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Winter 2018

"Keep shining through; you may be a lighthouse to someone trying to make it."     Caroline Naoroji

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The Arc of the South Shore is proud to announce that we have joined with over 476  chapters nationwide using The Arc's national branding.  With this powerful team, The Arc is on the front lines to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families have the support and services they need to be fully engaged in their communities and ensure they have the strongest civil rights advocates promoting and protecting their needs at all levels.

The Autism Resource Center had a busy week of programming during February Vacation!
for upcoming March events, including the return of

Upcoming Advocacy Days at The State House

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Maria Miller has been working at The Arc for more than 21 years, but has been in the industry for approximately 35 years in total. Before The Arc, Maria worked at a similar organization where she was a program coordinator and manager. However, she was looking for an opportunity that exemplified what it means to be a team player and have a supportive staff. It was then that she heard about The Arc and knew the mission was calling her name.

Maria began her career at The Arc working in the Day Habilitation program. The Arc was refreshing because she was able to directly see the results of the effort she was putting into the individuals care and nurturing. She found a population that was loving, caring and happy at The Arc.

After working in the Day Hab program for many years, Maria eventually transitioned to become an instructor at the Community-Based Day Supports (CBDS) program in the Henley building. Maria wanted the challenge of going out into the community with the individuals, which is what she enjoys so much.

One of Maria's favorite activities is driving around to different places with the individuals. She loves having a conversation with them and hearing their thoughts while in the car listening to music together. It is a big part of Maria's job that she truly loves!

Maria looks forward to the annual Halloween festivities at The Arc. She recalls a few years ago when she attended a Halloween party with the individuals and danced the night away with them. Maria says it was one the best nights of her life and that she got lots of exercise too. This year, Maria is looking forward to the CBDS Halloween party because the individuals have the best costumes. She says, "Watching them just gets my heart going. It makes me so happy."

Maria is also so happy to be working with a great team of staff at CBDS. As she moves even further into her career at The Arc, she wants the "team play" among the staff to keep going strong. Additionally, she hopes to see more individuals obtain jobs and work in the community. She wants to continue to keep the individuals safe, happy and help them feel really good about themselves. Maria also hopes to ensure everyone's goals and dreams come true.

Outside of The Arc, Maria and her husband take care of a young 16 year old boy, Neil, who has autism. She says he is a huge passion of theirs and also a big part of their lives. Maria and her husband look after Neil one weekend each month. They love taking Neil to museums, picnics and other activities.

Thank you Maria, for all your hard-work over the years and for being an invaluable asset to The Arc community. Your happiness is contagious and you make such a huge difference in the lives of the individuals at The Arc!

Attorney Annette Hines is offering a free 3-part workshop on Special Needs Trusts and Planning at Hyatt Place in Braintree beginning March 13th.

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