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December 21, 2016

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In times of darkness, sometimes what we really need is a burst of pure, luminous delight.
This morning, at 5:44 Eastern time, the North Pole tilted again toward the sun, and the Winter Solstice passed. Now the days start getting lighter in the northern hemisphere and darker in the southern hemisphere.
To mark the occasion and to bring some light into any darkness you may be undergoing in your personal life, we present the Strandbeests of Dutch artist Theo Jansen. These fanciful creatures remain dormant until they receive the wind. Then they come to life. Their wings flap. Their knobby knees rise. Their funny padded feet hit the sand. And they're off and running down the beach.
The Strandbeests are animated only by wind. They have no technological parts. Jansen has been creating them for more than twenty-five years, and they are as personable and idiosyncratic to him as they are to those who watch them.
"Reality is very creative," Jansen has said. "Maybe that is why the Strandbeests appear to be alive, and charm us. The Strandbeests themselves have let me make them."
May the darkness in your life be illumed often with beauty and light.

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