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July 15, 2020
In this Issue of the Banyan Tree:  

"Your vestry, at work!"

Who's in the Pew? 
Wyn Aubrey-Child!

Bishop Fitzpatrick shares his reflections on current worship

Please dedicate f lowers to celebrate a loved one


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Upcoming Services
at Holy Nativity
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July 19, 2020
Seventh Sunday
after Pentecost
Holy Eucharist -- 9am
In-person & online

July 26, 2020
Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
Holy Eucharist -- 9am
In-person ONLY
(rector on vacation)

August 2, 2020
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Holy Eucharist -- 9am
In-person & online


Thursday Centering Prayer
(Thursday afternoons, 4-5pm)
Join us online using "Zoom." Go to and click on the phrase,"Join a Meeting."  When prompted, type in the Meeting ID, which is 330990103.

(Please note that our Wednesday 10am Eucharist
postponed until further notice; please pray for one another during this time!) 

Serving this Sunday 
(July 19)  
Seventh Sunday
after Pentecost

9am Holy Eucharist
Celebrant:   The Rev. Libby Berman
Preacher: The Rev. Bob Steele
Eucharistic Minister: Sandra Braham
Readers: Lila Johnson
Prayers of the People: Jean Steele
Usher: Ed Moore
Altar Guild: Sandra Braham's Team

Serving next Sunday 
(July 26)  
Eighth Sunday
after Pentecost

9am Holy Eucharist
Celebrant & Preacher: 
   The Rev. Alison Dingley
Deacon: The Rev. Bob Steele
Eucharistic Minister: Kim Garner
Readers: Kim Garner & 
   Rebecca Verghese
Prayers of the People: 
   John Verghese
Altar Guild: Delia Moore's Team

The Sunday Readings

The Rev. Libby Berman

The Vestry
Sr. Warden: Austin Nakoa
Jr. Warden: Joe Kindrich
Treasurer: Jean Steele
Recording Secretary: Nancy Thomas
Members at Large: Justin Donahue, Rich Miller, Lila Johnson, Jeff Taylor, Ed Moore, Wyn Aubrey-Child, Nina Livingston, Tusi Mayer, Gretchen Yamaguchi

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm
(808) 373-2131
Parish Bookkeeper
Kathy Kia
Parish Administrator
Punahele Coldwell
Prayer List

In our parish, we pray for Guthrie, Heather, Lois, Sylvia, Wayne, Rico, Chris, Stephen, Lora V., Michael, David, Anna Marie, Lorraine N., Harvey, Annette, Brian, Gerd, Juergen, Jolene, and for all who have contracted the Corona virus, those who are caregivers, and those who are seeking to develop a vaccine or measures of relief.  We prayer for those in Hawaii facing unemployment or under-employment.

We also pray for the repose of the soul of George Floyd, and for other victims of violence around the world.

If you wish to add a name to the prayer list, please be in touch with Puna Coldwell in the parish office at   


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Interim Head of School 
Jeanne Wilks

Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, Holy Nativity School is dedicated to excellence in education within a small and personalized environment. Built upon principles of respect and inclusion, Holy Nativity School values each child's individuality as it develops principled citizens who recognize their role in the local and global community.  

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The Church is now open regularly on Sunday mornings for our 9am worship.   We also continue to offer this service on "Zoom."  To join us, go to the front page of our website (  OR look for your email copy of our Thursday "Banyan Tree."

(NOTICE:  There will be no online service on July 26, but we will return to concurrent online and in-person worship on August 2.)


Last Saturday morning, I left Glanz Hall at noontime with a very light heart.  The vestry had gathered that morning (yes, in mid-summer!) to engage in a goal-setting session that we hadn't been able to schedule since the pandemic began.  We shared a sense of what we had accomplished in 2020, "checked our course" (to see if we are engaged in the right initiatives now), and began some long-term planning, asking ourselves, "What might we do over the course of the next five years?"

I hope I speak for the whole vestry when I say we had a wonderful and productive morning together.   The vestry's work in the first half of this year has covered a broad range of topics, including, among other things, launching our join HNC/HNS capital improvements team, deepening relationships with Holy Nativity School and electing several new members to the School Board, engaging in a staff compensation review, applying for and receiving $55K in emergency governmental funds due to the pandemic, and expending $4500 in outreach funds to hunger-relief organizations in our area.  The Vestry affirmed its course for the rest of 2020, feeling as though we are on the right track, balancing time spent on our immediate needs with our long-term goals.

Our work on long-term goals was just a start to what eventually will be a strong five-year plan.  We first reviewed the parish mission statement, which reads:

"Our mission calls us to glorify and enjoy God's love, celebrate Christian life as expressed in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition, provide for education, encourage spiritual growth, and share God's bounty through outreach." (italics mine)

We then spent time developing ideas under the three italicized phrases, above, as well as strengthening stewardship and improving communication.  
The vestry put together a very strong list of realistic, achievable initiatives, each of which is in line with our mission.  Going forward, we will undertake the work of analyzing and choosing among the many ideas and then mapping out a concrete way forward.

Please know that we will need your help through it all!  We are glad to hear your ideas and we request your prayers for this important work that will guide us into the future.  We will report to you regularly and invite your participation in our continuing discernment.

With gratitude for our vestry and eager anticipation for all that is to come,
--Rev. Libby+

Wyn  says her life is full of adventures!  Born in England, the daughter of an Anglican priest, she attended the University of Liverpool at the same time that the Beatles were performing in the now famous  " Cavern. "   After graduating, she moved to and taught for a year in London's poorest neighborhoods.  After taking a Social Work Course, she remained there another year. Then she joined the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) to help write and direct the children ' s program " Playschool. "   From educational programs she moved on to documentaries, one of which was called " Connections "; it  carried her to new adventures.  Despite the cold war in Europe, Wyn boarded the Trans-Siberian Railroad for its month-long journey across Europe, and on through the USSR, stopping off to explore Moscow and Lake Baikal in Irkutsk, and on to Vladivastock.  From there she sailed to Yokohama via Okinawa. The voyage was beset by typhoon, and the passengers feared for their lives!

Eventually, reaching Tokyo, Wyn joined the NHK television network to finish work on a documentary.  Undertaking various other programs in English, she pioneered the use of radio and television for the teaching of English. Her work took her all over Japan and South East Asia, including periods of six months in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.    

It was while on a sabbatical to London that she met Don Child, an American, pursuing a Creative Writing Degree in England. They eventually married and settled in Brighton, England, where their son Tristan was born. When Tristan was 1-1/2 they came to Hawaii for one year to get some sun and sand between their toes.  When the year was over, Wyn got a job as a social worker with D.H.S. and Don began writing I.T. manuals and Tristan went to pre-school!   Wyn stayed with DHS for eleven years in the Foster Care and Adoption Department. During this period she felt that she was giving back to the community. She loved the work, and learned a lot about the Islands, feeling she was receiving more than she was giving.

Since retiring, Wyn has volunteered with KHPR radio and writing.  Her busiest volunteer job, of course, has been with the Outreach Committee at Holy Nativity Church!

As for Don Child, he is a bicycle enthusiast.  For his 70th birthday, he rode across the US and wrote a book about it.  The following year he rode across England.  Depending on the global situation, he intends next to ride from Paris to Istanbul (the Orient Express Route) or ride the Trans America Bike Race in 2021.  It's not only Wyn who has had adventures!

TO: The Diocese of Hawai ʻi
I have received requests from two diocesan leaders that I deeply respect asking me to consider closing public worship in the entire Diocese.  They are rightly concerned about the recent local spike in positive COVID-19 tests.

At this point, (Sat., July 11), I'm not convinced it is necessary to stop public worship in all of our congregations.  This is especially true if a congregation has adequate space and airflow...and is closely following the guidelines/recommendations in the "Diocesan   Customary in the time of Pandemic".. . Many of our congregations have good plans in place and are being diligent in practice.  At this time, please follow the path of caution.   No one who is vulnerable in terms of age or health should attend public, in-person worship...   
The clergy and wardens should evaluate whether administration of Holy Communion is prudent every week.  (My first four years of ordained ministry was as the Curate in a church that had Morning Prayer as the principle form of worship at the third Sunday service, three Sundays a month.  I found those services both edifying and prayerful.  Having Morning Prayer on Sundays is part of the Anglican tradition. It is not ideal, but it is acceptable.)...
The common good is more important than our personal comfort or desires.  We must engage this COVID-19 reality on the assumption that it will be with us for a very long time and we must model a new "normal" to help change the daily behavior of God's people - and hopefully our local communities - in a profound way for the common good.   
I am particularly concerned that Episcopalians in Hawai ʻi  bear witness to how we must live at this time to fulfill the Great Commandment... 
Please stay safe. You are daily in my prayers.  Please pray for me.   Yours faithfully,
The Right Reverend Robert L. Fitzpatrick
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Hawai'i

For a copy of the full text, please go to: and click on "[July 11, 2020] Important Message from the Bishop"


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