The Beat - Volume 3, The Recipe Edition
Happy Saturday! This week, many of us experienced a holiday in a unique way. We saw many photos on Facebook of people using the Zoom app to join their families for a Seder dinner. This Easter Sunday, many will use it to join their loved ones for a virtual feast.

We've been busy collecting recipes our staff and patrons have been making while stuck at home - or, to put it another way, vanquished to your dwellings in order to protect the realm! See how the turn of a phrase can make things better?
Broadway and Brownies!

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is calling all musical lovers! On Fridays, they'll be releasing a full-length, smash-hit musical once a week, for free.

Pair your viewing with homemade brownies. The Tasty video on your right claims to be the best brownie recipe, and it looks pretty good, but we think this recipe, attributed to the actress Katherine Hepburn, are simpler and so delicious - find her recipe here.

Listen to some Nora Jones while you prepare some yummy veggies

The amazing Nora Jones (fun fact - her father is Ravi Shankar, which means her sister is Anoushka
Shankar) took requests and performs them in this video, recorded from her home. (Thanks Chelsie for this video suggestion!)

Take a listen while you make some delicious roast vegetables! The video to your left offers a good explanation of how to make the most of what's in your produce drawer right now.
Stacey, our Associate Director, made Garlic Parmesan Golden Potatoes & Broccoli the other night and highly recommends it.

Main Dishes

Baked Barley Risotto With Mushrooms and Carrots - A suggestion from Jon, our Executive Director, who made this last night, but substituted farro for the barley. Get creative!
If you don't watch the chefs from the Bon Appetit YouTube channel you should definitely start. Here they make 13 Kinds of Pantry Pasta from the safety of their own homes, with ingredients you probably have on hand. We are pairing it with an Italian song from Raul Malo of the Mavericks , and thanks Melissa for sending us the video!
Please share with us any links or videos that have made you laugh, entertained you, or provided a distraction, Please email them to and we may use them in
future volumes of The Beat. Thank you.