The Basement: Reno's Growing Retail Scene. Downtown where Virginia Street meets the river.

Downtown Reno has been making big strides toward improving vacant and forgotten spaces. With new apartment complexes popping up and updates to long-standing buildings, there always seems to be something new to check out. One of the more recent renovations is found at the historic post office building located at 50 S. Virginia St. It was built in 1934 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Basement

Here are a few of the shops you can expect to see:

Global Coffee has opened in the Basement. Already open in the Basement is the beautifully designed Rawbry raw juice bar and retail store, Sugar Love candy shop, Beautifully Bearded Man barber shop which is getting rave reviews on Yelp, and a cute florist shop that can do custom arrangements, wire service and deliveries. Also calling the Basement home Kalifornia Jean Bar, Tahoe Nevada Love, Apothecary, Pantry Products and the New Deal and a salad concept called Chomp. 

The Basement

The first major retailer to open in downtown Reno in the last 30 years announced their open date.
On Aug. 11, West Elm 
, a hipster home goods store, will open in the historic U.S. Post Office at 50 S. Virginia St.

It would be the first West Elm, a Williams-Sonoma furniture brand, in Northern Nevada and the second in all of Nevada. 

West Elm runs about 90 stores throughout the world.

The Basement

"We want to make sure that it fits the family vibe, that we all cohesively work and people can come up and down, have a meeting downstairs, come for juice, so it works as one whole, rather than they stay up there and we're down here," said lead designer Brianna Bullentini.

There's a large communal sitting/dining area anchoring the juice bar and coffee house together. Rounding out the wide variety of businesses will be a sunken lecture hall.

The Basement

Kelly Richmond