The Beat - Volume 19
Live Music Is Back!
We miss hearing the bands, seeing the performers, and being with our fellow music fans. We still can't gather at the Hall, but we can gather at the Drive-in. Join us for the first concert in our Drive-in Concert Series. Listen to LIVE MUSIC from the safety of your car. Rock on!
We are thrilled to be able to type this:
New Concert Announcement!
Join us for live music from the socially distanced space of your car! The Hall and WEXT announce the first performance in our Drive-in Concert Series, featuring indie rockers Jocelyn and Chris.

This musical experiment takes place July 9, 8 PM , at the Jericho Drive-in in Glenmont. Bonus! After the show, stay for a screening of the movie Yesterday.

We are so excited to have a way to bring live music to you! It doesn't involve trapping you in bubbles like the Flaming Lips audience, or limiting you to a taped x on the floor like Fantastic Negrito's band . You will have to stay in your car during the show, but it's a start and means better days are to come!
NPR's Tiny Desk (At Home) Concerts
We haven't hosted Rhiannon Giddens at the Hall yet , but she is on our list. For now, we'll have to make due with her homebound Tiny Desk Concert . If you aren't aware of this amazing series from NPR, check them out here . Karen , our Marketing Director, is a huge fan! She highly recommends you check out Tank and the Bangas , Sting and Shaggy (yes, you read that right), and Imogen Heap (she dons these special gloves at the 9:15 mark - fascinating .)
Marching Band Movie Magic
The Ohio State University Marching Band refer to themselves as The Best Damn Band In The Land , a title that's hard to argue with. This is their Hollywood Blockbuster Show. The students had a little over a week to learn the choreography and music for this performance - wow.
Ain't No Grave
It may be a while before we are able to see choral music live, so please enjoy this clip from the Wartburg Choir in Germany. The singing and the sign language combine to make a stunning performance.
Just for Fun!
Author and actress Amy Sedaris gives a tour of her cool and quirky NYC apartment. Join her and enjoy all the charm and whimsy of her unique space. What do you think? Is it your style?
Quiz Time
From Buzzfeed - Which Quarantine Food Trend Are You?
Do you have what it takes to be sourdough starter?
Crows - The Ultimate Problem Solvers?
Did you know that Troy is the happening destination for crows in the late fall and early winter? Before a show, you can stand in the south hallway of the Music Hall and watch them fly in. It's an amazing sight! They chose a few spots in downtown to call home at night, and woe to the person who accidentally parks under one of their trees.
We know this is hard, and if you need someone to listen, NYS has set up a Covid Emotional Support Helpline - call 1-844-863-9314,
available 8 AM - 10 PM, seven days a week.

Please share with us any links or videos that have made you laugh, entertained you, or provided a distraction. Please email them to and we may use them in
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