The Beacon
October 2016
Dear Church Family,

Today I'm writing to you from the largest United Methodist Church in the United States, the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. I am here for a conference about church leadership. 
When I first walked out of the Kansas City airport I was struck by a difference in the air here. I'm sure it was simply the presence of humidity, but it was a familiar feeling and smell.  It reminded me of home, of Texas. I hadn't thought much about the difference in the air between the Puget Sound area and the other places I've lived, but the difference is real. It is palpable. Something as simple as the air brings back a rush of memories and a longing for home. In some strange way, my senses reminded me that I am loved. That I have a home that extends across different parts of the United States. That there are people in several different areas that I love and that love me back. Environment truly makes a difference. 
It made me wonder about church. What do churches do to create an environment that will cause people to remember and help them connect in a deep spiritual way to God and to each other?  Worship services do this, but what else? What do churches do to their environments? What can we do that will enhance a person's senses when they walk through the doors so that they immediately feel welcomed, loved, and invited? 
You'll be noticing a few changes around the building in the next couple of months. We are beginning the process of sprucing up, of changing our environment in order to create a warm and welcoming environment. Romans 15:2 tells us, "Each of us must please our neighbor for the good purpose of building up the neighbor."  I hope that you will enjoy the changes and I hope that our changes will please our neighbors so that they may built up.  And I hope that everyone who walks though our doors will feel welcomed, loved, and invited.
In the peace of Christ,
Stephanie White


October is going to be a busy month at the church.  Are you ready for it all?  We start it out with the...
If you want to participate in the Hunger Walk on October 2nd, you should get your registration packets as soon as possible.  You can get them from the church website or at the church office during regular office hours (9 AM - 2 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday). 
Olivia (one of our Youth Directors) with be the Team Captain.  I f you have any questions, email her at!
NEXT...Mason UMC is hosting:
Hunger is one of the seemingly intractable issues facing the world despite the attention the problem has received in the last decade.  Africa is the region with the second largest number of people who are either hungry or suffering from an undernourished diet.  The causes of African hunger generally are attributed to poverty --- the average daily income of adult Africans is $1.90; the conditions of many African economies; internal and external conflicts that have been a serious source of suffering and death; environmental conditions resulting from draught, water shortages, deforestation, erosion, and desertification; and population growth registered in the African female fertility rate of 5.2 children. 
African nations have made some meaningful progress in addressing the hunger problem.   Increased food production has reduced the suffering from one in three persons to one in four persons.   Africa University, founded in 1992 by the United Methodist Church, has played a meaningful role in this process.   Its Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources is working to train farmers from throughout Africa in modern methods of farming and farm management.  

On October 14 at 7:00 pm Mason United Methodist has invited two members of the faculty to come and share some insights into their work in this regard.  Larry Kies, an Iowan who has long served as an agricultural advisor in Africa, was appointed in 2002 by the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries to a teaching and administrative role in the Agriculture faculty.  His wife, Jane an intensive English instructor, works to assist students from non-English speaking areas to meet the University's language proficiency requirements. 
-- Doug Nelson

NEXT...The United Methodist Women are having their famous...
Join us for the famous UMW Bazaar.
If you would like to sell your arts, crafts, or goodies, here's the scoop: the table charge is $25.00 plus 20% of the profits.  Please contact the church office (253-759-3539 or if you are interested, and you will be put in touch with the ladies in charge of the event.
AND the last big event is...
This Year's Halloween Fest Theme:  SUPER HEROS!!! 
Don't forget to bring some non-perishable food or cash (they'll take that too) to donate to the F.I.S.H. Food Bank here at Mason UMC.
If you are willing and able to donate, the Youth Group is in need of the following for some of the featured games:
  1. 12 ounce bottles of soda
  2. Fun Size Chocolate bars
Thank you in advance.
Happy Birthday To You...

Featured Birthday:
Muriel Masel turns 100 on October 3rd.  Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you, Muriel!!
Oct. 2  -- Cheryl Borden & Fred Pederson
Oct. 5 -- Autumn Montgomery
Oct. 6 -- Lee Gingrich
Oct. 8 -- Cory Dobbins
Oct. 9 -- Eric Richardson & Carole Thompson
Oct. 10 -- Susan Repp
Oct. 11 -- Sandy Roszman
Oct. 12 -- Sean Kelly
Oct. 15 -- Judy Whittier
Oct. 16 -- Doris Braun
Oct. 18 -- Karen Credgington
Oct. 19 -- Judy Perkins
Oct. 22 -- Marsha Abel
Oct. 23 -- Mack Hansen
Oct. 26 -- Sue Turner
Oct. 28 -- Chandler Patterson
Oct. 30 -- Ella Bartholomew

If you do not see your birthday here and it should be, please contact Rachel in the church office so she can add your birthday to your profile in the church database.

Church Calendar

Did you know you can find the church calendar on the website?  It's true.  It updates automatically, so you never need to worry about missing an event.

For those in the congregation without a computer, here is a listing of events you should know about:

Every Week
10 AM -- Worship
11 AM -- Fellowship Time
11:15 AM -- Sunday Learning Hour (for all ages)
6:30 PM -- Disciple Fast Track and Youth Group

10 AM -- Weekly Prayer Meeting (newcomers welcome)

10 AM -- Disciple Fast Track

7 PM -- Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Other Monthly Meetings, Etc.
Oct. 10th -- Columbus Day
Oct. 11th -- UMW Meeting @ 6:30 PM (in the Conference Room)
Oct. 24th -- Articles are due for the November Beacon
Oct. 25th -- UMW Calling Group

* Plus all the Special Events listed above *

A Zebra Can't Change it's Stripes but Can a Church Change its Colors?

Have you noticed the color change in the church foyer and Parlor?  Mike and Linda Queree have been working hard and it shows.  Check out the before and after picture.  What a change a little paint can make.  Thanks to both of them for volunteering so much time to help make our space so beautiful.

Community Events
Have you Gotten Your Flu Shot?

The Sound Partnership is committed to keeping our community healthy.  That's why they have partnered with the Seattle Visiting Nurse Association to provide flu shot clinics at various locations.  If you are in need of a flu shot. the times and locations are shown above.
Or You Could Enjoy...
For the Trrops

We love our Troops.  If you would like to donate to help create care packages, we are looking for the following:
  1. Until October 9th, we will be collecting Cliff Bars and Cliff Builder's Bars
  2. From October 16th to November 6th, we'll be collecting Candy (Halloween)
Your donations can be placed in the large red box in the church foyer.

Don't Forget that this Sunday is the Jeff Orr's final Sunday here at Mason.  We will miss him and his glorious music. 

Rumor has it, there may be a little something special in his honor on Sunday.

Jeff has been a gift and leader in the church for over a decade.  He will be missed. 

There will be one last chance to hear him play here:  The Spooky Organ Concert on Oct. 31st. (see the notice above)