound Select Direct model 73700 A-style board replacement version.

The  ESU 54700 LokSound V4.0 Direct is physically the same  Micro decoder and Adapter Board as the 73700.  The only difference is the 54700 features full Version 4.0 firmware.  

The ESU 54700 LokSound V4.0 Direct is available pre-loaded with all of the same great Full-Throttle sounds and features you have come to expect from ESU sound decoders.

Need a  LokSound Direct to install now...  The  ESU 54700 LokSound V4.0 Direct  is in stock now at Streamlined Backshop!

ESU 51955 NEM662 Next18 LokSound Direct Adapter Drop-In Replacement Board

ESU 54898 LokSound Micro V4.0 NMRA DCC Sound Decoder NEM662 Next18 Connector

Just for the record...

The remaining stock of ESU 54700 LokSound V4.0 Direct's is sure to go quickly.

I do have a handful of model 54898 Next18 Decoders and 51955 Adapter Boards that can be combined to build the model ESU 54700 LokSound V4.0 Direct...


MRC 1423 Prodigy Elite WiFi DCC Command Station

The Prodigy Elite takes DCC control and performance to a new level of sophistication. Offering a massive 10+ amps of controlled power, the Elite will be a perfect fit for large club layouts or for the modeler who demands the best.

The Prodigy WiFi Module allows you to run your Prodigy DCC railroad wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. Use up to 8 devices from one WiFi Module. No JMRI® software to navigate. No computer interface needed. No Bluetooth® connection. Works with any brand loco or decoder.

NCE - North Coast Engineering

NCE Layout Wire Products

NCE has released a complete line of Layout Wiring Products to make installation of the DCC command station a breeze.

The offer everything from complete layout wiring kits to power bus and feeder drops to terminal blocks and switches.

If you are building a new layout or upgrading an existing installation, these new Layout Wiring Products from NCE are technically correct, conveniently packaged and attractively priced making the process of command station installation quick, easy and painless.


SoundTraxx TSU-4400 Tsunami 2 DCC Sound Decoder 

SoundTraxx has released t he Tsunami 2 TSU-4400, a universal-style, 4-amp Digital Sound Decoder with 6 function outputs. 

Designed for models with higher stall currents such as some S, O, and large scale locomotives; this decoder features easy-to-use terminal blocks for no-fault wiring and a higher audio amplifier for awesome volume, indoors or out. 

It includes an onboard connector for adding a CurrentKeeper (P.N. 810140) to maintain performance over dirty track and switches.

SoundTraxx - Union Pacific Gas Turbine Coming to Tsunami2

SoundTraxx is proud to announce the in-process development of the Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive (GTEL) sound set for the Tsunami2 product line! Some highlights include:

  • Less Whine. More Thunder! We've collaborated with locomotive maintenance and operating staff from the Union Pacific Railroad who worked directly with these iconic locomotives to develop the most accurate turbine sounds
  • Pre-loaded sounds for the "Slab-side", "Veranda", "Big-Blow A", and "Big-Blow B" units - simply change one CV, no need to download or configure with a computer
  • Brand new Cooper-Bessemer hostler motor for the "Big-Blow A" unit
  • Dynamic Digital Exhaust - Run your train, not your throttle!

These features (and more!) are in addition to all of the already included features and sounds found within the Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoder line. 

Check out the short video previewing the Tsunami2 TSU-21PNEM decoders installed in a HO ScaleTrains.com Rivet Counter Series Union Pacific "Big-Blow" Turbine locomotive!

More Info

SoundTraxx 829100 Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder v2 with BeastBanter 

SoundTraxx has released an updated  version of the  Tsunami SoundCar Decoder for Rolling Stock with the following updates:
  • BeastBanter livestock sounds for cattle and sheep
  • 8 additional airhorns & air whistles
  • 3 more bells to choose from
  • Instruction card insert with more information about the updated sound roster and BeastBanter™ feature.
For a limited time,  SoundTraxx is offering the 829100 Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder v2 with BeastBanter with a FREE 28mm Speaker and Baffle!!!

TCS - Train Control Systems

More Great TCS Decoder Installation Accessories

Streamlined Backshop has added more great accessories from  Train Control Systems complete line of decoder installation products  including:

More Great TCS Decoder Installation Wire

Streamlined Backshop has added more great decoder wire from  Train Control Systems complete line of decoder installation products  including:

Flag Stop...

What YOU See Is What I Have

Welcome to SBS4DCC ...

Real-Time Stock Status  Reporting


SBS4DCC Products

SBS4DCC "Sugar Cube" Speakers

... the SWEETEST speaker available today!

4 Sizes ... 16 Baffles

64 Sweet  S peaker Options  


SBS4DCC Wheel and Axle Wipers

... Add Power Pickup to your models

Z, N, and HO Scale versions

Wheel and Axle Wipers

DCC Tools

Good Deals DCC "The Programmer" Test And Programming Track

Perfect for clubs, modulars, or workbenches, the  Good Deals DCC "The Programmer" is a portable, durable, convenient testing and programming track.  It is available in nearly every scale from N to O as well as combination scales for those who love trains of all sizes.

Custom designed units are also available.

Model Railroad Technologies Accutrack II Train Speedometer

The MRT Accutrak II Speedometer is a free standing, battery operated scale speedometer.

MRT Accutrak II Features:

Ideal for DCC speed matching DCC

Operates on 2 AAA batteries

Scale Selectable - N (1:148 and 1:160) or OO/HO (1:76.4 and 1:87)

Display in mph or kph

DCC Specialties RRampMeter 
DCC Amp/Volt Meter

The RRampMeter is a multimeter designed to accurately measure the  voltage and amperage output of DCC command stations.

The RRampMeter is used to:
  • Measure locomotive stall current
  • Report command station or booster  voltage and amperage consumption
  • Troubleshoot electrical problems
  • Create and edit custom sound file
Available in 4 models. 

ZIMO MXTAPS DCC Decoder Test and Connector Board

  The ZIMO MXTAPS is a stand-alone DCC Decoder Test Station compatible with any brand of decoder or command station.

Quick Terminal
Next18 NEM661
6-Pin NEM651
8-Pin NEM652
PluX NEM658
21MTC NEM660

15 Function LEDs
5-pole Motor
13x18mm Speaker

Large scale MXTAPV version also available

ESU 53900 LokTester V2.0 DCC Decoder Test Station

The ESU LokTester is a stand-alone DCC Decoder Test Station compatible with any brand of decoder or command station.

Screw Terminal
Next18 NEM661
6-Pin NEM651
8-Pin NEM652
PluX NEM658
21MTC NEM660

6 Function LEDs
5-pole Motor
20mm Speaker

L and XL Expansion Module also available

ZIMO MXULFA Decoder Update
Module with LCD Display

The ZIMO MXULFA Decoder Update Module is a communication device to connect your decoder to a PC to simplify programming and to facilitate firmware and sound file updates..

The ZIMO MXULFA is ude to:
Works only with  ZIMO products .

ESU 53452 LokProgrammer Set

The ESU LokProgrammer Set is a communication device to connect your decoder to a PC to simplify programming and to facilitate firmware and sound file updates.

The ESU LokProgrammer is used to:
  • Update decoder firmware
  • Edit CVs on any ESU product
  • Load downloadable sound files
  • Create and edit custom sound file
  • Test Decoder Installations
Works only with ESU products


And don't forget I carry a fantastic selection of DCC products from all of the
best manufacturers including Digitrax, DCC Specialties,
Visit SBS4DCC today!

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