The Beat - Volume 32
Easy ways to help in our current situation.

Be kind to one another, and brace, we mean embrace, the fact that the holidays will soon be upon us! Rosh Hashanah just passed, and Yom Kippur, Thanksgiving, and all the December holidays will be here before you know it. This year we will miss welcoming groups of families and friends into the Hall for a seasonal concert.

What can we do now so that next December we can go back to some of our traditions? Wear a mask when you are outside your bubble. Wash your hands frequently. Resist the urge to gather in large groups. These sacrifices, which will feel huge during the holiday season, will really make a difference! #maskitup #NYStrong
Professional Young Person Paul Rudd
Has A Message Just For You
Just Wear A Mask!
"Masks protect you and your dank squad, because caring about other people is the new not caring about other people."
We Miss Postmodern Jukebox
Postmodern Jukebox have sold out the Hall several times over. They are committed to rescheduling the show they were supposed to perform in March of this year. To tide us over, enjoy this new "Pop-Up" video format. You'll be treated to cool and interesting facts about the band members. For instance, the woman in the red dress is Ariana Savalas. You may have heard of her dad, Telly Savalas.

Enjoy this and any one of their other videos. We look forward to having them, and you, back in our beautiful and historic Hall soon.
The Troy Svaing Bank Music Hall Presents

A Laurie Berkner Pajama Party Concert!
September 20, 12 PM EDT

Join Laurie Berkner for an 80 min LIVE interactive, solo, virtual performance for the whole family!

Live From London - Richard Thompson Live Stream Concert Series -Tickets and Info

Sunday, September 27, 6 PM – Fairport Convention Era Music

Sunday, October 11, 6 PM –
All Requests!

An Evening of New York Songs and Stories with Suzanne Vega
Wednesday, October 7, 9 PM

A livestream event from New York’s iconic Blue Note Jazz Club.
A Love Story
This sweet, 2016 Oscar-Winning Short film is called Stutterer. It illustrates the universal truth that letting love into your life isn't always easy. Spoiler alert! This film has a happy ending. We wouldn't dare offer you an upsetting video. Life is currently presenting us all with unique challenges and we don't need anymore unpleasantness - bring on the escapism.
You Know What 2020 Needs? More Cowbell
Ready to have your mind blown? This sketch is 20 years old!
This is Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken at their finest, the minute it aired it became a classic. You may also recognize a very young Jimmy Fallon, Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz, and Chris Kattan.
$27 Cake VS. $1,120 Cake - Which Is Better?!?
We are going to start this post with a fact that has to be acknowledged. Fondant is gross and shouldn't be allowed on cakes.

We hope that statement doesn't influence your vote. Which cake do you think you'd like the best? We pick the Tres Leches! (If you attempt the recipe to the left, let us know how it turns out.)
Music You'll Love
We are feeling nostalgic this newsletter! Here is a great clip from the old David Letterman Show. It features Jerry Garcia and Hall favorite David Grisman, playing a classic Grateful Dead tune, "Friend of the Devil."
Taylor Swift and A Goat - The Re-Mix
This is the 32nd edition of this newsletter. It is super hard to find a cute animal video every week. They can't all be Henri the Cat or Olive and Mabel. Please, we are begging you, send your suggestions to Thank you for your consideration.
We know this is hard, and if you need someone to listen, NYS has set up a Covid Emotional Support Helpline - call 1-844-863-9314,
available 8 AM - 10 PM, seven days a week.

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