Welcome to the July issue of The Beat, your monthly e-newsletter for all the latest info from America's leading Solar Hot Water manufacturer, Heliodyne. In this issue, we look at available financing options, as well as Heliodyne's recent agreement with Verizon Wireless, and more.
Heliodyne Solar Hot Water with Zero Money Down and 2¢ per kWh

PV after incentives costs around $0.14/kW and typically displaces electricity at around 30-40¢ per kWh. Solar hot water, however, mostly displaces natural gas which today costs around $1.2/Therm for homeowners and around $0.75/Therm for commercial customers. This corresponds to 4¢ and 2.5¢ per kWh Thermal respectively . That's the reality for solar hot water and for the thermal industry. Heliodyne is taking a huge step forward to make solar hot water competitive with natural gas. With financing partners and availability of great incentives we are offering zero money down financing and rates in some states as low as $0.6/Therm or 2¢ per kWh Thermal.
Heliodyne Signs Agreement with Verizon
Being the first to commercially offer remote access to solar hot water systems and real time monitoring Heliodyne has over the years gained a lot of experience in this field. Using host router technology, getting through local firewalls, dealing with unstable internet connections are just some of the challenges customers, installers and Heliodyne have been faced with when setting up remote access to solar hot water systems. Remote access is a requirement on third party financed projects to retrieve energy performance for billing and to ensure optimal system operation. Heliodyne is therefore very excited to announce that it has entered an agreement with Verizon to offer cellular routers and data plans with its systems. Heliodyne controllers can now be setup on their own stable network and have a constant connection to the internet for data uploads to the Heliodyne Monitoring Site. This will free the installer from dependence on a network that is out of their control.  These devices have proven themselves in fleet management of cars and service trucks as well as ATMs and other Kiosks type machines.  For installations that are in a remote area of the building and have no network access this is a great solution for connecting the Heliodyne controller to the monitoring site for proper data storage of your installed system. Heliodyne is offering the router at net $450. The device will have a one year connection subscription included with purchase.
Financing Tools Available with Heliodyne

Heliodyne now has several partners who can offer an array of different financing options to suit various customer needs. The most common financing options are:

In some states and with cash availability it often makes more sense for the end user to make a cash purchase up front. Payback can be as low as 2 years. For specific financial proposals please contact us.   

Sandpiper Project in Sacramento with Third Party Financing

Adroit Solar has recently completed a sixty collector solar thermal system at Sandpiper Apartments in Sacramento, CA. Sandpiper Apartments decided to install a solar thermal system to reduce their monthly gas bill and their greenhouse gas output. The project was funded by Model Three Energy, a clean energy finance company.

The Sandpiper System has 60 Collectors consisting of two systems. The first system has 40 Gobi 410+ Collectors with a 2,023 gallon Haase Energy Tank.  The second system has 20 Gobi 410+ Collectors with a 1,253 gallon Haase Energy Tank. Both Systems are a Drainback configuration for overheat protection. The system is already showing significant reduction in existing gas use.
System Spotlight: Largest Solar Hot Water System in Alaska

Coronado Park Senior Village is located in Eagle River, AK. Owned by Cook Inlet Housing Authority this is the largest solar thermal system in Alaska with 56 Gobi 4' x 10' collectors and HCOM, heating 3,300 gallons of solar storage.  The system is heating domestic hot water for 56 apartments and has great output even in the cold Alaska winter months.  It was  designed by YourCleanEnergy and installed by Klebs Mechanical and Solar Thermal.

Heliodyne Solar Hot Water Design Webinar!

Heliodyne would like to invite you to attend our Commercial Solar Hot Water Design Course Webinar on August 12th from 10am to Noon PST.  This will give engineers, specifiers and designers direction on choosing applications that are appropriate for SHW, how to successfully size and design a commercial SHW system, and briefly explain the different system types.

About Heliodyne

Established in 1976, Heliodyne is one of the oldest manufacturers of solar water heating equipment in America. Based out of the SF Bay Area, the company manufactures not only flat-plate collectors, but also controllers and heat-tranfer appliances.  Heliodyne products are suitable for both residential and commercial hot water use.


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