September 2018
The Beaver Broadcast
Harvest Notes
At 10,500 feet we are grateful for any harvest we may produce. This year we had the largest harvest in our history and expanded the raised beds while continuing soil development. As a non-profit organization we are sincerely thankful for the help we receive from the community. Our harvest was more bountiful than ever due to the people that helped in the garden and the luck of not getting much hail this summer.           Read More
Upcoming Events
Fun & Learning at Beaver Ponds
There’s always something fun to do at Beaver Ponds. We are hosting the Teller-Park Conservation District's annual meeting that will be a free emergency planning workshop. Come and learn the steps to take if there is a natural disaster in your area. View our whole schedule here
Fiber Art
Beaver Ponds often hosts fiber art workshops, but what exactly is fiber art? Fiber art is anything made out of cloth or animal fibers. It encompasses a broad range of styles that also includes stitching and weaving. Fiber art is connected to the maker culture, which is the resurgence of traditional, handmade art forms such as weaving, quilting, and woodworking. In such a technology flooded world this medium allows individuals to break away and create art in a very natural setting. In texts such as  Hoopla: The art of Unexpected Embroidery , written by Leanne Prain, she interviews fiber artists from all around the world working with different styles and materials about their unique practices within contemporary art and commercial design. The book is a documentation of interviews with many different fiber artists from around the world. 
Watershed Watch
The watershed volunteers and interns have wrapped up stream surveys for the year. The team surveyed three streams: Little Sacramento Creek, Pennsylvania Creek and Sacramento Creek. Surveys involve walking the entire length of the stream (where we have permission to cross private property of course) and analyzing several different parameters of stream health including erosion potential, stream bed composition, temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen. Photos are taken at each monitoring site to allow comparison over time to help identify changes. This is the second year of stream surveys for Sacramento Creek and the first for Pennsylvania and Little Sacramento. We will compare the data and photos from Sacramento Creek this year and last to determine any changes.

Many thanks to our interns Jack Oberg and Billy Wilcox as well as our intrepid volunteers Greg and Diane Ambrose and Wendy Oliver. This effort would not have been possible without them. 
Out and About
Explore Colorado
Are you ready to take the 14er challenge? Learn about each 14er within the state of Colorado to include planning checklists and more.

Falling into Fall
Fall officially starts on September 22 nd in conjunction with the autumnal equinox. Autumn carries with it some symbolic meanings and no, this is not just pumpkin spice lattes! Many ancient cultures have associated this beautiful season with human life and the tremendous force of Mother Nature. Autumn represents the preservation of life and bountiful harvest. Animals begin their preparation for winter, farmers collect reserve crops, even the trees start to prepare for the winter ahead with the all their colorful glory. For me Autumn is a time of reflection and warmth. On the Autumn Equinox both day and night are of equal length which signifies balance. A question to ask ourselves is what can we do to both balance ourselves and balance our role within nature?

Beaver Ponds is also preparing for the transition fall offers – finishing our busy summer programming schedule and preparing for the winter ahead. We have begun to host visiting youth for our Farm-to-School program that was made possible through a grant from The Summit Foundation. The Plein Air artists visited us recently as part of the Plein Air Arts Celebration and did a phenomenal job of capturing the beauty and uniqueness of Beaver Ponds. Please stay tuned for all the fun activities we will be promoting in preparation for #GivingTuesday - Give the Gift of Conservation .

If you are interested in hosting your group or event at Beaver Ponds (especially with the holidays approaching) please do not hesitate to reach out to us. The beauty of fall is all around at Beaver Ponds and we would love to share this splendor with you!

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Until next time,

Interim Executive Director
Director of Development

Protect • Preserve • Educate
Cabbage Squash and Mushroom Saute


¼ head of cabbage, slice in strips
3 large mushrooms, sliced
1 medium yellow squash, lightly peeled and sliced thin.
3Tbs. olive oil
½ tsp. celery seed


In a medium sauté pan heat the olive oil. Add all ingredients and quick stir-fry until tender. Reduce heat to low, cover and let simmer about five minutes. Season to taste.

Serves 4
Recipe comes from the Chrobak family of Fairplay.

One of the most delectible native plant foods has to be the strawberry (Fragaria spp). A member of the rose family (Rosaceae), strawberry covers the understory of the forest with its creeping rhizomes shooting out laterally in search of more habitat. Like roses they prefer an acidic soil. You must have a keen eye during the short fruiting season to spot them before the chipmunks and squirrels. Often as the leaves are just showing the change from green to red the berries are ripening, making it a visual challenge as the runners are also red.  

Kids Korner
Book of the Month
Beavers (Superpower Field Guide)
by Rachel Poliquin and illustrated by Nicholas John Frith

Order through Amazon Smiles and a percentage is returned to Beaver Ponds.

Meet Elmer, an ordinary beaver. He may not be as mighty as a lion or as dangerous as a shark. He may be squat and brown. But  never  underestimate a beaver. I can almost hear you saying, “But aren’t beavers just lumpy rodents with buck teeth and funny flat tails?” Yes, they are! And believe it or not, those buck teeth and funny flat tails are just a few of the things that make beavers extraordinary. Humorous and engaging,  Beavers  is the first book in the new highly illustrated nonfiction Superpower Field Guide series, inspiring readers to laugh, think, and view the world around them with new eyes.

Activity of the Month
National Public Lands Day

September 22nd is National Public Lands Day and there are many activities that you and your family can particpate in to include free entry into national parks and lands. This year's theme is Resilience and Restoration - our natural resources can be resilient, but only if we treat them right. What a great day to volunteer and help with trail maintenance!

Find an event near you here

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