an online publication of the
Church of the Holy Nativity, Aina Haina
January 15, 2020
The Coming Week
at Holy Nativity

Worship this Sunday, 
January 19, 2020

The Second Sunday
after the Epiphany
Eucharist 9am
Sunday School 9am

Wednesday, January 22
(10am) Church

Thursday, January 23
Prayer (4pm) Chapel

Worship the 
following Sunday,
January 26, 2020

The Third Sunday
after the Epiphany
Eucharist 9am
Sunday School 9am

Serving this Sunday 
(January 19)   
The Second Sunday
after the Epiphany

9am Eucharist
    The Rev. Elizabeth "Libby" Berman
    The Rev. Elizabeth "Libby" Berman
Server/Eucharistic Minister:
   Lila Johnson
Lectors: Bob & Jean Steele 
Acolyte: Lila Johnson
Prayers of the People: Jean Steele
Usher: Stanley Yon

Altar Guild: Sandra Braham's Team

Serving next Sunday 
(January 26)   
The Third Sunday
after the Epiphany

9am Eucharist
    The Rev. Elizabeth "Libby" Berman
    The Rev. Elizabeth "Libby" Berman
Server/Eucharistic Minister:
   Sandra Braham
Lectors: Kim Garner & John
Acolyte: Louisa Le Roux
Prayers of the People: 
    John Verghese
Usher: Rich Miller

Altar Guild: Delia Moore's Team

The Sunday Readings

The Rev. Elizabeth "Libby" Berman

The Vestry
Sr. Warden: Austin Nakoa
Jr. Warden: Eva Eglinton
Treasurer: Jean Steele
Clerk: Nancy Thomas
Members at Large: Lila Johnson, Justin Donahue, Nina Livingston, Joe Kindrich, Rich Miller, Ed Moore, Jeff Taylor, Wyn Aubrey-Child, Ken Zitz

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm
(808) 373-2131
Parish Bookkeeper
Parish Administrator
Prayer List
Lora V.  Frank, Rita, Wayne, Dorie, Victoria, Sandee, Ronny, Elsie Chings Family, Sylvia, Blake, Bruce, Helen, Wes, Terri, Kendall, Yoko, Kenji, Lola 


We are posting a day by day meditation from Forward Movement.  This is a great way to start your day with prayer.  Please consider clicking on the website above. 
Interim Head of School 
Jeanne Wilks

Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, Holy Nativity School is dedicated to excellence in education within a small and personalized environment. Built upon principles of respect and inclusion, Holy Nativity School values each child's individuality as it develops principled citizens who recognize their role in the local and global community.  

Holy Nativity Thrift Shop
(808) 373-3744

Wednesdays and Fridays 
9 am - 3 pm

9 am - 12 noon

Click here to visit the Thrift Shop webpage.

Tips for Welcoming Rev. Libby


1.  Introduce yourself to Rev Libby - again - and again - and again! You have one name to learn; Rev Libby has many. Remember to wear your name tag!


2.  Share your story, the story of the parish, the traditions, and the important values of the parish. These stories are important for Rev Libby to know.


3.  Participate in the upcoming constituency/small group sessions to help Rev Libby learn more about us.

4.  Help Rev Libby get acclimated to living in the rectory and the Aina Haina community! Let her know if you have specific talents and skills ... carpentry, landscaping, etc., or can recommend services that Rev Libby may find helpful ... doctor, dentist, dry cleaners, etc.

5.  If you are a member of a local civic association or organization, invite Rev Libby to attend a meeting so that she can connect with the Aina Haina community. Introduce Rev Libby to public, community, and local leaders.


6.  Although we are fortunate to have Rev Libby live in the rectory, please respect her right to privacy and give her the time he needs for R&R. Please maintain the boundaries between the parish and the rectory -- avoid reaching out to Rev Libby on her Sabbath day and refrain from making unannounced visits unless you have a real emergency (something urgent that the wardens or staff cannot handle).


7.  Be patient and let Rev Libby set the pace -- it will take awhile for her to hit her stride. Give her your understanding during this transition period.


8.  Offer words of encouragement and support! Use Rev Libby's arrival as an opportunity to see our congregation through a fresh set of eyes. In doing so, we can create a climate of trust and authenticity that makes for a good transition.


9.  Rev Libby brings a wealth of experience and skills to our parish. Be open to changes in policies or practices that she may recommend and/or implement.


10.  Pray daily for Rev Libby and our congregation!

Raphael Lopez, who many of us see whenever we are at our church or school during the week, fell off a ladder  a week ago  and was hospitalized.  Happily he is doing fine now and back on campus performing his duties.  Please raise a prayer of thanksgiving for Raphael's safety.  

    Aloha everyone!  We are now reporting on our #4 Outreach project.  This one involves nice cool lemonade!  Who does not love a wonderful cool drink during and after a workout?  Basketball, judo, volleyball, yoga, etc! --anything that takes place in our Community center Gym many, many hours every week.  This gym is used to the max by our church family, our school, and our friends, for all kinds of activities.
    This is our outreach: we will serve lemonade one night a week, varying which evening from week to week.  We want to convey the message that we build the Community Center as a gift to our neighbors, and that it gladdens our hearts to have them enjoy its use.
   Our Vestry convenes in the Meeting Room immediately across the walk, and we can hear pounding feet and whoops of excitement during our meetings.  With lemonade, Holy Nativity will be extending our welcome and embracing our guests.  If you would like to host one evening's lemonade, please contact Wyn Aubrey-Child or Jean Steele.  Raise a "cup of kindness"!

The Annual Meeting of Holy Nativity Church will be held January 26, 2020 after the 9am service at 1030am.

Service on the Holy Nativity Vestry

OPENINGS:         Vestry - (3) 3-year term
Junior Warden - 1-year term
Four (4) delegates and two (2) alternates for 2020 Diocesan Convention
At the Annual Parish Meeting on January 26, 2020, the Parish will elect new Vestry members, a Junior Warden, and delegates to the Annual Diocesan Convention. Please remember by serving on the Vestry you are also a member of the Corporation which has oversight of Holy Nativity School
. For those of you interested in other ministries in the church, please complete the back of the pledge card. We ALWAYS have a place for you to serve!
QUALIFICATIONS: To serve on the vestry a member needs to be a contributing, actively involved communicant in good standing in the parish and with the doctrine, discipline and worship of the Episcopal Church. Article 1, Section V Parish bylaws state: "
Lay members of the vestry shall be adult communicants in good standing, except a non-communicant may serve as treasurer."
  • Nominators or candidates should complete the candidate Nomination/
    Information Form describing the candidate and his/her involvement in the Church. This form must be signed by both any nominator and the nominee. Self-nomination is permitted.
  • Candidate Nomination/Information forms must be received in the church office by Jan. 10, 2020.  Forms may be emailed to   A photo is requested.
  • The parish Nominating Committee will then select a slate of nominees to present at the Annual Meeting
For more information contact Lila Johnson