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Church of the Holy Nativity, Aina Haina
September 10, 2020
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Upcoming Services
at Holy Nativity
(Go to the front page of our website, "" 
and click "Sunday Banyan")

September 13, 2020
Fifteenth Sunday
after Pentecost
Online worship - 9am
Liturgy of the Word & Celebration of New Ministry with Bishop Fitzpatrick

September 20, 2020
Sixteenth Sunday 
after Pentecost
Online Worship -- 9am
Liturgy of the Word


Thursday Centering Prayer
(Thursday afternoons, 4-5pm)
Join us online using "Zoom." Go to and click on the phrase,"Join a Meeting."  When prompted, type in the Meeting ID, which is 330990103.

Serving this Sunday 
(September 13)  
Fifteenth Sunday
after Pentecost

9am Celebration of New Ministry
Officiant & Preacher: The Rt. Rev. Robert Fitzpatrick
Deacon: The Rev. Bob Steele
Readers: Frank Condello & 
   Barbara Abe
Prayers of the People: 
   Wyn Aubrey-Child

Serving next Sunday 
(September 20)  
Sixteenth Sunday
after Pentecost

9am Liturgy of the Word
   The Rev. Libby Berman
Deacon and Preacher: 
The Rev. Bob Steele
Readers: Wyn Aubrey-Child & 
   Alison Kittle
Prayers of the People: 
   John Verghese
The Sunday Readings

The Rev. Libby Berman

The Vestry
Sr. Warden: Austin Nakoa
Jr. Warden: Joe Kindrich
Treasurer: Jean Steele
Recording Secretary: Nancy Thomas
Members at Large: Justin Donahue, Rich Miller, Lila Johnson, Jeff Taylor, Ed Moore, Wyn Aubrey-Child, Nina Livingston, Tusi Mayer, Gretchen Yamaguchi

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm
(808) 373-2131
Parish Bookkeeper
Kathy Kia
Parish Administrator
Punahele Coldwell
Prayer List

In our parish, we pray for Guthrie, Heather, Lois, Sylvia, Wayne, Rico, Chris, Lora V., Michael, David, Anna Marie, Lorraine N., Brian, Jolene, June, Michael, and for all who have contracted the Corona virus, those who are caregivers, and those who are seeking to develop a vaccine or measures of relief.  We pray for those in Hawaii facing unemployment or under-employment.
We also pray for victims of violence around the world.

If you wish to add a name to the prayer list, please be in touch with Puna Coldwell in the parish office at  


We are posting a day by day meditation from Forward Movement.  This is a great way to start your day with prayer.  Please consider clicking on the website above. 
Interim Head of School 
Jeanne Wilks

Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, Holy Nativity School is dedicated to excellence in education within a small and personalized environment. Built upon principles of respect and inclusion, Holy Nativity School values each child's individuality as it develops principled citizens who recognize their role in the local and global community.  

Holy Nativity Thrift Shop
(808) 373-3744

   Closed until Further Notice due to COVID--we will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so!

Click here to visit the Thrift Shop webpage.


Please join us at our regular, online worship service this coming Sunday.  Our Episcopal bishop, the Rt. Rev. Robert Fitzpatrick, will be present to lead us in a liturgy of renewal and commitment to one another and to our many ministries in our church, school and beyond.  We welcome one and all to this joyful celebration! 

To join our Zoom service online, Click HERE
Or Dial-in by phone at one of these numbers:
        +1 253 215 8782
        +1 301 715 8592
Meeting ID: 537 938 292  (No Password)
Click HERE  for the Service Booklet


A few months ago, parishioner Brendan Eglinton emailed to say that he was developing his skills as a photographer using airborne drones (as shown above).  The drones carry cameras that are capable of producing beautiful photos and videos.  Brendan captured views of our Holy Nativity campus and shared them with the church and school.  We have posted them on our parish website (on the "our campus" page).  We invite you to click on the link below, and take a look.  Hold on to your seatbelts; it's quite a ride!


Thanks, Brendan, for this creative and generous gift!


The Outreach Committee will meet by ZOOM on Thursday, September 17 at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting will include a short review of the parish's outreach activities so far this year, but will focus largely on new directions we may choose to take.  Please join this conversation by going to our Church of the Holy Nativity website, seeing the ZOOM meeting link and clicking on it (the same process as you do for Sunday worship); you may join by computer or telephone.  Make yourself a cup of tea and take part in a lively discussion of the positive impacts we can have on the lives of those around us.
"A Franciscan House of Hospitality in Honolulu"
(for a recent gift sent by HNC via the vestry)

"Dear Wyn and the folks at Holy Natvity, mahalo!  We are extremely grateful for your support of our ministries at Wally House.  With the pandemic, needs have more than tripled.  We would not be able to feed so many hungry people without your generous donation.  Thank you, thank you.  Please pray for us as we pray for you.  Blessings and peace."

What does the Black Lives Matter movement
mean to us in Hawaii?

George Floyd's murder at the hands of police in Minneapolis affected me in ways that others...had not.  I spent over 10 years of my adult life in...Minneapolis/St. Paul. Having grown up in a town - Montclair, NJ - that was 30% black, in an Episcopal Church that reflected that percentage and having attended a Junior High School that was majority black...I had always had black people in my life. Minneapolis was and is very white, and when I was there, very liberal. The people I connected with did not see themselves as racist at all. They just didn't know black people. Nevertheless, I made black friends because I extended myself to do that. The disconnect between what my white friends believed about themselves and what was true was apparent to me but difficult to address. Mr. Floyd's murder brought that disconnect to the surface...and brought back memories for me.

There is another reason this killing hit home...I could not imagine it could happen to someone I knew... I attended a training conference with a black United Methodist pastor from the Twin Cities just after the killing of Philando Castile in Minneapolis in 2017, and I was surprised at how shaken he was. He made clear to us that it could have been him. I have two friends in another spiritual fellowship who look like George Floyd, are about the same age, and to some would be even scarier than Mr. Floyd. When I saw him under the police officer's knee, I knew in my heart and in my gut that he could have been my friend.
One of the many things I value about living in Hawaii as a white person is that it forces me to see...what it means to be white. Throughout US history we have been the norm against which all other groups are compared. We generally have more than our share of power and privilege, even in Hawaii. That means that we have a responsibility to become more aware of what it means to be white... It means we have a responsibility to offer our power and privilege to God and to let go of those gifts so that they can be used for God's purposes. I need to continually remind myself to do that, to not stay in the comfortable bubble I can inhabit with people like me, to reach out to and listen to the varieties of people who call Hawaii home, and to speak out to other white people when teachable moments occur.

That is what I am attempting to do in this reflection. I cannot deny that Black Lives Matter because the lives of my friends matter. If I claim to be a follower of Jesus, I cannot deny that Black Lives Matter - each of them. That awareness calls me to act to protect those lives.  

Blessings, Kahu Alison

Join Frank Condello and others for a weekly Compline service by Zoom every Wednesday at 7 p.m. during September, beginning on September 2.  Zoom details will be on the Holy Nativity website.
It normally takes 15-20 minutes and is a good way to end your evening.  

In the weeks to come, we will simplify our publication schedule.  Going forward, we will publish just one issue of "The Banyan Tree" each week, on Thursdays.  In our single, weekly issue, you often will find news, photos, and/or parish announcements; you always will find the link to our Sunday worship services and the Service Booklet for the following Sunday.   If you have questions, please be in touch with our parish administrator, Puna Coldwell, at or Rev. Libby at