Perimeter Security
For some facilities, p erimeter intrusion can be a constant menace , which makes security considerations such as having boundary surveillance and perimeter security in place essential for the protection and preservation of our business and personal assets .
What is perimeter security?
Perimeter security is a term used to define the measures that can be take n to detect, delay and/or deter intruders attempting to gain access to another 's property. Perimeter security is critical for the protect ion of industrial or commercial properties, critical facilities and even residential areas.
There are numerous approaches  commonly used for implement ing perimeter security around a property , including the following :
  • Perimeter fencing (chain link, brick or cable, and often supplemented with electronic sensors)
  • Electric or laser fences can pinpoint perimeter disturbances and quickly alert occupants as to where a potential intrusion is taking place. An attempt to cut or climb an electric fence is met by a non-lethal but very unpleasant shock. Efforts to short-circuit or breach the fence in any way or to reduce its voltage generate an instant alarm.
  • Buried cable detection systems provide covert perimeter security by detecting the exact location of intruders.
  • Closed-loop systems have vibration sensor cables installed at high and low levels on a perimeter fence.
  • CCTV (closed circuit television) allows monitoring and oversight of the perimeter.
  • Virtual Fencing Systems are used mainly as a perimeter alarm providing a second line of defense behind an outer fence. These microwave sensors are also ideal for detection when there is no physical fence in open spaces.
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Loitering detection systems identify and mark individuals who are present with no apparent purpose and/or appear suspicious.
  • Quad beam detectors significantly reduce or eliminate false alarms by requiring that all four of their double-modulation beams be blocked simultaneously in order to trigger an alarm.
Importance of perimeter security
Basic alarms and detection systems function well when it comes to detecting a break-in ; but it is preferable to prevent an intrusion before the break-in actually takes place and damage is incurred to the property. This is where perimeter security offers a real advantage . With effective perimeter security, " levels of defense " can be established around a property 's boundary  that not only detect intrusions but also help to prevent break-ins. Creating these defens ive layers serves a dual purpose : (1) they provide a perfect counter mechanism for discouraging the attempts of intruders, and (2) allow ample time for those concerned to respond appropriate ly .
The main features and benefits of a perimeter security system include :
  • Minimal installation cost and time
  • Intrusion detection without any damage to property
  • Compact design
  • Reduced number of false alarms thanks to features such as pet immunity
  • Flexible detection area
Complete compatibility with any existing security devices installed at the premises
Did You Know?
Detex offers many products for perimeter security, but the Weatherized Delayed Egress (WDE) EasyKit provides everything needed for outdoor gates and exits. The WDE EasyKit is ideal for garden centers, amusement parks, assisted living facilities, outdoor childcare facilities, sports arenas and other locations exposed to weather or moisture where delayed exit is required to prevent theft or to protect those trying to exit.
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