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May 1, 2020
As Miami-Dade County comes to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, The Children's Trust has decided to dedicate our Parenting Our Children Newsletter to dealing with the parental side of managing the crisis.
Schooling from Home: Be Realistic, Set a Routine, Get Some Rest
The basics of homeschooling explained for everyday parents

With schools temporarily closed to help stop the spread of coronavirus, parents across the country have been begrudgingly thrust into a new side job of homeschool teacher. And, with many moms and dads relegated to working from home for the immediate future, this means that hundreds of thousands of parents likely will be challenged to balance distance learning with their day-to-day responsibilities at work. Read more
A mother homeschools her daughter during coronavirus pandemic.
Photo: Serhii/
10th Annual Young Talent Big Dreams Talent Show Goes Virtual
The show must go on, and does as Actors' Playhouse competition continues online

High school graduations, spring break and summer trips, and even getting together with friends have all been suspended. For a while, it looked like another of Miami-Dade County’s favorite youth past times, the annual Young Talent Big Dreams competition – the county’s largest youth talent competition – would suffer a similar fate. It hasn’t.  Read more
A young girl auditions during the 2020 Young Talent Big Dreams competition.
Photo: Matthew Porter
Other News
Parks, marinas and golf courses reopen in Miami-Dade County

City of Miami parks, pools, marinas and beaches remain closed for time being

Miami-Dade County Public Schools presents picture of what school might look like in fall

Miami-Dade County hospitalizations due to coronavirus leveling off

The Florida Department of Children and Families announced that food stamp recipients will be able to buy groceries online from Walmart or Amazon

Parent and Educators Platforms Resource Guide

Census continues despite coronavirus pandemic
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