The Beat - Volume 10
The Hall's Top Ten
We've made ten editions of our anti-boredom newsletter, The Beat !

To celebrate, we've compiled a list of the top 10 videos and articles- the ones you clicked on the most. Drum roll please, counting down, starting with your 10th favorite video...
#10 - Volume 1
It Begins
#9 - Volume 8
Corgi Butt
We understand the happy food dance from our favorite Corgi, Sparky!
#8 - Volume 3
Broadway and Brownies!
Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is calling all musical lovers! On Fridays, they'll be releasing a full-length, smash-hit musical once a week, for free.

#7 - Volume 6
An Homage to Home
Sarah LaDuke ,  the producer for  WAMC's The Roundtable , created a beautiful video celebrating our homes as safe havens.
#6 - Volume 2
Kitty Angst

A throwback video from 2012. We find ourselves relating to  Henri the Cat  just a bit more lately - enjoy!
#5 - Volume 9
Get Out

Our final video of that edition shows that some creatures are benefiting from all of us staying home more.
#4 - Volume 5
Cocktails in Quarantine
This was originally posted on Twitter by  @hamlinton_  with the caption  "my dad sent me this and i am LOSING MY MIND" 

 Trust us, watch to the end!
#3 - Volume 7
Throughout NYC, cheers start nightly at 7 PM as people applaud their local heroes, the city's healthcare workers. Broadway legend  Brian Stokes Mitchell , who recently recovered from Covid-19,  adds more than applause as he performs nightly from his apartment's window.
#2 - Volume 1
The Beginning
Trey Anastasio at the Hall, 3/10/17 - Full Concert

We look forward to having live performances once again and seeing you all at the Hall!
Drum roll please, our #1 Video - Volume 4 - John Prine
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Brandi Carlile  knew  John Prine  well, and here she pays tribute to John's musical and cultural legacy with an at-home performance of his 1971 song, "Hello In There." 
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