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the Church of the Holy Nativity, Aina Haina
June 12, 2019
The Coming Week
at Holy Nativity

Worship this Sunday, 
June 16, 2019

The First Sunday
after Pentecost
Eucharist 7:30am
Eucharist 9:30am
Sunday School 9:30am

Wednesday, June 19
 (10am)  Chapel

Thursday, June 20
Prayer (4pm)  Chapel

Worship the 
following Sunday,
June 23, 2019

The Second Sunday
after Pentecost
Eucharist 7:30am
Eucharist 9:30am
Sunday School 9:30am

Serving this Sunday 
(June 16)   
The First Sunday
after Pentecost

7:30am Eucharist 
       The Rev'd Christopher Bridges
     The Rev'd Christopher Bridges
Lector: Kim Garner
Prayers of the People: Kim Garner
Usher: Austin Nakoa

9:30am Eucharist
     The Rev'd Christopher Bridges
    The Rev'd Christopher Bridges
Server/Eucharistic Minister
    Lila Johnson
   Jeff Taylor & Sumner Howard
Acolyte: Alexander Domecki
Prayers of the People: 
   Lila Johnson
Usher: Justin Donahue

Altar Guild: Lorraine Mau's Team

Serving next Sunday 
(June 23)   
The Second Sunday
after Pentecost

7:30am Eucharist 
       The Rev'd Christopher Bridges
     The Rev'd George Clifford
Lector: Lorraine Mau
Prayers of the People: Lorraine Mau
Usher: David Callies

9:30am Eucharist
     The Rev'd Christopher Bridges
    The Rev'd George Clifford
Server/Eucharistic Minister
    Kathy Otani
   Bob & Jean Steele
Acolyte: Nicholas Livingston
Prayers of the People:  Kathy Otani
Usher: Stanley Yon

Altar Guild: Delia Moore's Team
The Sunday Readings

Interim Rector
The Rev. George Clifford
The Rev. Christopher Bridges

The Vestry
Sr. Warden: Austin Nakoa
Jr. Warden: Eva Eglinton
Treasurer: Jean Steele
Clerk: Nancy Thomas
Members at Large: Lila Johnson, Justin Donahue, Nina Livingston, Joe Kindrich, Rich Miller, Ed Moore, Jeff Taylor, Wyn Aubrey-Child, Ken Zitz
Rector Search Committee Chair: Bob Steele

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm
(808) 373-2131
Parish Bookkeeper
Parish Administrator
Prayer List

Rita, Dorie, Anna Marie, Mark, Ski, Barbara, Nancy, Rosie, Charlie, Lois, Sylvia, Blake, Bruce

Holy Nativity School
Tim Spurrier,  Head of School
(808) 373-3232

Holy Nativity School is dedicated to excellence in education within a small and personalized environment. Built upon the qualities of respect and inclusion, as exemplified in the Episcopal tradition, Holy Nativity School values each child's individuality as it develops principled citizens who recognize their role in a global community.

Click here to visit the School website.

Holy Nativity Thrift Shop
(808) 373-3744

Wednesdays and Fridays 
9 am - 3 pm

9 am - 12 noon

Click here to visit the Thrift Shop webpage.


What does the Book of Common Prayer say about the mission of the church?  The mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. page 855
Curates Corner

On Sunday June 16, 2019 we celebrate our fathers. It is a special time to remember the fathers who are with us and those who are not.  

I am remembering my father Bobby Bridges who died right before I came to Hawaii 10 years ago.  He was a good father to me. He worked hard to provide for me and my mother. He was not perfect. He made his mistakes along the way as we all do. 

The values of hard work, help others in need and being a loyal friend are the lessons I have learned from my father.

I pray that we will take time to remember and honor our fathers this coming Sunday.     

A Prayer for Fathers.

We give our thanks Almighty God for the fathers in our lives. Fatherhood does not come with a manual, and reality teaches us that some fathers excel while others fail.  We ask for Your blessings for them all and forgiveness where it is needed. This Father's Day we remember the many sacrifices fathers make for their children and families, and the ways both big and small--they lift children to achieve dreams thought beyond reach.  So too, we remember all those who have helped fill the void when fathers pass early or are absent; grandfathers and uncles, brothers and cousins, teachers, pastors and coaches and the women of our families.  For those who are fathers, we ask for wisdom and humility in the face of the task of parenting. Give them the strength to do well by their children and by you. 

I n Your Holy name, we pray. Amen 

Holy Nativity would be happy to accommodate you if you would like to prepay your pledge for a few weeks before you get away for the summer.  
Interim Rectors Forum
Fr. George Clifford will be hosting a question and answer forum in the meeting room between our 7:30am and 9:30am services on June 23, 2019.  

With Mary Palmer
Saturday, September 7, 2019
Honolulu, HI

It has been such a happy enhancement to our 9:30 worship service to have our new choir director, Chris Susuki, and our choir itself participating in the service since Easter.  Holy Nativity is eager to receive "budget-relieving" gifts to support our music program.  Please consider making one!

At the Cathedral of Saint Andrew

Saturday, July 27, 2019

 Exploring our church's mission
Our mission calls us to glorify and enjoy God's love, celebrate Christian life as expressed in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition, provide for education, encourage spiritual growth and share God's bounty through outreach.
How do we glorify and enjoy God's love? We schedule, publicize and conduct regular worship; we worship in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition; and reach out to include others through intentional hospitality.
How do we celebrate Christian life as expressed in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition? We respect the Anglican interplay among Scripture, tradition and reason. We are committed to open, honest, transparent and timely communication. We live out the reality of our Baptismal Covenant. We take a comprehensive approach to the use of our time, talent and treasure in support of our common life, as well as the local and global community.
How do we provide for education? We provide youth and adult Christian Education. We have a Sunday School program, hear sermons during worship and host and support Holy Nativity School.
How do we encourage spiritual growth? Both clergy and lay members offer pastoral care to people in need or trouble. We have a regular pattern of worship which is thoughtfully planned and executed.
How do we share God's bounty through outreach? We have a thriving thrift shop and participate in Diocesan outreach efforts. Our primary other outreach activities address homelessness, the elderly and relief for those in crisis.
Did you "read, mark, learn and inwardly digest" the church mission statement recently? Did you think of many of the implications we have listed here? What else did you think about?