The BeLit Bulletin, June 2021
Our New Brand

Since merging last month, Center for Literacy and Community Learning Center unveiled a new name and look. Our combined identity as Beyond Literacy (BeLit for short) is inspired by our drive to lead our learners forward — not only helping them achieve their academic goals, but going above and beyond to provide them and their families with better opportunities ahead. Our new logo and tagline represent growth, transformation, and a brighter tomorrow.
A Closer Look

The ‘BL’ brand mark is executed in a bold. modern style that has weight. If you look closely, the letter 'B' is composed of 2 stacked books to represent literacy, and the 'L' depicts an arrow to represent advancement and transformation. We chose bright colors to symbolize optimism, encouragement, and strength.

Our New Message

At BeLit, we recognize the myriad of ways in which our services spark transformational, multi-generational change. Our new tagline, “Learning for work and life” indicates the solutions that our services provide: civic engagement, family-sustaining employment, improved health and quality of life outcomes... to name just a few. 

The More Things Change

Behind our new look, we still serve the same mission but with a larger team and more resources dedicated to expanding opportunities and improving lives through literacy. We remain incredibly thankful for our learners, partners, and you - our supporters - who have accompanied us in our growth.
June 17, 2021

Watch your inbox - and our website - on 6/17 for the release of a very special graduation celebration video and virtual class yearbook honoring BeLit's first class of high school equivalency graduates and new citizens. Includes local celebrity shout-outs to our inspiring grads!
Career Opportunities in Energy

Did you know BeLit offers a fast-track test-prep class for high school grads interested in energy jobs with companies such as PECO and PGW? Our first cohort just took the Construction and Skilled Trades (CAST) test and 100% of our test-takers passed! Know anyone who wants to jumpstart a new career? Complete this form to learn more.

Developing Philly's Tech Talent

According to a recent nationwide study by Urban Institute, 67% of Americans lack digital skills. At the same time, technology across industries is advancing faster than ever before. Adult education programs can help fill these talent gaps. Thanks to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Beyond Literacy received a grant of $45,000 to deliver free digital skills certification classes to Philadelphia residents. We look forward to opening our staffed computer labs this fall. Learn more in City & State PA.
Juanita Hunter, Graduate
Written by ASE instructor, Jen Whistler
“Never give up” is a phrase most of us have heard or spoken, but no one can make these words reach your soul like Juanita Hunter. 
Juanita had her first child at age 15 and dropped out of school. She has been a home health aide for 17 years for the same employer. While she enjoys her clients, and they enjoy her service, she realized that a high school diploma stood between her and a higher salary for her work in healthcare.
She worked long, 6-day weeks, attended classes at night, studied when she got home, and still made time for Bible study each Sunday morning. Her daughter and two sons encouraged her along the way.
During her third year of adult education instruction, Juanita started taking the HiSET tests. Some she passed the first time, and others she took two or three times. At age 52, Juanita received her high school diploma having spent 585 hours in classes to achieve this goal. 
Although her accomplishment was great, it pales in comparison to the legacy she left for her classmates. When another student appeared down or discouraged, she was the first to encourage them. While Juanita credits her graduation to her classmates, many of her classmates have cited her as one of the reasons they keep going.
After earning her high school diploma, she continued her job as a home health aide and enrolled in evening classes to become a certified nursing assistant. On May 21, she successfully graduated from her CNA classes and will soon take the CNA State Board exam which she expects will lead to higher-paying job.
While her new journey is challenging, one thing is certain, Juanita will never give up on herself or those who are fortunate enough to know her. 
Juanita Hunter received the 2020 Outstanding Student of the Year Award from the Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education (PAACE).
Beyond Literacy, the largest adult education agency in Philadelphia, is the result of a recent merger between Center for Literacy and Community Learning Center. Our mission is to expand opportunities and improve lives by unleashing the power of literacy through free, high-quality education.