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Church of the Holy Nativity, Aina Haina
August 19, 2020
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Upcoming Services
at Holy Nativity
(Go to the front page of our website, "" 
and click "Sunday Banyan")

August 23, 2020
Twelfth Sunday
after Pentecost

Online worship - 9am Morning Prayer

August 30, 2020
Thirteenth Sunday 
after Pentecost
Online Worship -- 9am
Morning Prayer


Thursday Centering Prayer
(Thursday afternoons, 4-5pm)
Join us online using "Zoom." Go to and click on the phrase,"Join a Meeting."  When prompted, type in the Meeting ID, which is 330990103.

(Please note that our Wednesday 10am Eucharist
postponed until further notice; please pray for one another during this time!) 

Serving this Sunday 
(August 23)  
Twelfth Sunday
after Pentecost

9am Liturgy of the Word
Officiant & Preacher: 
   The Rev. Libby Berman
Deacon: The Rev. Bob Steele
Readers: Frank Condello & 
   Kim Garner
Prayers of the People: 
   Wyn Aubrey-Child

Serving next Sunday 
(August 30)  
Thirteenth Sunday
after Pentecost

9am Morning Prayer
Officiant & Preacher:
   The Rev. Libby Berman
Deacon: The Rev. Bob Steele
Readers: Jean Steele &
   Frank Condello
Prayers of the People: 
   Julia Yamaguchi

The Sunday Readings

The Rev. Libby Berman

The Vestry
Sr. Warden: Austin Nakoa
Jr. Warden: Joe Kindrich
Treasurer: Jean Steele
Recording Secretary: Nancy Thomas
Members at Large: Justin Donahue, Rich Miller, Lila Johnson, Jeff Taylor, Ed Moore, Wyn Aubrey-Child, Nina Livingston, Tusi Mayer, Gretchen Yamaguchi

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm
(808) 373-2131
Parish Bookkeeper
Kathy Kia
Parish Administrator
Punahele Coldwell
Prayer List

In our parish, we pray for Guthrie, Heather, Lois, Sylvia, Wayne, Rico, Chris, Lora V., Michael, David, Anna Marie, Lorraine N., Brian, Gerd, Jolene, June, Michael, and for all who have contracted the Corona virus, those who are caregivers, and those who are seeking to develop a vaccine or measures of relief.  We pray for those in Hawaii facing unemployment or under-employment.
We also pray for victims of violence around the world.

If you wish to add a name to the prayer list, please be in touch with Puna Coldwell in the parish office at  


We are posting a day by day meditation from Forward Movement.  This is a great way to start your day with prayer.  Please consider clicking on the website above. 
Interim Head of School 
Jeanne Wilks

Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, Holy Nativity School is dedicated to excellence in education within a small and personalized environment. Built upon principles of respect and inclusion, Holy Nativity School values each child's individuality as it develops principled citizens who recognize their role in the local and global community.  

Holy Nativity Thrift Shop
(808) 373-3744

Wednesday: 10am - 2pm
   Until Further Notice

Click here to visit the Thrift Shop webpage.

Our Sunday services have returned to the online format only, once again, but our whole-hearted worship continues.  On Sunday, August 11, ten children from the parish contributed our Prayers of the People and Amie Lawyer shared joyful praise music on her ukelele.  I offered a children's homily  I learned that some were not able to hear it, though, given our microphone set up.  I wanted to share a summary of it with you here:
You may remember that Jesus sometimes had so much work to do among the people that he needed to take time away to pray.  In our Gospel lesson on August 11, we read that Jesus took some time to himself; he sent the disciples off across the lake on their own in their boat.  We learn that a storm came up and the disciples were frightened.  But then they saw Jesus appear to them, walking on the water.  The disciple, Peter, was so excited to see Jesus that he asked Jesus to command him to come out onto the water to meet him there.  Jesus did so, and Peter excitedly jumped into the water and walked toward Jesus.  When Peter began to realize that "walking on water" was not something normal for people to do, however, he began to sink.  Flailing about, he began to despair; perhaps he feared he would drown.  But Jesus was present to Peter. Jesus reached out his hand, and, as shown in the picture above that our children saw during the service that day, Jesus lifted Peter back up to safety. 
In a wonderful Christian Education curriculum called, "Godly Play," children are encouraged to "wonder" about things in the story.  I wondered, with them, what lesson this story about Jesus and Peter might have for us today.  In one of my favorite commentaries, the author suggested that Peter's initial excitement about rushing to Jesus represents those times when we also, seeing what is good and right to do, "rush out," to serve, to march, to build or to teach.  We know in our hearts, just like Peter, that our actions are full of right-intention, love and passion.  When we get out on the water, though, we realize, just like Peter, that what we have endeavored to do is often harder than we thought.  We get pushed back; we get tired and discouraged.  We begin to wonder if our idea was unwise; just like Peter, we begin to sink.  The commentary I read suggests not that Peter was foolish to "unthinkingly" rush out to Jesus.  Not at all!  Rather, since we know what happens at the end--that Jesus rescues Peter--we can use it to strengthen us whenever we begin to fail and fall.  Just as Jesus rescues Peter, Jesus has and will continue to rescue us.  Let's keep jumping out of that boat!    
--Rev. Libby

Holy Nativity School started right-on-schedule, on Tuesday, August 4.  A full complement of children, staff, and teachers were on hand for a careful safety check-in procedure and then a day full of learning and doing.  The HNC Vestry wanted to provide support, as this important fall term begins, so they made a gift to our school: $250 worth of hula hoops!  The hoops help the young children maintain a safe distance from          one to another during the threat of COVID-19.  Jeanne Wilks, acting HNS head, said, "I wish you could have seen the joy in the teachers and kids' faces when they learned there would be such a fun way to learn about physical distancing--sheer delight among children and adults alike!"  GO, HNS!  GO, TEAM!  GO, HAWKS!

The Rev. Kaleo Patterson and the Rev. Haaheo Guanson  of our diocesan Prison Ministry visited our Thrift Store on Friday, August 14.  Peggy Budlong and her volunteers were ready with a large box of shorts and t-shirts.  Our guests were both impressed with the thriving activity they witnessed in our shop but also immensely grateful for our continuing support of their ministry.  At the end of 2019, our Vestry voted a $2500 gift for this ministry.  And, since the first of this year, we have made gifts of used clothing three times--both from theThrift Store and from congregants.

We are having a zoom Outreach brain storming on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 17TH AT 6:30. Everyone is welcome. Please bring your ideas, your imagination, your visions for the future of Outreach, and your enthusiasm and dreams for HNC to shine out through the community and over all the island. (s) All ideas are good ones, all suggestions are praised (even if they are impractical!)  All ages are welcomed, including the kids if they have some super ideas for ' Outreach for the young.'

Looking forward to welcoming you to the ZOOM OUTREACH INNOVATORS.  SEE YOU THERE.
--Wyn Aubrey-Child, Outreach Chair
 PS....( bring your own snacks and drinks, we are fine with you not sharing them across the screen.LOL )

Given COVID-19, leaders at our Church, School, and Thrift Store all have needed to be creative about how to take care of business--and have fun!  While the fall "Pumpkinfest" at HNS will need to be a smaller event this year, other ideas are "in the works."  First up is a weekend of Drive-In movies at Osco field.  Please see the details in the poster, above.  All are welcome, though the school expects the tickets may sell out, given the popularity of similar events elsewhere on the island.  We wish NHS well, as they endeavor to sponsor safe and fun activities on campus this fall.

FORWARD DAY BY DAY... a publication consisting of short, daily meditations on scripture.  Usually, folks can pick it up at the church on Sundays, but that's been made difficult by our recent return to online-only worship. If you would like a copy sent to you in the mail, please contact our parish administrator, Puna Coldwell, at or (808) 373-2131.
And many thanks to Chandi Hinrichs and Tusi Mayer for providing the haku and lei!
If you would like to remember someone's birthday or anniversary, or dedicate flowers in memory of a loved one, please complete the form below and put it in the offering plate--or contact Puna in the office ( or 808-373-2131).  The cost the church approximately forty dollars each week, but any amount is welcome. No donation is required.  

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